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Head to head Nerf battle time!!
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Crispy Bacon
Sub to me at Crispy Bacon about 26subs and 0-1 videos
Mona Davidson
great video love it
Malcolm Stocker
He WILL win a battle!!!!!!!
Miles Weatherly
coby will win when he realizes what a noob he is, maybe
Deliah Jones
Yes coby will win a game
Reece Deitrick
Yes Team Coby will win 1 one day.
Cris Alles
Coby will win more battles I believe in coby
Brecken Dunford
Aiden Clark
yehia samy
maybe some day
Marco Guiseppe Mangcucang
Gaming MiriTv
Alan Bonito Villagomez
let some body els win
Chris Josef Ravago
coby is looser
Crystal Davis
cody will never win battle
Iisakki Lahdensuo
I Have All Nerfs and i Love Blaste
Carter Rowles
Me to but Coby will win in the sumo battle
Laura Gorectke
coby probably won't win-ever! team garret all the way!!! :)
Patrick Knox
come on cobes YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Brunner
Kann ich in euer tiem Dude perfeckt
Suzanne Chamberlain
coby i beleve in you you can win a badle.
Rupeena Shah
I m your biggest fan... I have watched all of your latest videos . make more awesome battles
Jaden Mitchell
Will Coby ever win something 😂
Gabe Wennekamp
Cory you pounded it instead of giving it a noggin
King of youtube
Thomas Lanuza
Yes, coby will win the giant inflatable sumo battle.
Amrik Grewal
You're the reason why I stopped watching you guys from this video.
Amrik Grewal
Fuck you tyler the 'winner'
Joe Cowell
he will never ever ever ever win a battle sos
Dabbing Geeks
Coby will always lose
Dabbing Geeks
Coby will always lose
Caroline Matamua
panda is a girl
Robert Brownfield
he will
April Fuller
yes he can
April Fuller
yes he can
the gold nerf is good but........................
Steal yo man
Coby will win a game
CaterBoss 4
I hate ty
Micah Gazal
Don't worry he wins aventulaly in 2017 in the sumo battle
I think that coby will win a battle in 2017 called giant sumo battle
john pritchard
Coby will win
Joe Celentano
Coby will win a battle
mei zhang
Corey will never win!!!!!!
u guys are always awesome. doing a great job. keep rocking.
XxFaZe KudaxX
Cody has a 50/50 chance
Taven Hussing
Saroj Nagaich
coby will
Siripassorn Tunsutiwong
I love Dudeperfect to much that fun I 😍
Mobile Tiến
ty win
Christian Lee
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