Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Lumberjack Match: Raw, Oct. 9, 2017

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The King of Flight's WWE Cruiserweight Title opportunity against The Certified G comes early.
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muadh mohammad
Fantastic Kalisto
G.V.S Ken21
Hussein Ali
That Salida del sol was unbelievable
Wwe Kalisto returns
1:16 im so sure the guy in blue pants tripped on the dude who was punched
Phan Hai
1:46 O—O
Tracy Tiger
I support the ending he was wearing holo
Grumpy Smile 2
Lol Brian Kendrick slipped
Leah Tellez
I'm glad you Won the Lumberjack Match & become the New WWE Cruiserweight Championship Kalisto. Man First off Mustafi Ali said a Bunch of Magic Words to Enzo Amore & that Bunch of Magic Words is "You Don't Deserve A Championship Opportunity" that was AWESOME & I Love It. And Last But Not Least Kalisto sending Enzo Amore a Salida Del Sol, Pinfall Enzo Amore & Win the Jumberjack Match to become the New Cruiserweight Championship & Celebrate the New WWE Cruiserweight Championship that was AWESOME & I Love It.☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️. Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero & your Former Tag Team Name Sin Cara was so Proud of you Kalisto. Gregory Helms said Kalisto needs to Win a Lumberjack Match which Kalisto did.
Banana Peel
2:49 is that the poop emoji 💩 💩 💩
Damn my boy lost the belt!!! To all those who say Enzo killed Cruiserweight division, kick rocks! He is the only reason I started watching 205! The other wrestlers are better then him in the ring but no where close on the mic. If u know anything about wrestling, it's that mic skills make or brake storylines
dario milivojević
Kalisto is one of the best highflyer in the world he deserves the title good for him
Deanna Bosley
Way to go Kalisto
TA Games220
Wait i'm confused. What's Kalisto's theme
TA Games220
2:01 Enzo should have won
TA Games220
i'm starting to hate Mustafa Ali
TA Games220
0:50 OH GOD!
TA Games220
Enzo shold have won. Why? Because Kalisto was getting pushed more than Enzo. I'm not being a hater but wwe why make Kalisto win, couldn't you just make Enzo defend the title
Matija Petrović
Why did they played his old theme?
Ni Ello
This is the most views a cruiser weight match has gotten so far
Cole Alspach
Why less cruiserweights people need to lose some weight yeesh🎯🎯🎯🎯
Cole Alspach
WHY ENZO :((((((((
Zero Minotaurxx
Enzo is so strong
Enzo is gonna kick
Kylee Shareef
0.05 poop on Enzo’s pants 👖🙈🙈🙈🙈
ya. boy 360
Me. Kalisto put your pants on😐

Kalisto. Noooooo
Condog 09
I sore bretto live sine
Diego Esteban Badilla
The new Kalisto's theme song was better, IS better
ThatOneGuy 2
So I'm assuming Enzo is just gonna hold the ttle every once in a while to transfer it to someone else from him??
Nathaniel Barragan
who's friends with Enzo and kalisto
i literally only watched this match again to listen to corey

Dear god that was great
Quijuan Wright
Steven Walker
kalisto 4 titlw win nxt tag team with sin cara 2 time u.s champion and cruiserweight champion
Plz start wearing pants
Wr3d forever
Congratulations kalisto
Suman Pandey
Kalisto is best cruserwheigt
Mick Cropon
thank to mustafa ali for helping kalisto
Josue Martinez
Neville 8(
WHB Highlights
Death Note
Enzo Amore

ThePlayerGamer :D
Kalisto did not have that song I had another
Wait ist that his old theme song
Matthias Köhler
OOOUUUCH! How the hell did Kalisto NOT break his tailbone after THAT Salida del Sol??
So that darker Kalisto with those black eyes didn't last very long...
The King of Fun
#salida design sol
Alveen Villarin
satish rai
All credit goes to enzo for making 205 live interesting..#howyoudoing
Parvin Begum
RIP enzo amore
Sigit Wirawan
Of course..he even beat Brawn Strowman once ;)
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