What were they saying for trish
When Randy Orton was in a match...
the crowd: RANDY SAVAGE! claps,RANDY SAVAGE! claps
saddiqueali Balsania
Dream Nation
Where is everything roman reigns does ever
Javier jose Potosme arteaga
alguien me podria escribir todo el guiΓ³n ese de the Rock ?
Utkarsh Sharma
This list could be filled up with Roman Reigns since 2015
Mohit Beri
where were Romans bola after mania lol
Who else sang u suck at Kurt angle
La WWE le copio el top a Gusinero😬
Emmanuel Rosario A.
Where is Roman Reings?? Everybody hates it
iLoki Laufeyson
The irony of ECW fans telling someone they can't wrestle is strong....
Rolando Cosme
Yet they don't even show Roman Reigns... #GoldenBoy
SirfatSalot ?
Where's roman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cameron Bigley
0:26 Even Brian knows it was a bad idea...
Alberto Sarmiento
Roman Reings should have had 10 mentions in this top ten
Dino Dad - Roblox & More -
OMG, they chant u cant wreslte even tho all there doing is screaming. there not wreslting to
Efendi Abdullayev
1- at first raw after wrestlemania 33
man the whole "Yes" period of daniel bryant was one of the worst
Francisco Sanchez
Vickie Guerrero couldn't stay in character lmao
Barry Allen
Monday night Raw after Wrestlemania 2017 Roman Reigns spends about 15-20 minutes being cussed out and booed by the crowd for retiring Undertaker
Esa Khan
wow look at lesnars right ear
Scott Whittle
Not one Roman reigns entry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what a joke. WWE with another deluded pointless thing put onto the Internet. As much as you love the guy WWE he's had some of the most toxic receptions known to man recently. I mean a man you build as the monster heel of WWE for the past 12 months has basically been the babyface during his feud with Roman πŸ˜‚
Damian Gualli
N.1 Roman Reings raw after Wrestlemania 33
Not a single roman reigns reaction why is wwe so petty WE (most of us) HATE ROMAN REIGNS THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE TO MAKE US LIKE HIM oh wait (heel turn)
Tony Gallo
maple leaf's suck
you know your a good heel when your in the ring with john cena and hes not getting booed
They missed one here is a clue:

Chicago 2011 where it was the Money in the something PPV and the fans chanted for his name as his theme 'This Fire Burns' was heard all around the arena. But the superstar he was versing was hated and booed out of the arena. Can you guess what i am talking about?
AndrΓ© Louzeiro
John Cena vs CM Punk Money In The Bank 2011 in Chicago is missing.
Cena got nuclear boos. Oh wait...that never happened...
bunnu Tyagi
the rock talk too much
Kidd Vicious
2:34 awesome
Naruto Uzumaki
what about when roman reigns gets booed and he getsdistractedbecauseofthat
Its#fancybroguy 00
i f c e n a w i n s w e r i o t
Zain Awan
no 1: Roman Reigns on RAW after Wrestlemania 33
zt videos
I miss Daniel Bryan
CODboY 4
1-1000 Roman Reigns
matt freaking Hardy!
Julien Bum
Where is Raw after Mania.
MIKE Lonzo
They forgot Cena vs Cm Punk in Chicago.
Johnny Randomz
Vince likes big sweaty men
brickfighter 13
more like top 10 John Cena and Roman Reigns crowd reactions
America Lopez
Dustin Krueger
There needs to be some honorable mentions in this one
Back When kurt angle Was Hating the "you suck" Chants
number 2 is the best one im glad bret got screwed he sucks anyway
sumit gupta
man that Cena vs RVD crowd was one of the most hostile crowd ever. Very savage and verbal.
Doge The Dog
#1: whenever Vickie gurrerro comes in the ring
Kelvin Quah
I like how they didn't put Roman Reigns and MITB 2011 Chicago crowd
Darnell Edwards
The Rock is sadly right about the Maple Leafs. I guess Boreman Lames found out that the You Can't wrestle chants were from the ECW Crowd
Monkey Guts
Real number one: raw after wrestle mania directed to roman
3:31 That Kid Carrying a sign saying "Marry My Mom John cena" , I think This PG era is Sucks
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