Donald Trump Angela Merkel at the White House: Did they shake hands?


CNN Reporter overheard they did not shake hands.  However, a photo appeared later showing a handshake.

Kushal Kumar
The news reports appear to be suggesting that recent meeting between two global powers - US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel – in White House on 17 March 2017 , has been short of much enthusiasm. It can be gathered from news reports that one of key issues which did not go smoothly well could be this. US is said to be ready to the military support to NATO but insisted that allies must pay what they owe. “ I reiterated to Chancellor Merkel my strong support for NATO as well as the need for our NATO allies to pay their share for the cost of defense”, he said. In the background of this scenario , readers may like to know this Vedic astrology writer’s related prophesy in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for US for coming year 2017” - published last year in December 2016 issue of The article can be reached by first going to the website of the magazine , then ticking “ Articles Archives”, then ticking “Heavens”. While saying in the article that months of February-March 2017 may present substantial concerns for US of varying nature , one major concern figured out by this writer for US for the months of February-March reads like this : -“ Agreements with friendly countries relating to energy resources or arms or food deals may spring up either issues or cause delay”. Now , it is a common knowledge that NATO group of countries is friendly to US in common defense strategies. And military or arms support is also vital for common strategies . Payment of their share of cost has obviously sprung up the issue or become cause of delay. So the prediction of this writer made on record in November-December fits so well and so precise , zeroing into actual happening on the ground.
John Townsend
I watched and saw a petulant brat. The calm poise of Merkel in contrast to
the obvious discomfort of trump was palpable ... certainly not presidential.
No BigFoot
Love this guy more each day goes by... BTW, Mr. President, you're manspreading! just thought I'd trigger feminists with that one :-)
mh 916
I bet her hands are bigger than his! Once again Trump shows he has no class! He's an embarrassment!
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