Elijah Swift
Tom Holland makes me cringe.
Doctor Strange and Spider-Man have a lot of on screen time together in the movie because both of their characters were made close together and they spend a lot of time in the comics and even in some of the animated tv shows.
Yun Zhao Carries Ü
Bruv y'all need to start reading comics to know everything
lol, bumberpants lumberbit sounds like he would be a good father or is one
Saara H
It's so cute and hilarious how similar Tom is to Peter, and how the rest of the cast has to babysit him just like in the movies
Ela De Leon
Kyle Wernli
Benedict isn't being mean. When you're working on a multi billion dollar movie like Avengers and have an actor who just can't keep his trap shut then you need to chaperone him. It's Tom's own immaturity and unprofessionalism that got him into this situation.
Milku The Totoro
Two of my favorite superheroes are friends in a movie plus in real life... I can die happy now
Jack Bessant
Breadstick CreamPatch?
Jordan Marks
Tom holland thank you for Fright Night and Childs Play. Great movies
papa doc at 2:21
Amanda Stevens
It'd be interesting if Tom ever played the main villain of a film because he probably wouldn't know his character's own evil plans due to the fact that the filmmakers would keep the full script out of his grasp to save the secrets.
BenADick is such A Hole!!
Jadyn Trujillo
It's so funny when he silently says "it's empty"
Javier Mara
Tom Holland is a jerk a bit.
Lauren Zachary
Gaahh, Ben... πŸ˜‚
maya p.
β€œuh that’s a really good question-β€œ
Rankstrail of Dagliar
1:30 .... they re looking up at the exact same time like two kids caught while causing trouble πŸ˜‚
Anthony Chavez
Lady Flash
Bro like they sound like they really don’t like him I hate that so much
Saro M
big gap in age difference and they're best friends if only it was like that where I live and not care so much abt it
Ajila Waya
Doctor Strange's beard was CGI? Everything I know is a lie
Wolf boy11
Pubirty hit to like a fly
TChops 2019
2:30 to 2:50 They're discussing who's gonna babysit Tom. Don't you dare convince me otherwise!
Came to say hello to Benjamin?? Aint it Benedict? Maaan... all y'all white ppl look alike
Saudia Tate
Tom is so disappointed at the end. LOL "it's empty"
clash ott
These media persons are dicks who doesn't care about the movies and keep inviting leaks
Franklin Yao
He is an Aussie ~ he is huge hahaha
Well ~ he is Thor LoL
My mom calls Tom her son-in-law
β€œA pint for him is like a sip for me.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Manish Prasad
benedict is babysitting tom
I have to watch this video on a weekly basis or my body collapses in on itself
Randy Rogers
I prefer DC over Marvel so if I were cast in a marvel movie I'd make it a game to see how much I could torture the fans with "almost spoilers" where I act like I'm about to reveal something but then just start doing something random like singing the national anthem
Vincent V
2:30 thanks clarence
A. V.
They should've got an actor that can keep his mouth shut. Tom Holland has a busy mouth.
Bear Of Ice
Benjiman? Uncle Ben????????
sp4wn sp4wnersiak
Benedict is an awesome actor!
Edward Elric
Kid still needs to know
F And
Rodrigo Andres
Its sad if he really isnt able to read the script, he could perform better imo if known the situation he was in with other actors, instead of saying the lines
This confirms my theory. Spiderman is gonna wear the infinity gauntlet with time stone to save the avengers #prediction 4 #2019
TheEmeraldGun/ AndyGamer
that kid never shut up
JustHaz Gamer
Why is Toms voice so high pitched and he's what 20?
Anthony Mackie called Benedict, Benjamin.
Emily Calhoun
if Benedict wasn't there we would know everything about Infinity war
Priyanka Maurya
spiderman and doctor strange friends with each other will be soo cool!!!
Did he call him Benjamin on purpose or does he actually not k own his name πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Julius Kelly
That Cameo was awesome. Had me dying.
Harshit Kumawat
The look given by Tom at 1:48 is like " am I supposed to tell this much only πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… or I moved forward " ....
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