Amie Lovel
To the person reading this, I know one thing about you:
pewdiepie isn't the smartest person you know.
Why does he do this
Idk what my life is right now
1 like=1 prayer that Felix does not hurt himself doing this
It's as funny as it is dangerous
Lol they forget that dizzyness is not the only effect of alcohol
Chrisa 33
You look like doc from back to the future
13oss 121
6:22 in one of his commercial watching vids he says that the person who cracks eggs like this is a dumb ass
Nikolas Lervåg
edgar is having the time of his life with that ball
TheOneRiceCat II Partially Talented Artist II
Skateparks are still a thing? 😳😳😳
Wall NiNjA
Wit if u put on these glasses wile u were actually drunk
This convinced me not skipping ads since youtubers are not making a lot of money...
Darby Medel
"how would it look like.... if you're drunk" 😂 I think you're already drunk pewds lmao
Name #1
3:44 to 4:04 close your eyes 😂
mursuboost 676
"keep the change" #youtubemoney
Sansena ́s Nightcore
we try this And my friend broker leg :( 😩😩
Daniel Lemus
pewds drunk master
Rhiannon O'Connor
i remember using these glasses in the fifth grade when they were teaching us to not do drugs and to not drink so they gave us these to see how bad being drunk can fuck you up.
Ylva Lindberg
He was so sweet to the guy in the store and the kids!
"See you later"
Omg!! So cute
I wore a pair of glasses like these. It was horrible. I fell to the ground so fast.
Aymane Nouhail
the fart at 3:34
Burak Haru
what would happen if i wore these and was drunk?
Amoebaboy SW
Get super drunk in real life then put on the glasses while still drunk
Amoebaboy SW
Try going on a roller coaster with drunk glasses
A1 Boss
loved the adventure and the interaction with humans
Marc Rumin
LMFAO He actually hid the bottle in the bushes😂😂
Kobus Bouman
Mr. Clean
I like ur shoes Felix, where did u get them from? and what are they called?
Sade P
Pewdiepie! You need an...eassy craker!
Rico Blom
This make me laugh also hahaha
My drivers ed teacher brought in some of those goggles one day and it literally fucks you up, like you really lose your balance XD
Arielle Samson
Never go to the skate park? XD
looks like u live in london?
Rasmus Rönkkö
This was awesome
Phoebe Jackson
Literally my new favorite video of all time
Sankalp Mehra
I still cant understand why he has to wear the glasses to act like he's drunk ?? ........😂😂........jk I love your vids pewds.
bro im glad that i can enjoy his content again
Mr. goat
kinda like here in California cept we don't need the goggles
Reem D
Great video Felix. The videos are great and more fun when you do stuff outside.
Jack 11
people completely ignore what he is doing it
timber wolf
no, they make u dizzy..i did that last year in 10 th grade
Phan Trash
Felix just talked to more people than I have in my entire life. if i went to a fucking skate park i'd just get beaten up
Gus Mac.
this is why the ezcracker exists.......wendy is a closet alcoholic........
Tom Robinson
10:00 "Remember kids don't drink and drive." Instantly reckts into a pole
Tom Robinson
5:00 hears glasses shatter and move around "Oh yea don't worry about that."
Dank Hill
"oh Edgar watch out" trying to keep him from being smashed
"he's fine"
Lol u just hit the car
lex mchenry
he genuinely has a sweet n cute personality
Oh my god, I would LOVE to see Felix interact with more people like this. They're all so friendly and cute!
MadRabitt26 Mm
6:32 Ooh that egg has two egg yolks :0
the relaxing gamer【ツ】
what happend with the bottle with drank because ik waisting your monny
Kiki Wann
I used those same glasses at school when a police came to my school to show some of the things that he did for his job.
Finn :D
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