The xx Performs 'I Dare You'

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The English indie pop band delivers a song from their album 'I See You.'

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The music to this song is VERY familiar to Ringo deathstar - kaleidoscope.
I love Romy! She is so cool!
Allison Qi
Oliver looks hot no matter what he wears lol
Allison Qi
met romy last week but didn't see oliver....they are so cute and very nice people <3
Marcela Marquez
damnn <3
Veronica Drake
they're amazing live !! saw them last week
Adan Acevedo
I like Stephen Colbert, now i love him because of this. Love The xx
Anamarija Matijas
They sound well, but she should stop jumping when doing her thing... relax, woman, we're impressed enough...
Golden Duck
Wow. An actual band this time.
Music is subjective. But this song is objectively piss poor. It's like a bad joke.
That was really beautiful. Did anyone else notice that it's kind of a theme evening? The woman here has the same haircut as Paula Poundstone.
Dave Griffin
PAY CLOSE ATTENTION: The only thing that is getting played is your attention and a cymbal! #notaband #musiceducation
kids music i feel asleep.
The xx performed on Colbert on one of the only nights I don't watch live?? I might cry.
is it just me or are they off tune on purpose?
obsessed with this song
Sorry to offend anyone but this song is boring as fuck. I'm not saying you need a shitty ear-catching melodies like in pop songs but come on, this is just terrible melodically and instrumentally.
zak Sarwari
how do you like thešŸŽ¶šŸŽ¼ Nazanin ? ;)
I couldn't get past Oliver being flat the whole time.
So this is what Meredith is up to after The Office? Should've stayed at Dunder Mifflin to be honest...
Sam Josiah
was waiting for the simpsons logo to appear on the background
Santiago Aguilera Cruz
They are pure magic. I mean, this song sounds calm, relaxed voices, heavenly instrumentation.....and it leaves me breathless.
Thomas A. Powell
Damn Romy, Oliver, and Jamie are fantastic. Think about it, if you can be cool in a Yankees jacket and hiked up track suit your very essence is cool
Chitter Cat
I like this song but Islands will forever be my favorite track.
Love every second of this performance, their Coachella set was out of this world.
Olivia Hamblin
Romy was amazing, usually she can be quite shy/awkward but it looked like she was really feeling it!
Justin Ramroop
omg i love The xx so much
Kneill Ryan
Yawn. I'd rather listen to Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark or Shelleyan Orphan.
Janis Snow
but pair second automobile generate financial solution fortune consumer clearly brush
If I had a choice between this and Wing, I'd choose this.


Probably not.

Nah, Wing's better.
Juan F. Rosati
I like the xx quite a bit but I don't find anything special about this song tbh
Camila Pindie
Why americans are so stupid? Stupid comments!
PS: The xx are amazing.
ruben luna
A move the bass a down
Adam Busby
nice track..
Monica Almaguer
Wow love it
Cesar Pedraza
I love them!
Matthew Jacobson
So good.
Chad Povey
How can people not tell they are not in key????????
Even this would sound good if you were high right now.
Nuri K
Omg, Oliver's adidas track pants!!!!!! I love the way he enjoys fashion!!!
chill vibe
Arthur Rat
Raymond Rios
Their album is great!
Cool tune :)
Nicklas Jƶrgner
But why is he holding up "Smell the Glove" by Spinal Tap in the beginning?
Rudy Rojas
General Hux high as fuck, playing shitty pop music and shit.
Alex D
I would like that when musical artists come to The Late Show, they have a little talk on stage with Stephen before... Dave Matthews did few days ago... but not the XX, neither Lars Ulrich nor Roger Waters.
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