Like bruh
I can't concentrate on the answers coz of the kittens😻😻😻
I kinda wanna become famous now so I can play with kittens.
Kevin H.
Emma and kittens 👍
Leelahani Scariot
I almost cried
net flix
selena gomez next cmon
Gamer Kallie
The cats in the video is the same breed as my cat
Sophia Parker
She gets serious and then there’s just cats running into the wall in the backround.... nice! 👍🏻
Linn Rice
Cute Kittens, Beautiful Woman, Too bad she's a Liberal BITCH
Øh Sãngwøø
I wanna be the kitten...
Liesl D
She is SO PRETTY!!!!
Megan Langan
I love Emma she is such a beautiful role model. She was a perfect choice to play Belle 💜💖💗
Memoـ girly
Omg this is soooooo cute💕😊🐈
Tiril Hoem Brovold
De er så søte
Read this as “Emma Watson Plays With Pussy”
The wage gap is fake. We dont need feminism
Saffie lennard
if you can plz contact emma and say I'm a really big fan of her as hermione granger and tell her I'm a ravenclaw! <3
Annabelle Hilbert
All the people who dislike this vid....

I hate you
Ldshadowolf21 AJ
Just 1:40 that black cat XD
Jihyo Ahn
Love it!
Macintoshgetti But without Ravioli
Emma Watson would be really hot if she wasn't such a militant feminist.
Anna Marcalleti
Cute + Cute = uhm.... is there such thing as cuteness cancer? (Plz no trigger)
Maya Waldorf
Are class is right note to the cats and kittens who were in the fire.
Rafael Numa
#Hermione Granger, am I right
Starco&Bratayley Fan1512
Emma is such a beautiful woman,and even a very beautiful girl when she is in Harry Potter (when she's still a little girl😘) Love you always Emma😍 Like if you guys agree😊
DIpesh Shahi
Those motherf*cker pussies are lucky!!!😈😈😈
Nate Higman
I came and stayed for the kittens
She is so pretty
Jammerforlife2 AJ
Whichever buzz feed worker thought of this video is genius
Xiaotong Zhang
Plz do draw my life,Emma
Juliette LaGrande
It is to cute i love Emma Watson and the little kittens are so cute
Dr. Müller
not sure whats more cancer than Buzzfeed asking celebrities to pet cats and answer fan questions, still like Emma though.....
Feminism is important when you're a weinstein sex slave
Makenah Langley
they should replace the cats with my dick
Goddess Angel
I think the dark lord and his death eaters gave this video a dislike!!
This is beautiful❤❤❤❤ and I love you so much
Emmy craz
Did you like playing Hermione
Angela Swirl C Evangelista
Your super beautiful ! Your my most favorite and it will never change
Cody A
Neha Umapathy
How can somebody dislike this?
saadsracket. BNE
She is so hot.
I just love how she coos over all of those kittens. Makes it all the more cuter.
yi negin
That kitty in the back stretching the wall omg
What's another name for kittens? Something very brazzer about this video title lolx.
Maggie Struthers
Soaring Red Apples
This is all you need in life
Meg Fujiwara
Just imagine being Emma’s daughter JUST IMAGINE
عبدالرحمن محمد
انا احبك ايما واتسون ilove emma watson
2Flush 2Flush
Curious how much you donated??
Bengkoang Gaming
wow cute cats...i love all
🎊👸Λღ 🎀ღΛ📯🍓Λ.ღ🎀ღღΛ 🎻🌸🌸Λღ💞🍓Λღ♡♡🎀ღΛ🎊🎎🐌
ლ( 🌷╹ ◡ ╹ლ)🌹 (ლ ◕ ◡◡ ◕ ლ)🎼🎹ლ( ╹ ◡ ╹📯)ლ愛(ლ◕ ◡◡ ◕ ლ)🗾🍣💌
💘ღ .♡゚・Brilliant🎶🍭ღIℓơvєღ 💖*・゚♡🎸ღ👸
U\(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ ヾ( 🐣╹ ◡ ╹🐣 )ノMarvelous!♪ヾ(@^▽^@)
💐ɞ*❤💐\(= ◕ ◡◡ ◕ =)/ヾ( 🐈 🐈❤ɞ*
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