Amazing Earthquake Footage (Prt 4)

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Amazing earthquake footage from around the world

Davld Bigar
The worst part about a earthquake is when you are in it you don't know if it is a earthquake or if it's the end of the world, you just know that the earth is moving and you are helpless. Watching concrete flow like water across your floor is unreal.
lee uzll
in nepal we feel ta real eartgquake of 7.8 m
rock PASsION
I still can feel every vibration we nepalese suffered
RIA Gossip Link
when mother nature turns out to be an arab
I wouldn't like to be a librarian in an earthquake zone
John Smith
i wouldnt know where to run. my idiot level would increase with my panic level, i'd probably run into a wall
Queen Azura
We get frequent earthquakes here but they usually last 30 secs. That first footage was a strong one and lasted more than a minute!
Inam Samar Khan Jani
it is the power of Allah! please my Allah forgive us!
Saed Magaag
2:07 I thought the hanging shirt was dude dancing 😂
Nothing "amazing" about it. Just the ground shaking like it does tons of times all over the earth each year. A lot of your videos are titled "Amazing" or "Spectacular" or "Incredible" or "Dramatic". Click bait. These are actually every day events. Just
Rapala Firetiger
8:30..poor old man on purple ...hit 3 times by ppl runing...on kness praying?????
Adan Martinez
really? he couldn't type "part" just one letter away 😂😂😂😂
Nijal Bajracharya
how long it was?
Leonel Escudero
josephine gumacal
Amazing?put appropriate term in your video title. What is amazing in a disaster? its scary, horrible.
Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment
The two safest things to do in an earthquake totally contradict each other. Either take cover under something, or get out in the open where nothing is above you.
Paul Bartlett
thats nottin, you should be around on rice n beans night
Was the structure at 5:12 earthquake proof?
How long did this quake shake officially?
John Rey Agravio
the best paranormal videos i've seen in my whole life!
Tita MCcokies
In 1960, chile, more specifically in valdivia there was a 9.5 degree earthquake ...
Sukhbir Kaur
i go through this every day when i do morning poo.
Sukhbir Kaur
i go through this every day when i do morning poo.
Muj Tahid
migy abangan
hey yoti its not amazing
8:37 its time to stop!
Six Siege
The camera survives pretty tough situations
Six Siege
No sound?-_-
All Hail
why are they all grouping together?
Brandon boyd
Live Jesus In Our Hearts!
Gabrielle Rodriguez
its annoying that japan is the only state that gets really bad earthquakes. it destroys japan and peoples home and job and school
roy planter
lets build a nuclear plant here
roy planter
the duration of this quake is awful long to be real
Guri Singh
Where's the train?
Simon Higginson
it's so. boring
8:22 That man with a pink shirt became a victim... of panic of others.
Rahul Phillip
The title is deceptive!!
Dywayne Stephens
Love the way the young lady pushed the older lady under the table to make sure she was ok! Kindness and compassion almost doesnt exist anymore.
Nico Cione
You're wrong! My state had an earthquake! And it was bigger than the one in Japan! Shockwave-wise!
محمد سرفراز احمد
اللہ اکبر۔۔۔
Yamaha SR650
How come all the Dink countries get the best earthquakes? Population control or what?
Yamaha SR650
Why doesn't anybody try riding a bicycle or skateboard during an earthquake? That would be cool! 4/3/17
Dramatic Dog
I like the few people in the japanese airport at 4:10 who don't quite understand the concept of protecting your head and got down next to the tables and not under them.

And also how in the earthquake at 6:48 people are acting exactly like a herd or a flock of birds. The earthquake starts, they all get close to each other before running away from the buildings in groups. Funny how these things bring out the most primal instincts.
Aun Hassan
astaghfirullah rabbi
Sven S.
Good to know that nature finally is the boss.
Shahebaz Xman
Gen r
what's freaking amazing about it?
Guys... have you noticed how wicked and sinister the world is becoming as of late?

Take a moment and consider the state of our world:

-The global economy is out of control.
-The Middle East is at the tipping point.
-The world hates Israel.
-There is a growing demand for a one world economic, political, and religious system.
-There are wars and rumors of war (especially in regards to World War 3).
-Racism is some of the worst it's ever been.
-Hatred and madness is spilling over into riots in the streets.
-Perversion is running rampant.
-The weather is out of control.
-We're mutilating unborn children and mistakenly believing we have a "right" to do so.
-Education is in the toilet.
-Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are happening in more and more diverse places at a highly alarming rate.

... You getting the picture? Something is deeply wrong with our world.

None of what you see going on in the world is normal or good. In fact, much of what you see happening around the globe coincides with Bible Prophecy. The Bible says many of these things would occur before Christ returns. You can investigate it for yourself. The Bible says in the last days there will be: wars and rumors of war; a one world economic/governmental/religious system; Kingdoms against kingdoms and the seas and people raging; Violence and perversion on a grand scale; Earthquakes in diverse places, etc.

... Sounds exactly like our world today, doesn't it? If that weren't enough to chew on, consider this: The Books of John and Acts combined total up to over 120+ historically verified facts. When you consider that, it gets a little difficult to write the Bible off as fairy tales when history and archaeology are on its side...

Are you paying attention yet? God is screaming at us! He warned us thousands of years in advance that all of what you are seeing would happen- and it is! It's all coming together to the letter! In fact, if you doubt the validity of Bible Prophecy, I encourage you to consider this: the Bible warns that in the last days that Damascus will become "a ruinous heap." It will become a no man's land inhabited by no one. Use that as a litmus test of sorts. Keep an eye on Damascus. If it never falls then feel free to throw out the Bible. But when Damascus does fall in the not too distant future... You'll see God is no liar. God also declares that the only way to heaven is to accept Jesus as your Savior. Good deeds won't get you there nor do good deeds erase a bad deed. If you murder somebody, that person is still dead even if you do nothing but good deeds after murdering them. You need a Savior who will forgive you of that murder because you can't save yourself.

Yet, many people will still discount God and His goodness even when shown evidence that the Bible is valid and coming true. A lot of people have difficulty believing in God because of all the evils in the world. However, this discounting of the only Person who can save you may be less of an inborn frustration or complaint and more of a hidden longing, placed there by the very One who planted His own image into the body and soul of every person He created. Where does this deep-seated intuition that suffering and pain are not right come from if we're just amalgamations of atoms, as the atheists say…?

What if, perhaps, this intuition points to something deeper? Something built into ourselves that reflects our true nature and identity? What if this revulsion against suffering and pain is a reminder of paradise, on one hand, and an anticipation of New Jerusalem on the other?

Perhaps it's the cry of the human spirit for God. For our Creator. The only One who can, and will, fix this mess.

As I've said, time is short. Bible Prophecy is happening at a frightening pace. You could argue, "You're just being paranoid like all the other fundamentalists. Haven't we always had these types of problems?" Sure... But never at this magnitude or frequency! Check the news for yourselves. The amount of earthquakes, bloodshed, madness and horrific weather events are off the charts! Don't be deceived into thinking it's not as bad as it seems out there. The devil wants you to stay anemic and apathetic. Don't let that jerk deceive you. Or win your soul. Satan wants nothing more than for you to roll your eyes, scoff under your breath and put this whole "God" business under the rug. He wants you to continue believing that Hell and God and the afterlife is nonsense. That the Bible is all fairy tale nonsense of Jesus riding dinosaurs; that it's stuff only the weak-minded, brainwashed people believe. He'll gladly coax your pride, making you believe you're far too "reasoned" to believe in such things. However, Satan believes the Bible. Every jot and word of it. He doesn't see it as fairy-tale nonsense since it details his coming destruction. He just doesn't want YOU to believe it so he can drag your soul down with him when it's time for him to go!

Don't let him drag you down into the grave with him. Don't be played! Hell is a very real place-- a place of eternal separation, loneliness, and despair. No friends, no family... just you. A-L-O-N-E. In the dark. Miserable for all eternity. If hell wasn't real, what on earth was Jesus willing to die for to protect us from...? Bill Nye thinks hell won't be so bad; he claims he's willing to hold onto his darwinian beliefs even if it means he's hellbound for it. I hope you won't share in that kind of disillusioned thinking...

Before you're sent to hell, you'll appear at the Great White Throne Judgment. Whether you believe in hell or not makes no difference--that giant throne you want to avoid seeing at all costs will be your destiny if Christ isn't your Savior. At the Great White Throne Judgment the books are thrown wide open and the past is recalled. Details and sins long forgotten or covered up are brought to light. Plenty of people will have a list of good deeds: acts of charity, love, and sacrifice. All their good deeds will be carefully considered... but none of them will be good enough to gain them admittance into heaven. The good deeds they did will have an impact on where they end up in the lake of fire, however. Hell will not be the same for everyone, but it will still be eternal misery... misery you could have easily avoided.

Sinners will wish they had done just a little less evil so their punishment could be a little more tolerable. Pornographers will wish they hadn't made so many videos. Control freaks will wish they hadn't been so angry and abusive. The internet troll will wish he hadn't cursed and slung so many demeaning insults toward a stranger online. And the abortionist will wish they hadn't killed any pre-born infants. All sins will be exposed. There's no way out... unless...

Unless you accept Christ as your Savior. Confess that you're a sinner, repent of your sins and accept His free gift of salvation and grace. It's all yours... free for the taking! Jesus is the only way to get out of what's coming soon upon this world. I know you've probably heard "Jesus loves you" a million times in your life, and it probably sounds like an empty mantra by now... but it really is the truth! Do you know why you exist? Have you ever stopped and pondered about that...? Nothing in this life comes to be without God's approval first. That means that God thought you were so worth the effort that He created you!

Or maybe you're wondering, "How do I know that only Jesus can save me? What about Islam? Or what about Hinduism or Buddhism? How do I know that the Bible isn't a book of fiction and myths? In fact, what about all the starving kids in Africa? If God is so "just and loving," explain that one!" These are incredibly valid questions that deserve real answers. In fact, how can you even know God is real to begin with?

If you have deep questions related to God, or if you're just remotely curious about Him... I encourage you to search out these authors. I'll even list some of their books that address just about any issue or question you could have about God:

Frank Turek- "Stealing From God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case"

Andreas Kostenberger- "Truth Matters"

Louis Markos- "Apologetics for the 21st Century"

Norman L. Geisler- "When Skeptics Ask," "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist"

C.S. Lewis- "Mere Christianity"

Lee Strobel- "The Case For Christ," "The Case For A Creator," "The Case For Grace"

Ravi Zacharias- "The End of Reason," "Jesus Among Other Gods," "Can Man Live Without God?" "Why Suffering?"

Philip Yancey- "Reaching For The Invisible God," "Disappointment With God"

Also, the "One Minute Apologist" right here on YouTube offers quick videos that tackle tough questions about God.


Why am I telling you all this? Especially when this has absolutely nothing to do with the video you're watching? Simple: to warn you. To offer you a life line. Deep down, if you have discernment and common sense, you can tell something is dreadfully wrong with this world and something in your heart is telling you to get right with God before it's too late. Don't ignore that voice! Listen to it, no matter how small it is. I'm just a beggar telling other beggars where they can go to find the Bread of Life.

Don't let anything stop you from finding God. To quote Erwin Lutzer: "Standing at the Great White Throne Judgment will be hordes from every country of the world, from every religion in the world, with the best intentions in the world. They will learn too late that God is serious about justice, and if Christ does not bear their punishment, they must bear their own."

Don't lose your life! Let Christ save you while there's still time.
Laila Love
there is nothing amazing about earthquakes.
Paddy Jack
Can't really see much with the camera shaking!
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