Amazing Earthquake Footage (Prt 4)

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Amazing earthquake footage from around the world

Larry Foust
So it's a windy day and he's shaking the camera...LOL
P Jay
i know it well
lalit thakur
Nature was playing wrestling for few seconds
Jane Smith
WOW. Violent.
Me when my mum doesn't let me buy something lol
Ahmed Ali
Great Video
Manzaree khadka
nepal black day for us 2015
mohd fimie
We are nothing..god created the universe can easy to destroy all in second..human are weak
Arun Bose
Humans think they are in control of everything, Nature reminds them they are nothing but it's little bitches..
000.000011101010 110110110101.0110
People in Japan just laugh at earthquakes. I guess that's all you can do.
Super "dry" trashcans.
Rachel Barrenger
Elvis seen at 10:24
...amazing? ...
Michael Rodriguez
yo mamma
Because squatting and hoping for the best is the way to survive. Stupid.
placid renegade
Should be called Earth Wobble
Jalees Ahmad
And nobody thought of actually keeping their distance from the electric cables that could snap anytime and whip out onto them
Lawrence Meche
Explain to me what part of this 10 mins video is "amazing" footage?
At 8:29 people are tossed side to side... Scary yet amazing...
At 6:50 is that a School building?
Smartthinker g
God is coming soon.
amelia Meinzer
I have been thru a 7.8, 7.1 and lower. Why am I watching this 😱😪 they are scary. You should drop,cover,hold. Be a turtle. In an earthquake the ground shakes it will make it hard for you to stand straight so drop,cover,hold. Once shaking has stopped then step outside. I have been thru enough and I still have issues.
2:05 i legit thought that was a guy in white shirt.
Minh Nhựt
Shann Christian
start at 8:25 people going in one place together, a big bunch of them, because they are all friends, if something bad happens, they want to die together, hahaha
Shann Christian
4:17 he protect the guest first, "coz customers is our priority" every Food and Beverage and service crew motto,
2:00 Shirt looks like someone dancing
Crystal Pepsi Pepsi Free
ugh poor doggie
Crystal Pepsi Pepsi Free
why run where are they going one runs one way and then another
Crystal Pepsi Pepsi Free
lord have mercy
Brandon Koff
I don't understand what is so amazing about it. It's an earthquake! We have then fairly regularly in California.
Vape Nation
k this dude sucks at recording its all shaking
King Savege
why did they call the video amazing earthquakes
I feel blessed to live in a part of America that isn't known for earth quakes .
This is what happen went Kong and Godzilla FART at the same time
Stop shaking the camera!
Decieved society
long earthquake wow
Herobrine joined the game.
5:30 am I the only one who was expecting a jumpscare?
Davld Bigar
The worst part about a earthquake is when you are in it you don't know if it is a earthquake or if it's the end of the world, you just know that the earth is moving and you are helpless. Watching concrete flow like water across your floor is unreal.
lee uzll
in nepal we feel ta real eartgquake of 7.8 m
rock PASsION
I still can feel every vibration we nepalese suffered
RIA Gossip Link
when mother nature turns out to be an arab
I wouldn't like to be a librarian in an earthquake zone
John Smith
i wouldnt know where to run. my idiot level would increase with my panic level, i'd probably run into a wall
Queen Azura
We get frequent earthquakes here but they usually last 30 secs. That first footage was a strong one and lasted more than a minute!
Inam Samar Khan Jani
it is the power of Allah! please my Allah forgive us!
Saed Magaag
2:07 I thought the hanging shirt was dude dancing 😂
Nothing "amazing" about it. Just the ground shaking like it does tons of times all over the earth each year. A lot of your videos are titled "Amazing" or "Spectacular" or "Incredible" or "Dramatic". Click bait. These are actually every day events. Just
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