supererik man
The blonde is the only one who has any common sens, Eric is a biased idiot
Keith Sage
The question is did he break the law? NO.
Sheldon Hall
omfg, this guy is so dense.

Officer, how can you charge me for theft when this other person I don't like has stolen before and they've never been caught. Other people do it, IS NOT A DEFENSE.
I'm tired of watching the dumbest people they can find on TV. Get the stupids girls (both are idiots) off the air.
OMG the woman has a Russian last name, and all Russians are boogeyman!!!!!!! So dumb. Dumb as a rock.
It seems that with the sinking of FAKE ONLY XTRAS there is no longer a single media outlet that Republicans, Conservatives, and, Christians, can watch without getting slimed! All of what passes for news programming on the T.V. is just a dog pile of eighth grade female snobs bashing President Trump!
Where was this kind of reporting on the foibles of obummer? Oh, I forgot that you in the media were striving to be the most egregious sycophant for your Kenyan President! gagging, puking, spitting, and throwing up
Preston Miller
grammar Nazis, u make me laugh
Eric's voice is breaking with emotion because the two female members of the panel don't support him! Poor old Eric. Maybe you should have a break from tv for a while and relax....maybe get some more Botox!
Eric Bolling completely misses the point AGAIN! What a bloody fool!
Toe the line silly girl. Trump is the best president ever.
When you live in fear like the pussy Bowling, ethic are low on the list. Lol
Seriously, you Eric bowling has any concerns about ethics? Now that is funny!
It amazes me how hard is for people to realize that Trump is a farse and fooled them to be elected. Grown ups are supposed to realize when they make a mistake.
Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about getting a BJ, just saying
Prepare now Sheeple San!!
Why don't those idiots actually investigate real crimes there's enough of them there's 100 crimes from the previous administrations time I don't have to name the players just look them up it's a joke they're picking at straws here with no evidence and yet they're overlooking the hundreds literal hundreds of crimes from looting Haiti massive International pay-for-play giving billions to terrorist countries from you-know-who G look it up if you don't know I mean come on all those things have been ignored it just shows why nobody trust the government and why there's so much corruption and the media is completely owned by Soros and the other billionaire scum trillion or scum who run the world and fun both sides of every conflict open your eyes people and get a life wake up stop being so stupid check out history of Wars for thousands of years we've been lied to and tricked into fake Wars It's a pattern come on you know who's running the world trillionaires at the top look it up!
Walrus Feet
The person who sent the email was not from Russian govt. He had no ties to Russian govt. Trump jr. went to see what dirt they have on Hillary. If the Russian govt has damaging info to impeach Trump all the DNC will gladly get it . THERE WAS NO COLLUSION.
Trent Timoy
Eric Bolling looks absolutely deranged and possessed with "alternative facts". Clown network.
Dagny Grant
Thank God for these two women on the panel. The only people at the table with honest integrity.
Trent Timoy
donnie jr agrees to an invite to a meeting with a Russian attorney (wink wink) to accrue so called "damaging" intel against Hillary that the Russian government feels could be useful to the Trump campaign. And now we hear that there were possibly TWO other individuals in that meeting besides dipshit junior, kushner, manafort and the Russian attorney. LIES and DECEITS all the way around. This is Treason, Collusion and Perjury.
Mr. Doobsie
Replace Kat with Tomi.
ShopSandra Lessin
Secretary loving the fox news recently! They have the best videos..! Thanku
amy mesnard
kinda tired of hearing about Trump I want other news
Taylor Patterson
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Trump is a CROOK.

now that I have your attention. Which one of you Trump supporters want to debate without name calling? I bet not a single one of you can last two retorts without calling me an idiot or something of the sort.
George Jenkens
Even if there was collusion...Do I care?
Travis Sharon
Travis Sharon
YES WE CAN TALK ABOUT HILLARY!!!! YES, but in exchange how about you face reality in this situation and stop calling the kettle purple, we can all see, and we all know what color kettles are.
Travis Sharon
Especially you in the middle, playing defense against the TRUTH, it was AMORAL to be colluding with Russia, if you think otherwise, you may have a screw loose. there needs to be an independent news outlet that bashes both sides when they deserve it.
Travis Sharon
I have come to despise all media this past year, FOX is far enough right that everything they say has to be researched before you repeat it unless you want to sound like an ignorant ass. Meanwhile, NPR and CNN have become unapologetically left wing.

I feel like the news should be supported by fund raisers exclusively, so that you poor people can try to be actual journalists instead of reality tv show characters. I weep for your lost integrity
Travis Sharon
All I have to say is turn the table, if Hilary's daughter was meeting with the Chinese government to get dirt that they had on Trump during the campaign, how would you feel?

It wasn't criminal.... most likely. IT WAS AMORAL, and for the "Values Party" it is unfortunately no surprise at all that you don't care about integrity, and just aim to pander to your target audience.

ENTERTAINMENT IS GREAT, unless it claims to be news.
Lt. Col. Problem
Mila Willems
Engage simply regardless qomgg view activist union mass institution.
Kendrick Duldulao
there's illegal and then there's unethical
King Kenny
first of all he did nothing illegal, secondly he did nothing immoral. collusion implies intent, there is no reason to suggest trump knew he was dealing with an agent of the russian government, there was no tin foil russia conspiracy at that time - he did nothing illegal and he did nothing wrong.

Mr. Doobsie
Besides everyone of real importance know this Russia narrative is just a fake non issue narrative. It's not REAL!! it's time for Trump to change this narrative around.
Mr. Doobsie
I kinda had enough of Kat or Cat. It's time for Fox to fire her.
Kat, this is not collusion!! You are allowed to talk to persons in a free country. FIRE KAT!! False moralist.
john hutcheson
Go Away Kat. No one is connected to the Russian Government. Pansy Ass.
Josh Bishop
it's strange they didn't blame Obama ....yet
Joe Dodge
Don Jr. did nothing wrong according to Fox News. The FBI and the CIA might feel different.
Susteeze Of DankCave
this news organization is terrible, truth....if you plan to commit crime, your a criminal. it's Definitely collusion when the charges are filed you will have this video go viral. Credibility 0%
Michael Grant
It being said democrats will always have the popular vote. Sadly people would rather have their government support them, than support themselves
faceless corporation
yes. yes it was.
Nes Aujour
Jesus....are these people dumb **ck! to a point of no return. Jr. sign the paper under OATH that he had NO CONTACT with ANY outside foreigner for his White House clearance, failing to tell the truth is punishment to the full extent of the law. Since when did this family has a pass to piss on the laws that founded the United States. Every time we can prove that this administration is lying they give us ALTERNATIVE facts??? These Republicans control everything and yet they cannot pass the healthcare act because it's really that bad. Since day one I remember the Republicans scream "We will repeal EVERYTHING that Obama will bring on the table." Who created the recession while adding two wars at the same time?? You didn't see Obama bicthing On Bush like Trump do. United States has following from his pedestal, but hey Trump his right and the media is fake.
Joe Dodge
Hey Fuckhead, the subject is not Hillary. Can you stay on point?
Alex NC
Are these people really this dumb, or have they to been bought by Russia too? Funny that the blonde is the only one on the room with some brains
JD plus
No, it was NOT criminal! We have the right to meet who ever we want as Americans!
FAKE NEWS . They are pretending to be sticking up for Trump. Hey . Just dont talk about Russia . Thats it Just stop. Ladies and gentleman your being bamboozled by Fox because they think if they screw Trump well still vote for their republican party traitors. Eric is making millions and could care less about Trump. They put this Kat chick in there as a guinee pig, She will soon be despised and they will dump her and act like they were doing us a favor, They are actors, Why are they not going after anybody on the left? Soros Clinton Obama this big mouth Muslim chic or any of that? Get it . ?
Maui Caui
i didn't vote for Hillary because of her corruption, do you think people should accept the same from their president.
Stupid dumb blonde..
NOT news .. sheesh
I never how I feel about her
lucas lopez
So 3 Trump associates meet with a Russian who swore she had dirt on Hilary and her translator in Trump Plaza but he had no clue this meeting took place? Even if you support Trump 100%- C'mon stop being blind i supported Reagan, voted for Bush Jr- one way or another we've always had the right person whether u liked him or not in office until now. Trump is a puppet and a traitor
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