Buzzfeed pewdiepie here to test out these drunk glasses

i could do all this shit when I'm drunk
Johan de Jager
Legitly thought you were in a Buzzfeed office
Charlotte Mills
this video was hilarious! so good!
Daffadill Cat
I start crying of laughter when the scooter beeps
Asda Actor
Me and my friend were the only 2 people allowed to wear them in school (;
It looks like baking simulator at the cooking part.
Kenna Mitchell
8:40 imagine being one of those people and just seeing Felix sitting on his scooter with drunk goggles on
Thea Winchester
when he was on the scooter outside when all the cars drove past him all I could imagine was them sitting in the front like "aaand that would be felix."
Who wants to be drunk anyway..

Stoned for Life
angiebeanfuls paranormal adventures
omg i have never laughed so hard in my life Pewdiepie thankyou for making my day hahahahahaha subbed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop Rewind
uk skate parks are lit
Random Gaming: Random Games For You
Haha, this guy is an idiot, Glasses can't physically make you drunk, or can it? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
Elsa TheMusicLover
It is water in The bottleπŸ˜‚
I Love Jesus
Dat public intoxication doe
Amber -loves- music
I laughed so hard! xD This is great
Next episode, Pewds gets pink eye from sharing the goggles.
Henson Ramos
Glasses mess with your vision and somehow they lose their balance.
Joel Halbert
Kelly Coco Puff
the things he does in public........... for views πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thomas lopez
11:15 funny
Stephen Allen
this is the funniest sh*t ever
Arifa khan
Buzzfeed back round
Paris Gamez
lmao I couldn't stop laughing
oh and you forgot to blur out the licence plate.
Mihika Jain
12:50 generic content of markiplier :)
Chrisboarding 099
when did he move to london
roseline natasya
awwww you go out to the skateboard park and everybody's nice and all, I'm so happy
Miguel Marquez
ive tried them and it just makes u look the other direction
Devin Smith
lmao 9:41 i lost a whole bottle of chocolate milk out of my nose and ears hes legit creeping around a bush and taking a swig lol
Star Games
The BuzzFeed background for him is so fake.
soul eater
this should be easy πŸ˜‚ almost knocks over all the things on his kitchen counter πŸ‘Œ nailed it pewds
Michelle Liu
This is great. I like this content :'))
Vance Biondo
need contacts man
Marki Vee
I had to wear those glasses that makes u fell drunk in my primary school cause we had a police coming to our school
Marcos Diaz
"Re-remember kids, don't drink and drive."

Immediately hits a trashcan
Ethan Cxle
is that a bape chair
J Lopez
When he said family friendly I laughed
Alex Vayway
Felix:its so hard, i don't want to do it
Davey Kennington
I'm in 8th grade and the teacher brought in these glasses and a bike and we went to the gym and try to ride the bike while we had the drunk glasses on
Logan Dravenstott
Imagine walking through a mirror maze with these on
Edvin Kuric
they actually do that, I did a presentation with these in ninth grade and almost everyone that tried them fell over. We didn't buy them either, the Sheriff brought them in. They're legit.
Isabella Heart
I've never laughed this hard in like a few months...
the second eggs has two yolj
Radioactive Unicorn
9:53 "remember kids, don't drink and drive". the kid ( A.K.A Pewdiepie ) then proceeds to drink and drive
infinite SG
good job pewdie
squeaker kid
if your wearing these glases and drive does that count as drunk driving
jobinard le poreau
You kinda look like a retarded pedophile high on drugs. Like it
Insanity Scene
I love how the people around him aren't reacting. They're like "A guy sitting on a scooter with goggle's? Oh thats probably mr. K-k-kerfuffle that crazy man."
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