L. Cavalcante
2:32 PSG supporters are sing "Aquarela do Brasil"
pradip hati
good morning to all
Christila Christila
weclome neymar to psg
Chen Zou
Phew, Neymar knows how to juggleπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Abdirahman peacock
This is why I hate neymar
Rip Barca lona
Ezekiel Larose
Arjun Shahi
Money is every think
Blessings Nxumalo
neymar is just so cool
Ankan Mandal
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Dip Aale
wish u all the best dear neymar
Timea AndΓ³k
No More ropkeptom Neymar 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Grey j
Que dlç ver esse vídeo sem precisar de legenda
Ndeye Fall
J G16
Bruh neymar say he is just want to find a better Challange but he only did it for the damn fucking money and is fucking stupid
shoeb zama
waste of money !!
pike black
Well I would too cause that’s a good money
Ragib Khyaju
Basit Yusufzai
Messi will miss him.
thiago garcia
el capo
hahhaa funny club PSG hahah

no history, no true fans
Todor Atanasov
Nymar can make money more and more but he will never make a chance to be such a beloved teammate of best player of the world, Messi, and he lost the chance of playing in league where both best of the world, Messi and Ronaldo, are playing. Money is not everything. ...
Gopolang Ramagaga
no neymar should go back to fcb nowwwwwwwww
Boody Messi
neymar is very fucking bich
Dhiru Bhandari
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Lee Everett
Hell if i were psg i would also buy a flopping piece of shit for more fouls given to the rivaling team, smart psg
Hatim Elouaqour
the motherfucker is young let him live, the guys is what 24 or someshit?? u expect him to stay at barca till retirement? ronaldo was a monster at man u, one of the most dangerous wingers. he moved to madrid and became one of the most complete players over. new competition brought out the best of him. let neymar make his own decisions man
HayaBusa Montage
Je suis mort il rentre avec la musique du loto ptn :')
No no noooooooo
Whyuwatching this
I remember Ronaldinho!
James Hurbs
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Narcisse Kamelan
suis ravi Neymar et je te souhaite tout le meilleur
Muhaimin mitul
2k+ barca fan still crying ........
tania bhagwandass
Naymar I want u to now that I am in love with how u play l Jermain gopoul I also wish to be like u
I noticed something curious. Everytime Neymar enters a football pitch he crosses himself (to thank God). This time when he entered he only raised his fingers towards the sky. He did NOT crossed himself. I bet he was NOT allowed to do it because the owner of the PSG who makes the rules is Muslim.
Christina Alfa
If you can't win him buy him. Right Paris? πŸ˜‚
Todor Todorov
Todor Todorov
fuck off NEYMAR
Cesay Madi
Beny Mleba
se t'un bon
Beny Mleba
se t'un bon
HAkimipro123 Pro123
We love you NEYMAR!!!!smash the like button if like neymar
mohammed abdi Kulmiye
Money is everthing
congratulation to neymar jr,it is good
Tevin Gardner
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