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The new album 'One More Light' out May 19.

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Directed by: Rafatoon

I got a long way to go
And a long memory
I been searching for an answer
Always just out of reach
Blood on the floor
Sirens repeat
I been searching for the courage
To face my enemies
When they turn down the lights
I hear my battle symphony
All the world in front of me
If my armor breaks
I’ll fuse it back together
Battle symphony
Please just don’t give up on me
And my eyes are wide awake
For my battle symphony
They say that I don’t belong
Say that I should retreat
That I’m marching to the rhythm
Of a lonesome defeat
But the sound of your voice
Puts the pain in reverse
No surrender, no illusions
And for better or worse
When they turn down the lights
I hear my battle symphony
All the world in front of me
If my armor breaks
I’ll fuse it back together
Battle symphony
Please just don’t give up on me
And my eyes are wide awake
If I fall, get knocked down
Pick myself up off the ground
When they turn down the lights
I hear my battle symphony
All the world in front of me
If my armor breaks
I’ll fuse it back together
Battle symphony
Please just don’t give up on me
And my eyes are wide awake
For my battle symphony

Battle Symphony (Official Lyric Video) - Linkin Park

khe wea conchetumare
i cant remember the good metal times listening this songs
Ethan Chione
Dude I love this song so much. One of my favorite songs right now.
Elvis mqs
musica legal pra porra
Emre Şekeroğlu
I can't even.. Fuck your symphony pop shit this is the worst of you
Electrifying 3:16
Chester... Pls... Just start screaming again.
gaouar sarah
Taz G
Unsure if wanting to cry is because of the lyrics of this song, Or because I think of what LP was prior to this... This... Stuff.

sighs and sticks on one of their good albums. I dont like change =/
Darren whitticom
My issue is , how the hell are they gonna play this crap along side there older heavier stuff ! This new pop direction will alienate fans big time
Kristina Zechmann
i loved this song from the beginning <3 <3 <3
Roman Marchenko
Is it 'NSync? Sad ... please, come back guys.
Doris Rogobete
They marked my rebel teenage's a bit weird to hear this type of music coming from them. :)
Lidija Celic
"please just dont give up on me" WE WON'T
Rebeca Peixoto
Amo meu ídolo
rudrashish kumar
deserve 50 million+
kevin russell
at least they stay together unlike three days grace
Salvatore Colecchi
wtf?! Are this the Linkin Park?!
Paolo Esguerra
I'm not being closed minded and i've been a fan of LP since they came out in early 2000's. I've seen their evolution out from Minutes to Midnight to THP. I thought they're going back to their roots when they released that pre-HYBRID THEORY album, The Hunting Party. But this track and Heavy came along. They're adjusting to this generation's music scene and it aint that bad i think. Gonna listen to their album when it comes out.
Salim Gohan
time for some more sorrow....
I mean come on, its LP. Sure I wasn't as thrilled with these songs as I like anything they have done in the rock genre. On many albums they have included a few electronic songs that I actually enjoyed. Now predictably an entire album with few rock songs and more pop. Trust me it's a hard pill to swallow, but I'm sure these songs will grow on me as they always create something great. They are amazing live, and you realize quickly that Mike carries the band and plays many instruments and sings/raps. Can't wait to hear the whole album to see if it grows like all their other albums do.
Boba Popss719
I don't get it, Why do so many people hate this? its actually really good .. If the new style pisses you off then go listen to their old shit.
wtf...why so many haters????
IN THE END, linkin park still my all time favorite
Rupesh kharola
This song break all the records
Asfira Saraswati
It's not like they're changing genre or something. It's more like explore everything new and everything they can do. And that's why I believe that Linkin Park is the most talented band ever. ;)
Getoo jo
linken park is my favourite band. I'm 12 years old
Via Reise
so maybe LP shocked and confused me with this... change... but... they still sound good tho...
Ammar Farhan
is this coldplay?
Adrijan Stipanović
Anjing Montel
wtf happend with the scream?
I wonder what they hate about the new song of Linkin Park?
It's still good even though it's not like how they were before
Hu Fu-Xyu
Great. This is exactly what I expect from Linkin Park: nice r&b/pop catchy tunes ready for radio.Thumb up.
Heavy was........................................................................ um....................................................

This one's more like it. I can already say that.
Razor 32
Screw the haters, No matter what route they take They're always the best for me.
jacksmoke smoke
Kevin fortuna
in the end linkin park follow the streams
black mamba
mc chilla na bsd ke lnad jaisa kya gana nekal rha hai
i really hear andrew huang. freaking what!
I like this song better than Heavy
Ricardo Szy
Emre Zafrak
tell me what the fuck is wrong.. with lp !!
Princess Rayne
I mean honestly it's not horrible
a little sold out
but I guess it's not bad
I like their new songs way better than the metal rap crap before
Tatta Prada
soy la unica que habla español??
linkin park... que paso con tu estilooooooo...
G v E
Terrible horrible time to change your name ,and let your band members go cause there Talent is being wasted
Marisela España
LP, forever and ever! lmL :P lmL
I don't care what people say, this is still Linkin Park, in every way

The difference between old and new is Chester, Mike, and whoever has gone and stayed in the band are grown men now, not rebellious, confused, and angry. Every album has tackled rough subjects, from war to plain old human suffering which is always what Linkin Park has done. Ever since Minutes to Midnight they have been slowly maturing and mellowing out and that honestly reflected them as people which is beautiful. It wasn't about the sound, it was about the music, what it meant and the heart that went into it. My favorite album, personally is A Thousand Suns, which is likely their oddest album but definitely the most heartfelt and artistic which is what music should be about. Yes, I agree this is a bit simple and poppy for the Linkin Park I know and love but the emotion and depth is still very much there. I hope their newest album isn't all like this since I know Mike especially wanted it to be their best, but these lyrics, and these beautiful vocals are most certainly still Linkin Park.
come on. ur supposed to be rock. stick to the good stuff with rock
kenan kaltak
what is this shit :(
Matt Jones
I hope they make more linkin park songs! ('-')
Matt Jones
I really like the song! When I listen to this music I like to jam to this. I always been a linkin park fan my life.
Joey Mitchell
This song strays from the original Linkin Park and I am not okay with it. I can understand finding a new sound, but completely changing your genre is just bad. This kind of change is something you do gradually. When "Heavy" came out, I thought it was okay, but it caught me off guard in the most negative way.
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