Mel Ismymother
George: Moooorningg...
Harry: turns around scared af I swear to Jesus Christ I didn't even touch her!!

Msp Tiggertoes
It kinda triggers me that i have to read a book for this shiz... jk jk lol but im too lazy to do that ill stick to the 'undeveloped' scenes
Msp Tiggertoes
Says zip me up then doesnt zip up
autumn rain
This is my favorite scene out of the whole series
A Snazzy Little cookie
At the beginning i was like

IลŸฤฑl Soyal
Gooโ€™ Moโ€™ning
darna boss chic
So it was grinny and Harry's wedding
Natalia Ramirez Vรกsquez
๐Ÿ˜‚ "good morning"
Miles Away
George defines me in my big brother duties
LPS and More
0:54 I saw that
Zircon MC
0:45 lol morning
Inesh Khanal
CrazyFighter117 _
Morning...( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)
Lilly Mcloughlin
Before gorge lost the ear he put the toothbrush in. So he just put a toothbrush in a hole in his head if that makes sense
Princess Twilight Sparkle Adventures
Dammit Fred-No-George-No whatever.
John Ting Wai CHAN
Nom Wang
เธˆเธฑเธ™เธˆเธด Naprasert
Quynh and Victoria Do Stuffz
How did I get here...
Arianna Reynolds
And btw ginny looks amazing grown up! ๐Ÿ‘
Arianna Reynolds
Why is there a toothbrush in his ear?
Arianna Reynolds
Gorge walk's in and see's harry and ginny Gorge: Mooorning. ginny walks away and you'd think when he saw them he'd say something besides morning
ุงูˆุฒูƒุณ XFWRHRH gfjldc
jdudnxgdjxuxhxyd khaki's xx sides of xx km xx Hey guys by handcrafted jewellery the jdhdfc and then the djgdc
Potterhead number 1
George: moooorrrrning
Yumna Asha
K.s. Makhan
Dan Radcliffe official
They didn't make out, they kissed...๐Ÿ˜‘
Neha Marwah
My heart literally jumped out of my chest when i saw this scene. I dint like harry kissing her
BadMixo Stuart
This one is better
jessie langille
Love ur video of harry and Ginny subscriber for life
ุฑุบุฏุบูุบู ุฑุงุชู„ูŠุจุนุฏ
Evony Cheney
Mandy G
Did anyone else year yelling right before gorge said morning
Why did I pretend to be Umbridge and mess up the kiss
Namjoon Kim
No kissing is bad a boy herry
haylor isbest
George= me
ะฝะธะบะพะปัŒ ะปะตะฒะบะพะฟ
Bluefirevortex YT
that is what I did when my best friends were kissing
The phenomenal T-G-K
Gotta love George in the background haha I'd be the same
Brent Castro
Check out funko pop ginny weasley quidditch exclusive barnes and nobles harry potter via @eBay
Evi Stein
reisverschluss hรถrt sich auf englsich so funny an
TutorialsAND GAMES200
Morning..... ๐Ÿ˜‚
She could've asked her mom, but instead she went straight downstairs to ask for him to do it. She knew what she was doing.
Well, she made the first move, so it's okay. #ScrewBroCode
nikki ar.
Hes like
Sup fellas
Magz MSP
George oh George...
In the films it doesn't even look like Harry and Ginny broke up- they still kiss whenever they see each other. In the books the whole point was that they couldn't be together because Harry valued her safety over being with her. But then, every part of their relationship was better in the books.
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