What the heck is it with all those orbs taking off from the room at 3:30 ??
Dave Fairhurst
Couldn`t help but smile when that guy nearly bought it by a clock @ 8.37
Dean Jones
Earth quakes is all fake
mike brown
I wonder where in Japan this fist footage was taken from.
Johnnie Walker
Oh no Godzilla attacks again heading for Tokyo.
Dave H
Hiding under a table I think not just get out !
3:10 chair moving....feels like a paranomal activity... LOL πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
Anthony Mullen
At 2:04... I took some crazy dude was dancing in the right-hand corner ..turns out it was just a shirt blowing.
Martha Salazar
Oh I love watching this shit!
Is amazing how we cannot stand on soil ground or what we call world β€œfoundation” β€˜Earth β€˜ when it is shooken, it is when we realized our FOUNDATION is Jesus! Nuestro Salvador SEΓ‘OR JESUS! πŸ™πŸΌ
Lucksta Tamati
2:06 i thought that was a guy dancing
Oh yes I remember the Haiti earthquake back in AD 201.
Rebecca M
wau over 1 minute earthquake
Rebecca M
wau over 1 minute earthquake
saffron blu
Matt Hewitt
Seems like we should ban book shelves
That poor unfortunate dog! 2:03 I hope he is okay after those bricks fell on him.
That time, when I was with the blonde from the bar...I imagine this is what it felt like for everyone else.
Axel Mennucci
wish I could go help them .
Mark Manning
Everyone should have an Accountabilibuddy in earthquake zones.
Charlotte Taylor
Why do non of these people know what to do??? Drop and cover from things falling and moved away from glass or buildings (if outside) I have lived through 3 earthquakes to be fair but it's more common sense? These poor people getting squashed by buildings and barely being able to stand while trying to run around??
Stephen Stefanou
Yeah cover your heads with your hands. That will save you!
New Horizons
The beginning made me think of Stephen Kings "The Langoliers"
fernando campos
Earthquakes are beautiful
Justin2015 Justin2015
Earthquakes are NOT "Amazing". The reason im tying this, is THE TITLE SAYS ITS "AMAZING" K? So everybody eat a snickers and CALM DOWN.
@ 2:10 I thought the white shirt on the cloths line was a black guy dancing! Really!
Larry Lumlum
so scary😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Fatih Kan
There is no exciting action in those. Pfff boring stuff.
Pete S.
Aren't you supposed to stop, drop, and roll?
Ricky Spanish
The camera is shaking so much everything else seems still.
Rian Eka Pratama
japan, haiti, and nepal quake :v
The videos of earthquakes
Maxim Levchenko
people its a litle bags.
atheist lebanon
Mandeep singh sangha
Who else waited for train that never came???
Gixellia S.
Reminds me of my own traumatic quake experience during the Landers/Big Bear Quake, CA, 1992. Recurring aftershocks are horrible. Also found out that humans can become traumatized without being able to control their emotions, commonly known as shock. I've been in Japan multiple times and love this country and its people. My thoughts and prayers are always with you courageous people.
David Ali
Mother nature needs a divorce haha.
Jo Hig
I wonder what Neanderthals thought about the ground suddenly shaking during a 7.0 earthquake.
@ 2:04 at least nobody was sitting on that little sidewalk area or else they would be crushed
5:15 the roof looks sturdy, but the real threat are humans in confined spaces who panic and group together
Morris Falker
Earth doesn't like Asia very much.
Willie Dynamite
Someone please tell Magneto to cut it out!
thats probably the fastest a airport worker moved ever!! :P
Mia Maisarah
imagine at the end of the day
Seth Williams
Annie M
it is interesting how the distance ftom the epicenter affects the way it feels. near the epicenter, it feels like your teeth are gonna rattled oit of your head. it really shakes and jars you. further away however, it is rollong. kinda like trying to stand on a waterbed
Annie M
i wish we knew the intensity of the quakes
at 2:07 to 2:19 i thought there was a dude in a white shirt dancing to the quake.
geoff nason
come on people in the airport get UNDER a table just kneeling does not protect you
geoff nason
At 2:08 there is a white shirt hanging n a clothes line and at first i thought some guy was sitting there dancing during the earth quake bwahahaha i was thinking what in the world is he dancing for getting jiggy with it, but earthquakes are not funny but this here was very funny
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