Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

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Group of British shorthair and longhair kittens sitting
GlobalP/Getty Images

Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/13278

A Certified Animal Safety Representative from the American Humane Association was present for all scenes that involved the participation of the kittens.

felicia brown
Who else came from Instagram
Olalla Evans
I dont know why but I need this with tom hiddleston
Bomen En Lucht
emma watson+kittens, i just came instantly
Der Moffel
Emma Watson and kittens in one Video, the two cutest things rn.
Albert Suriñach
I'm a simple man. I see... oh you already know what I'm gonna say
Susan Barber Yoga
I loved this. Ever since I was little girl Emma Watson has been my hero. I'm an actress and she's always bee my inspiration, but I am so empowered by how much she stands up for women's rights and equality . Plus, I'm a HUGE harry potter fan.
Ichan Ceskva
cuteness overloded, can't handle this
Rexy Kitty
Instantly subbed bc of this video XD
La Al
3:13 cute too omg like if u agree
La Al
Did you see the white kitten at the back so cute like if you agree 2:47
Patchie Jaque
I love you Emma your the best!!
Jasmin Chavez
I love Emma
AHW!?!?!? I love kittens.
Caitlen Hathcock
God I love her.
Aida Faisal
I love you emma watson i am 11 year old girl from karachi i watched beauty and the beast yesterday and i want to watch it again and again you did the best acting i love youuu
Zahir Aguilera
muy favorite animall is cat
Zahir Aguilera
Ir love emma Watson
allison campbell
must tune terms existence billion luck alone pressure.
Savannah Crofts
Muslim Life
i love emma watson so much that i did a whole assignment about her in the 6th grade!!❤❤❤im 14 btw
Muslim Life
i love emma watson so much that i did a whole assignment about her in the 6th grade!!❤❤❤im 14 btw
Maria Day
я даже не знаю, что написать, потому что я половину не поняла....
No Sana No Life
Here goes a new generation of kids who will remember Emma Watson as Belle but not Hermione..... sad fact for potter heads..😂😭😭😭
bella fornaciari
aww the little kittins!! and hi emma!!
ThisNameIsRealyLongButIDontCare :3
Amooni P
that kitty at 2:46
"and.. never to underestimate her own power" kitten on the right stands up on back legs
The one who is sitting on her is the luckiest cat in the world
kaitlin riener
I love Emma's voice!!!
The Dictator
the wage gap isn't real though...
Inab Aamir
Emma is my idol💖 I love how she is so real and down to earth, strong and beautiful 😍😍😍☺️☺️
KenPlays- Minecraft&more
I have never been so jealous to a kitten.
Pauliina Moksunen
I love her
Shiina Mashiro 椎名 ましろ
how old is she?
Mya Dallas
Young girls will remember Emma as Belle and not Hermione anymore Potterheads crying in the corner
Yassine Motaouakkil
Marry me
Sandesh Jadhav
That dangerous shadow chasing kitten just made the video better
Weird Gaming
I Honestly Don't Get Why She Is Hated Because She's A Feminist,I Mean I Actually Think That It's Okay Because Men Usually Do Stuff To Women(Mainly Trump),Actually,I Love Emma Watson,One Of My Favorite Actresses Ever(Probably #1),And I'm 10 Years Old(Also I Love Harry Potter Obviously And The Beauty And The Beast Remake Was A Nice Movie As Well)Yeah Sure I Don't Really Know These Kind Of Stuff But Who Cares

A Stranger:"Everyone"
Me:"Shut Up"
The Stranger Stops Crying
Me"Blah Blah Blah"
Eloisa Bennetts
I really admire Emma Watson as an incredibly talented actress and feminist, but I think as an advocate for equality she should be more careful about linguistic sexism when assuming that all of the kittens are male...
Maria Perez
I don't even know what she was talking about because I was to busy looking at the kittens
Ok Ok
wouldn't it be cool if you were the person who adopted a kitten that had been played with by Emma Watson
Emma hollings
EMMA wait my name is Emma and I also have brown hair EMMA'S UNITE I also have a kitten and I'm a huge Harry Potter fan
And also we have a puppy named Hermine And I love your outfits in Buaty and the beast and sorry I don't really know how to spell also
Sorry for this being soooooooooo long 😜Emma OUT PEACE
Jessica N
She's definitely a role model actor 👏🏻
Reptile_gaming 1532
Sean and Bear
Who here also has a crush on Emma Watson, and watched Beauty and the Beast and loved it, but got jealous when Dan Stevens/ The Beast kissed her, because I did LOL XD
Anya Lu
Who has watched all the movies of Harry Potter at least 6 times? Like if u have
Jatham K West
I should probably make a joke

The wage gap
Giant Cliffoconda
i dont know whos more adorable, Emma or the kittens.
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