Amazing Earthquake Footage (Prt 4)

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Amazing earthquake footage from around the world

Mother nature's way of saying, "Get off my back".
Jefferson Moreira
Youtube videos are so shaky.
Zlatan Pavlovic
it looks just very windy
It must be absolutely terrifying.
Jaheed kk
about the subtitle how can earthquake become amazing may be we can say dangerous or deadly but how its amazing ?
Mad Redskin
Am I the only one that saw the little kid get kidnapped in the last video?
Rezanator 101
I just wish more people got squash by the buildings.
At 8:27 that arsehole in the blue tshirt pushing people out of the way!
Damn, nature! You scary!
Max Mason
Nothing like an earthquake to ruin your day : ((
Mirza Aftab
First quake I ever experienced was a 7.8... in the middle of the damn night... THAT was a long and scary 6 minutes, in the fucking pitch black.
alrda ghaya
who asks about what's going on in the world (changing wither-earthquakes at sea and land-thunder-storms-and every thing that called“Natural disasters”
but it's not nature it's a warning from GOD to us
we have to think and search and feel what's wrong and what get into us and what is about to happend if we stay on the same way we are
we have to know that every thing is under the command of GOD ,nothing can do anything without permision not earth,sky,volcenos,Oceans,nor seas
all of the desaster are warning of some thing big abroaching
The Awaited Mahdi announces the continuation of the skirmishes, and increase of earthquakes at sea and land because of approaching planet of fire Saqar
in fact continuation of Allah’s wrath, the One , the Supreme over the humans who turn away from following the grand Quran and resorting for judgement to it in what you differed therein, so who would shelter you from Allah’s chastisement if you are truthful? In fact, even though who claim that they are Muslims they follow the atheists by their word: “Natural disasters”, like the word of the atheists, Allah’s curse be on them, how they are turned away. And I announce to them the news of continuing chastisement because of approaching planet of chastisement Saqar until Allah takes the guilty-criminals from a near place, is there who would respond to Allah’s caller, and a who would take a lesson from the chastisement of the skirmishes due to approach (for) the passage of planet Saqar in the earth’s sky of the humans? It will shine on them from south of the earth, we repeat and say: It shines on the humans from south of the earth, then we repeat and say: It shines on the humans from south of the earth, and not from the east nor from the west, to the fact it does not rotate over the earth from the east nor from the west; in fact it rotates over the earth from the north to the south and it rises over the humans from the south, and Allah’s curse upon the Awaited Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni if he is an insolent liar, and just relieved of duty he who warned, and you would never find for yourselves a loyal-friend nor helper from Allah the One, the Supreme, and the belief alone would never benefit when you see the chastisement; in fact it is necessary that you turn to your Lord and beseech to Him with the supplication call (to Him) to remove from you the chastisement with the prayer-call and the beseech to Allah to remove from you the chastisement.

And know that the planet of fire Saqar passes over the humans will decrease the earth from the humans, so it would annihilate fifty percent of the worlds and chastises the rest; except those on whom my Lord has mercy! So keep your duty to Allah and obey me, and go back to your Lord because of continuation of the minor chastisement in various regions before before the planet of chastisement gets near then takes you from a near place from the earth’s sky of of the humans, so take a lesson from the chastisement from under your feet with earthquakes inland and sea, beware of the swollen sea and the raised ceiling for your homes by falling over your heads, and that is not but from the chastisement of the skirmishes, and Allah would chastisement to you.

Verily, keep your duty to Allah O community of Muslims among the worlds, and take a lesson from chastisement of the skirmishes before it seizes you with the disbelievers from a near place, and remember the word of Allah the Most High:

{Say: The Truth has come, and falsehood neither originates, nor reproduces.(49) Say: If I err, I err only to my own loss; and if I go aright, it is because of what my Lord reveals to me. Surely He is Hearing, Nigh.(50) And if you could see when they become terrified, but (then) there will be no escape and they will be seized from a near place;(51) And they will say: We believe in it. And how can they attain (to faith) from a distant place?(52) And they indeed disbelieved in it before, and they utter conjectures with regard to the unseen from a distant place.(53) And a barrier is placed between them and that which they desire, as was done with their partisans before. Surely they are in a disquieting doubt.
(54)}Truthful Allah the Great [Sabaã´] 34:49-54

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Ghost Dog
@ 2:07 it looks like a man is dancing in an earthquake!
amy pat
"amazing" is the word with positive connotation. it should be used as
aniruddha IN
Johanna ARB
virender sandhu
fake vido
Keith Brindley
5.46 don't panic, women and children first
Keith Brindley
3.45 heavy smoker......dirty habit
Jai Nepal
You say earthquake is amazing??
Aman Kapur
God bless everyone
Manikanta Naidu
Nothing is moving except you
jason mckenna
see how they run, like pigs from a way to clear a building.
Earthquakes might look even better if captured with a drone!!! If the camera is also shaking, the perspective is lost.
Neil Jamieson
it's called Nepal not Napal
Zika -chan
1:30 Damn, they had cameras in 201?!
Keith Procter
Practically unwatchable. Hold the camera still people!! (jk)
Cgul Bird 805
sudarshan S
Jason Richards
I would be scared I think I pooped a little
Asad Ali
An earthquake is sign of Allah's anger. at this time one must repent and ask for forgiveness. may Allah forgive our sins and guide us the right path. ameen
It’s time to repent and turn to Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. Luke 21:11
Michael Fitzgerald
Quakes are no fun I grew up in L.A. Northridge is by far tge wirst one I have been through
08:25 This poor guy who ends up on the ground next to a motorcycle at about the 11o'clock (wearing a pale, pinkish long sleeve tucked in at the waist of grey slacks) not only gets knocked to the ground by someone fleeing, but then tries in vain to get on his feet continues to be knocked about and nearly trampled by numerous people running toward a clearing. Finally, when the opportunity to get up seems fair, comes one last individual running by, and seemingly pushes the man back down, as though leveraging himself and launching off from the old man's shoulder.
Cram Amburger
gee I hope everyones ok

lol jk I don't give a shit
That moment when Nature backhands you and shows you just how small, unimportant and weak you are.
Mars Enyaface
It's interesting how people naturally bunch together during a catastrophe
Moh'd Khamis Songoro
safety tip, stay near camera during earthquake.
Moh'd Khamis Songoro
2:12 The dancing man knows everything about tectonics.
Suddenly a clock.....
i am sure, it will be seen so real when we recorded it with drone.....
ZS ZinySasun
its only amazing until your actually in one, then your underwear will become amazing ^_^
This video sounds like it was filmed from a shopping cart with a gimped wheel, and we all know how annoying that sound is.
2.8 odb1 toz
Le Japon pays de posséder quel merde ce pays😈
swentika sharma
amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing konichiwa
When does the amazing footage start...?
Nigel Perren
It's all them Beans!!!!!
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