Hostile crowd reactions: WWE Top 10

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The WWE Universe isn't shy about sharing its true feelings, for better or worse. Here are the top 10 most hostile crowd reactions that shook even the most stoic Superstars to their core.
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Jordi Mendoza
wwe the new in the hammersteim ballroom? jajajajjajajaj never in the life
Ramiro Garcia
ECW 2006 one night stand
Water Melonyous
Banks_Club 4_Life
wwe fans would boo undertaker for daniel bryan
신사 tv
This is awesome
신사 tv
this is awesomw
Ricky Sayer
Those sweat hogs needed to shut their mouths while Rude showed the ladies what a real man looks like.

Now. Hit the music.
Rain Drop
Drop Top
Clickbait Really
Need To Stop Stop
i like what the rock said lol even though i cant understand. anyone understand what he said ?
cade mason
cena can wrestle
Blitz Lord Champion
ramngaiha mp
Top 10 hostile crowd reactions 1-10 Roman Reings every monday night Raw
Where is Roman Reings Raw after Wrestlemania 32
AFW Music
Roman Reigns > The Undertaker
S.k_tbtz i
kurt angle is actually the best wrestler
Derris Bynum
My favorite one was the Kurt Angle you suck chant, and the reaction to the authority.
Shane King
wtf no roman reings
PG sucks
And nobody hates Bray, but turns their blind hate towards Roman.
Undertaker 21-1
Where is Reigns?
Davian Thule
heres how top 10 should actualy be

10, 9, 8 is Cena
7 to 1 is Roman
keiloun martin
Roman Monday after maina beat everyone on this list
Who came because of the thumbnail?
Cena can't wrestle!!!!
Entertainment Time
they should make a wwe top 10 savage wrestlers
That One WWE And metal fanboy
Notice how Roman isn't in this. Lolol WWE are a bunch of goons
An Tran
What is the song at 2:07 of the audience singing? please!!!
Sonny Warwick
Where is Cody Rhodes telling Germany that it sucks?
What was being chanted at Trish?
Everyone is talking how roman reigns should be number 1 to 10. I say that the WWE universe can't match the hostility that the ECW crowd gave John Cena at One Night Stand.
What were they shouting at Trish?
Tony Perez
Kind of a punk move to leave out Cena's entrance at mitb in Chicago
Lightup Darkness
Last one trying his hardest to not smile
When the audience said I can't wrestle to John he was thinking"I stay on script"
Kurtis Hooper
Is it a stretch to say the boos for Roman have actually been louder than all of these?
Conor Studebaker
3:34 someone just told cena that jinder mahal is gonna be a #1 contender for the WWE championship
Larry Lutz
Where's the clip of the Rock singing "Leaving Sacramento" where he mentions that he'll be coming back when the "Lakers beat the Kings in May". I've NEVER heard a crowd boo as loud before or since.
and that was actually the nicest thing the ECW crowd said to Cena
wtf is this let me redo the list ok ok

1. Roman Reigns - Wrestlemania 32
2. Roman Reigns - Royal Rumble 2015
3. Roman Reigns - Royal Rumble 2016
4. Roman Reigns -Royal Rumble 2017
5. Roman Reigns - Royal Rumble 2017 - Against Braun Strowman
6. Roman Reings - on every single Raw he appears
7. Roman Reigns - United Kingdom Tour
8. Roman Reigns - Roadblock 2016
9. Roman Reigns - Fastline 2017
10. Roman Reigns - Survivor Series 2016
11. Roman Reigns - Extreme Rules 2016
12. Roman Reigns - SummerSlam 2016
13. Roman Reigns - Payback 2016
14. Roman Reigns - SmackDown 2015-2016 (before brand extension)
15. Roman Reigns - TLC 2016
16. Roman Reigns - Hell in a Cell 2016
The Rock
1:07 What in the blue hell is wrong with this haircut ?
Hadi Gondal
jhon cana is funny
anybody lover number 10 as much as me!!
Matthew Shellman
you seriously need to add reigns on raw the day after WM... that crowd was intensely hostile
Valentin Bonzom
John Cena's forced laugh is awful
S Wells
what was the crowd chanting over trish?
Amadou Ndiaye
I feel so bad for Cena, doesn't deserve the hate
لناس اللى قاعدة فاضية وعاوزة تعمل اي فلوس
دي طريقة مضمونة للربح ومبتاخدش منك جهد

الموضوع ممكن ياخد منك في الاول شويه وقت بسيط علشان انت مبتدئ وبعد كده ان شاء الله هتكون محترف والفلوس هتجيلك وانت نايم حرفيا.

الموضوع باختصار شديد انك هترفع ملفات وهتكسب فلوس كل لما الناس تحمل الملفات اللي انت رفعتها.

هتقولي انا يسيدي هرفع ايه!
هقولك انك هترفع ملفات صغيره علشان تكون سهلة في الرفع وابسطهم كونفجرات النت المجاني او برامج الاندرويد اللي عليها طلب

هتقولي اجيب التحميلات والناس الي بتحمل منين هقولك ادخل اي جروب اندرويد هتلاقي كل حاجه العاب وبرامج وكونفجرات... حمل اللي تقدر عليه وارفعه عندك ونزله تاني للجروب للناس

هتسجل في الموقع من هناا ??????

وبعد كده هتبدء ترفع الملفات

انا ساحب حوالي 30 دولار واقل سحب في الموقع هو دولار يعني بالمصري 18 جنية جرب تشتغل وتسحب اول دولار ولو الموقع معجبكش متكملش فيه ومش هتخسر حاجة وطرق سحب الفلوس عن طريق فودافون كاش سهله جدا ( علي الاقل هتقدر تشحن رصيدك) اوالبريد المصري يعني البوسطة وكمان بايونير وبايزا والباي بال وطرق كتير بس دول المعروفين

اشتغل ومتكسلش وان شاء الله هتعمل فلوس حلوة وخصوصا بعد يومين او تلاته شغل لانك هتبقي فهمت الدنيا ماشيه ازاي

وده رابط تحميل شوية جروبات ومنتديات اللي قولتلكوا عليها هيساعدكوا جدا ????
Troy Brownrigg
Always loved the way Rick Rude could piss everyone off!
Some Guy
I didn't know canadians could be so hostile
James Ryan
Forget the royal rumble part where Roman won 😂😂
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