April the giraffe and her pet mouse

Purple Potion
barbara linderman
barbara linderman
That my friends, is a rat
Pet rat is more like it!
Julie Haage
Michael Sibert
Don't let the mice hurt April
Is the rat pregnant?
Missed that. That is what I get for not watching at 2AM 😂
Carol Sceniak
Health dept.should be notified.
I believe the little bugger runs over and steals bits of hay or something. Rat or not, April isn't bothered by it, and in all honesty, the size comparison here it may as well be a mouse!
Gaberilla Sandoval
get mickey ( not mouse) rat out of there
Gaberilla Sandoval
yep,,that's a rat, I hope the AAP does something,, I'm from New Orleans and we got rats the size of a small dog,,,I'm not joking
Dawn Harley
ukusa 300d
Errrrr. That's no mouse...Can you say rat?
That!s a New York rat !
T.L. C.
thats a rat
Daniels JL
Not a mouse, that is a rat. Way to big to be a mouse.
Robin Moore
Aww ! I can't believe you got a Picture of Templeton! ❤🐭❤
chass ci
that's Ralph the rat
Louie Louie
agree with christine,i think those wood panels appear to be 1/2 sheets of plywood, 4ft x 4ft. that rats body is almost a foot long.
christine dearth
Not a mouse, that is a rat
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