Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

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“I want them all!"


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Group of British shorthair and longhair kittens sitting
GlobalP/Getty Images

Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/13278

A Certified Animal Safety Representative from the American Humane Association was present for all scenes that involved the participation of the kittens.

Kiki van Amen
ugh now I love emma watson even more
Can I have the one playing with its own shadow behind Emma?
She's just talking and in the background kittens are just attacking the wall😂😂
Maya Hamdan
Kaileigh Haynes
Did anyone else see the little black cat that was just doing its own thing?
Fionne Dowd
I just love her
How could 5K people dislike this??
Isac da ccb Santos
achraf Amin
kathryn doyle
Those kittens look a bit... not healthy?
Lily The Gamer
This is heaven for me(cats are my favorite especially the small fluffy kittens)
Damien Brown
Kitten: Hey Emma! I'm gonna catch this shadow for you! Hey Emma! Are you watching?! I'm totally going to get this shadow...Dang! I almost had it! This time, I promise! Emma!? Are you watching?!
Emma: Is perfection and poise composed into one.
This is too cute for me <3
Mau Dionela
question emma do you ever wonder daniel radcliffe and you could possibly dating
Onni Doodles
If I could get as many Cats as I want.
I would want 4, getting 3 new kittens and keeping my cat Jester.
I want an orange tabby that would be male,I would name it Popeye
The other 2 kittens would be female, they would be white kittens named Squishy and Squaishy.
StevieSpain D
Airhead trying to be cerebral.
Untitled x Unmatched
Real niggas looked for this from Dontai's outro
Blackfire of Stormclan
AAHHH GIVE ME THE KITTENS!!!! im in love with them!
Ashley S
Nice Pussies and one Hot one.
Erin Kessel
They should have more Harry Potter questions
big kahuna burger
She is so cute
Coleonwheels Sings Matilda the Musical
How old is belle
The tiny black one IS ADORABLE
Sophie Johnson
Every now and again she says something with an american twang !
Marionette Girl 27
Holly willard
3:17 I found it so hard to listen to her, when that cat is like attacking the background
Shunqi Huang
Can't agree more with Emma.
Amy lấp lánh channel
so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kaitlyn Samsel
She took a kitt-interview
Jess LittleAngel
i like Emma so much :)
Ulf Kal Narcht
the last question just threw everything out of the window. god damn it! ruins the picture of emma watson and the movie beauty and the beast it self.
Cat Chloe Life
Lewis Dickinson
Shes like that lady from harry potter (dolorus umbridge)
so sad that such a beautiful girl turned out to be a feminist😥
Janistar Mcgee
Sophie T
great video. I really like her as an actress and her personality, she is showing in public. And you put her together with all those adorable kittens. That is so amazing cute =^.^=. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS NICE INTERVIEW
maede xxx
I love everything about this girl the way she talks the way she smiles.... EVERYTHING 😍😍
Yassin Musc
Five years ago (or about 6) I was in love with her, but really! Lol it's ridiculous but it's like that, I spent my days, every day, several hours watching videos, articles, trying to send him mail, letters etc ... I really liked it kind of ' Really wanted to know what she does every moment !! I even had a "dream" sui was to meet her I told myself that it's not so complicated that I'm going to have a preview of one of these movies, I go well in advance if you have to sleep on Even place I would, and I give him my letter expressing my feelings with my contact details and a gift! It was abused, and now I find myself tonight to re watch videos of it! Should I stop quickly lol
Doug.E Doug
'Emma watson plays with pussy'
Maia Fjeldsted
I love kittens❤️❤️❤️🎀😜
Wild Dragon
stail c&t
Also, do you notice how she completely forgot about the kittens when she started splurting the feminist bullshit?
I'd play with her kitten
cheryl pidono
Luna Lovegood
I came for Hermione and realized half of our generation don't see her as Hermione... they see her as Belle
New conspiracy theory:

Emma Watson is a cat.
Ali Dangou
even more familiars
Aneesa Hasan
At 1:53 the cat falls in the back 😭😂
Siena Ho
I would ask her how to go to platform nine and three quarters
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