MrGear 1000 Degree Knife EXPOSED! Gamer S3X Toy Caught on Stream, YouTuber Doxing Haters?

mrgearEXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree knifeglowing 1000 degree knife1000 degree knifemrgear 1000 degree knifescarcemia rosemrbossftwmeteos

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When Scarce said "What the fuck did she just say?" Lmao the laughing started to hurt I couldn't stop playing it back
NickPlayz ROBLOX
Buff7 Gamer
I'm white

Sean Smithy
Oh no, he's turning into Tana Mongoose with the nigger-word thing.
Conservative KID
When I saw the doxxing part in the title I immediately thought of Kristie Winters lol
Will Middleton
Oh my god two people have similar content that's never happened before. OH WAIT
Will Middleton
When your channel is so shit you have to makes big deal about some one saying nigger WHEN THE GIRL GOT SEXUALLY ASSAULTED god fucking idiot
Guess what?

why hate on hot knife videos? they r like the hydraulic press stuff its pretty fun
[not talking about mr gear copyright]
anyone ever see Louis CK's standup where he talks about the use of "the N word" and Nigger? its pretty good and i agree
magic gamers BR
_ iDracula _
How many times are you gonna say"that's messed up why did she say nigger?"
what does dox mean??
Jesus F Delaluz
scarce you suck ass you say that wroetoshaw pack openings are fake on fifa 17 this is fake its photo shopped you just want to get views
The n words is just another cuss word it not THAT big of a deal
who cares if someone touched your ass don't call him a nigger you hoe
mr boss is a faggot who retarded and who cares she said nigger ur a nigger bitch who cares for fuck sakes its a word nigger
JR Games
who fucking cares its a word
mr robo guy
that fucking rasist yo someone call MLK on this bitch
Jose Tellez
on the last story, all I have to say is " How do you know that MrGear stole the other guys work? It might be the other way around. You people need to look at different perspectives before making accusations about them.
Im thinking, Arby's
waly ahmadi
youre such an idiot for saying that she may be racist for saying nigger lol
only way nigger is still counted as an insult is because people like you still make it seem like it
Dex Mate
Was that lady with the black hair who said nigger tana?
Laudium Enoch
Touching someones shoulder is NOT sexual harassment! Geez millennials!
MrBossFTW better watch his back, Scarce has got his eye on him 🙄
Scarce wtf you are so stupid
alux deluxe
when people are drunk they only do things they already wanted to.....
Savage Cloud
sassy scarce what the fuckk did she just sayy
My god he's thicc...
can I get 100 likes and donate them?
Half Man
nice news today
Holly Gebara
everyone go follow that fire youtuber
peaceful lurker
they both could've stolen the 1000 degree knife fro someone else, you never know
2:40 He looked Mexican...
And people still hating on Trump.
Oh no! THE NIGGERRRRRRRRR word I'm so bad.
LOL Literally get sexually assaulted then says nigger Scarce TRIGGGEREEEEDDDD
{RHS} Shadow
there was a water bottle there tho on the desk lol
Logan Stensland
what's up guys its scarce here apparently this youtuber named xxblazer with 2 subscribers VERY BIG youtuber murdered someone is that true.... no . did you here that guys he's innocent
Erron Black
Okay I think being assaulted is worse than being called a nigger
Fine bros also stated that the challenge originated from the channel "Fire sweet fire"
I was subbed to fire sweet fire for one year and his video titles aren't the same. And did he copywrite the idea and everyone is making these vids so how is he stealing his idea
Modeabel still buys iPods
Scarce is Tana lol
scarce has to chill about the n word Jesus christ if u say it once its in a video for fucks sake shut the fuck up about the n word
ian joshua
ross is a filthy clickbaiting liar the worst part is he tries to not make his videos look like click bait and streched look almost all his vids are 10 mins or longer so he can put more ads and filling our heads with bs and fake news hes almost as bad as exillity
Tyler Romano
scarce stop reporting fake news
C9 Member :D
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