I'm not crying damn it!!!! It's allergies!!!
Eugene Ahn
omg...What goes around....
Emy Winehouse
Wtf!!! Oh god wats going on to the world!!
Mary Linck
Marry meeeeee
Somsak Phaenwichit
what song?
Dakota Ramirez
This is so beautiful. ❤
Mykaela Euton
This was the cutest freaking thing, i bawled
Ronald Quan
Am I the only one who thought the reveal was mild AF haha
Liz Jakelinne
That's so crazy,I'm gonna cry 😭
Liz Jakelinne
Omg I want sam smith in my wedding ❤
Nobody’s screaming or standing?
sasi rooban
Is this same gender marriage ...
If yes .. wtf? Is happening
Pedro Juarez
He's the best person ever tbh. He didn't have to go to the actuall wedding since he was playing in the reception later, but he did!
alysson santos
They are sooo cold WTF ?? IS SAM SMITH
Name of the song please 🙏🙏
Typical British reaction “oh wow it’s Sam smith” if this happened to me there would be tears and probably a little bit of pee and a lot of screaming
Sienna Collins
It is my life dream to have Sam Smith singing at my wedding
Jessi L
His voice gives me chills
If Sam Smith shows up in my wedding, I am going to FAINT
Eka Dinur Fitrah
i don't give a fuk about the marriage, i'm here to hear sam singing
Patcha Heccox
He's so sweet
Jericho Tagala
what is the title of the song?
Great...lol..this made me cry...lol...so sweet..the minister was so wonderful as well
rcky nsjhry
Mizuno Yudai
Gwen dalyn
Jackie Why
It always makes me happy when famous singers surprise weddings and sing for them and celebrate with them and man I am not crying your crying!
Mbc ‍
That bride probably wants a BBC, jk.
Abigaelle Merilus
Ooh danm he is so good
I need a kleenex....Thank you Sam you are just an amazing person how humble you are.
How does he hit those amazing high notes man... its crazy.
Mai Ngọc
love Sam Smith and Adele !!!
Lily '
he's my dream come true. love him so muchhhhh!!! congrats to the lovely couple!
Sam Holliday
I was happy af until I read the comments )': there's so much hate #LoveIsLove
Anthony James
Thats your reaction to Sam Smith? Fuck off.
Miss Disclosure so much!! Latch will always be a tune ❤️
Eleonora Zeli
my dream
emily kimbrell
Please sing at my wedding 😭😭
they are ugly AF!
Gabriela Padilla Esperanza
What a great surprise!
Ok, I understand when two women loves each other, but why they must to look so non-feminine? It's dissapointing...
Pau Tonsing
Midodzi Nukunu
Say No to Gay Marriage....That aint good
Lauryn Brene't
He's such a cinnamon roll!! His voice is freaking beautiful
Midori Kageyama
I am crying 😭😭😢 this is so beautiful! Sam is an amazing human ❤
Ernesto M
I proposed to my Fiancé with Life Support playing in the background. If he sang that song live for our first dance I’d definitely cry just staring into her eyes.
Maria Silversken
Sam Smith was seemingly more exited about this event than the brides over him.
Ann Castillo
Sam is so sweet and amazing
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