MrGear 1000 Degree Knife EXPOSED! Gamer S3X Toy Caught on Stream, YouTuber Doxing Haters?

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LunarXP Gaming
YouTube apparently made me unsubscribe to you and a few others and made me sub some smaller channels I've never watched what the hell and how come I have 2 fucking channels in my recommended and no one else
Raul Ramirez
She is racist how tf she gonna just assume a Hispanic is a Mexican like wtf?
Controls Fox
It's 2017 saying the "N" word isn't that surprising chill scarce
ItzYaBoy Optic
99% of the comments about niggers😂
RobertRobert Ramos Ramos
he didn't steal the idea fire sweet fire stole his titles
She's probably not racist but you have to understand the intent and the way she said it is not right at all
Vendex united
stolen ideas don't mean shit
Ijustwonamassdebate !
Nigga, big fucking deal kys scarce
Tyron Isaacs2
I supported Mr. boss for the one
Poor dildo kid though. If he had just played it off as an intentional joke then all would have been fine. If he had just played it off as him actually liking dildo and being all casual, all would have been fine. The in-between, what? Nothing is behind me? Bullshit, just sad.
Thor Bjørn (HDJyderne)
Jesus Stop crying about the "N" Word wtf?!?! Niggah Niggah Niggah!!!!!
7:32 Bullshit. Thats like saying every gaming video is copying pewdiepie. Thats like saying every music video is copying (Insert popular music artist here)! The point is, is that it's an idea. Anyone can have any amount of ideas. It just so happens these two people had the same idea. Maybe he did see fire sweet fire's videos and thought... Thats pretty cool! I wanna do that! And then went off and made it. But even if he did. You don't have any fucking proof. So don't go making an "Exposed" video. Without any damn fucking proof.
Joel #FreeX
"what the fuck did she just say, dude? What the fuck did she literally just say bro? Did she say the fucking n word bro? What the fuck bro." You're so fucking white scarce
Topkek kek
Fuck niggers dude
Shadow of Madness S
Ian white but Niger doesn't have to be black it could be wiger a white acting like a Niger it's not a skin colour it's how u act (:!!!!
Nate Sneaker reviews
So saying nigger is worse than being sexually assaulted idiot liberals
Racism is a crime, and only black people commit crimes.
Elijah Auguste
Just a heads up to those who are white and struggle with the N word . . Dont? Its just a word like any others my personal feelings with it is that it doesnt mean anything i have white friends who say that to everyone around them but it doesnt offend or trigger me at all because saying it doesnt mean anything calling someone the ER variant of the name would be offensive
Scarce is a nigger
Doesn't surprise me that MrBossFTW tried to dox someone, he already clickbaits to the max... that's one step over the scumbag line..
Hippohello Inc.
"I might have to freaking like go down on yo- knock you out"
DMX “D4D187” Lasxhxdivids
Racial slurs are offensive. Get over it. If you disagree you're an idiot and should feel bad.
It'd be nice if you could add time stamps
I love how obsessed people are with saying "Nigger" or "Nigga". It's like they get a hard on when they say it.
what pisses me off is that I was recommend for Mr geer video
Patrick Star
Welcome to 2017 where saying n-word is more serious than rape!
SWEGTA says the n word
Why are the comments so full of racist toxic edge lords ? Fucking kys
"fucking niggers" 😂
Andrew Griffith
I think if you're sexually assaulted, you have the right to use the worst word possible to hurt that person which in that case was in her mind nigger. If my sister was sexually assaulted by a black guy or a Mexican I'd say, "that fucking nigger!" Or "goddamn fucking spick". Not out of racism but because you're pissed and want to hurt that person as much as they hurt you
Gratzie Games
First, why do you act like a little kid when you say, "She said the N word!" Also, honestly how do we know MrGear stole content, eh?
TyT FAN 22
wow i loved MrGears videos but thats fucked up the way he stole fire sweet fire's idea
Scarce Fuck You
Alvin Almqvist beso
Mrbossftw is so retarded
Alec Tan
So yeah 1,000 degree knife thing like wtf who cares ik it's messed up but still man totally original cutting stuff with a burning knife like seriously
Rebirth Xenon
I wish we didn't have to look at his face and would put back up the gameplays
the N word also means lazy and selfish. It never started out as a racial slur. Get smarter people.
Super man
The N word back in the 1700s was a was a way to describe an person who is Dirty, stealing, betraying person
Super man
scarce gaming?
Pez Jamaa
Ok, 'nigga's' is honestly not news worthy. It's a word. In this time Nigga literally just means some joke. Yes, a long time ago it meant some racist slur but now it's just some useless word.
Jayden “Scr3aming3agle” Warran
hold care more about a word...than her being sexually assaulted.

Scarce is fake news
hey whats up guys its cares here
It's hard to say Mr. Gear has "stolen" anyone's content. I'm not a supporter of him or anything but people make videos on the same stuff all the time. It's kind of suspicious but not everyone can be original, just like how there are a ton of "news" channels on youtube.
Davy Jackson
Someone count how many times he says fuck or fucking or fucked he overuses the word to the max
Chase Bogle
You have no idea what you are talking about you should research more on the mrgear channel before you open your stupid mouth.
thicc thomas
"she says the n-word"
scarce acts like she killed someone or something
AnthonyPLAYZ z
"Niger" mean ignorant
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