luke Thomas
this was hands down the funniest one
Shaun White
So far I have not seen a depiction of a good looking guy meeting a whale who claimed to be athletic. Why not go against the grain of the times, I feel like captin obvious can answer that question lol.
Tokugawa Heavy Industries
OHHHHHHH but when a WOMAN asks for my hair it's FINE??? End misandry now!!! #MGTOW #MAGA #NotAllMen #JustIncelThings
Jose Chavez
What, the hell?
Victoria Xander
This is the only one were the person seems like they don't mind the interference.
Background song ?
Joshua Vergara
What's with the terrible like/dislike ratio??
Leander Beatty
Is this young lady Amy Adams?
"online dating"
that's what they do in roblox all the time
Faze Awesome
Tinker Bell
Blue 1
That's not captain obvious its Hans Anti Simp.😂
The guy on the date is Roman Atwood!!!
Andrew Prahlow
this commercial is hilarious.
Zachary Jean - Gaming, Vlogs, Hacks, and more
Is that David Guetta?
DeRosset Myers
This might be the funniest one yet.
iythee Ira-Deemah
someone please tell me who that guy is on her phone. he's gorgeous
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