Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

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β€œI want them all!"


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Group of British shorthair and longhair kittens sitting
GlobalP/Getty Images

Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/13278

A Certified Animal Safety Representative from the American Humane Association was present for all scenes that involved the participation of the kittens.

Cristine Sings
Aww Hermione is so cute and kind
Marianne Zabine Generoso
Those kittens are soooo lucky :((
I want does kitty cats 😫
Remus Lupin
I wish Emma Watson was my mum
Cats,Cookies,Make-up, and Middle School
I love Emma so much I was tearing up at different parts in the video cause of how amazing her words were...❀
Juan Cabrerizo
Cuando un hombre quiere demostrarle a una mujer que Γ©l es mΓ‘s fuerte, a ese hombre lo llaman borrico. ΒΏCΓ³mo llaman a las mujeres en el caso inverso?
Gina Gallace
I seriously cannot focus on Emma right now, these cats are too cute<3
Isabella Bushardt
This is the best interview EVER !!!!
haroon miah
has anyone else seem her sex tape πŸ˜‚
She's so perfect. Holy crap.
I love that when Emma acts, it's similar to her personality
Someone gonnahate
hermione plays with kittens

explains a lot
I cry to know that a another generation now Emma as belle not heromine
Jenny lopez
2:12 The kitty Trying to escape
Djdndnjddndndn Hejdjdndnejdjd
Jack Downey
Not even I could handle all this pussy...
Miku Chu
the kitten interview...THE KITTERVEIW

okay i'll leave.....
Rftg Ffygugwefgu
Emma looks likes nerdy nummies
Robin Jashinsky
How sweet. Emma and a bunch of cute tiny kittens. My life.
Mitali Satpurkar
Did anyone noticed her pants are awesome? I am getting one.
Brigham Rodriguez
She's over powered by all the cuteness of the little cats
Who else is here bc of dontai?
Zanobia Ahmed
no perks questions?
Meh l'm kinda am a dog person
Captain Failure
She's cute when she plays with the pussy
Marina GarcΓ­a-QuiΓ±onero Balaguer
WOW, she is AMAZING πŸ’˜πŸ˜
Gina Bonaldi
and no I didn't watch the video I just came to comment on this stupid f**** b**
Gina Bonaldi
big shocker Emma Watson on BuzzFeed with all the other crazy third-wave feminists that make no sense in the world and talk crazy talk f*** this b** and f*** BuzzFeed
manish salhotra
manish salhotra
Emma is a PERFECT role model
Asriel The nerd
You are a wizard
hmm seems to me they don't look too healthy...
I was laughing the whole time because of the kitten trying to get its shadow
Winte Ray
Oh god...theyre all missing the one thing that all as harry potter fans know...CROOKSHANKS!
Allice and kates drawings! X3
the cats name is angora
so cute
Doge Life Derp
OMG WHAT IF... Belle and Hermione are long lost sisters!!!
Vaska Bleach
I like Emma I just can't stand her feminist crap.
Bill Cipher
i came for emma watson and kittens
Tal Avivi
1:38 did anyone else see the adorable black cat stand on only two legs? I love emma watson btw.
Terri Spohn
Crockchanks would be jealous
Gekkie AKCDisneyK3
What is her age on this moment?
Faith Sidor
she is awesome Emma Watson I love you
Alaina White
the sad thing is kids will know her as bell but we know her as hermiomine
Marianna Costantini
Tabbitha B
OMG so cute!!!!!!!
deidra lawrence
deidra lawrence
Denise 4 life
As I sit watching Harry Potter
Denise 4 life
Harry Potter flashback anyone else
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