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Cammy 101love
Grecia Vazquez
So I think this is not cool
e.c.a =Eat crap allday
Mack Wicker
that last guy had people pointing at him. too funny. poor guy
Clare Mfantse
the diarrhea bowl; damn!
Kiera Ward
Jacob Jones
Holy shit. What a shitty situation to be in
tyler bonser
fucking clip baters!
Damian Castillo
I was waiting for the cheerleader one. fuck this video it lied
Brendan Page
0:59 someone says "no"
Steve Jones
This video is shit!
Steve Autagavaia
huh shit happens lol
Puppylovekoa I Loveunicorns
I'm so grossed out
How many people are here because of the kish fight?
quit posting shit content
hah yeah, ive never pooped, been holding it for yrs now...
Priscilla Mendoza
dat dhit
I would subscribe but idk u can't be trusting everything tha media put out damn near everything in the news is lies
Roddy Dykes
I'm from Saskatoon! Half-decent job pronouncing Saskatchewan
think about how much crap we humans produce....
my is this top 10 a thing
Jody Zimberoff
Vanel Love
Bonjour, pouvez-vous vous abonner à ma chaîne YouTube Je viens de créer aujourd'hui sinon j'adore tes vidéos aussi
Bill Baker
That clip put me in the mood to fill my britches with bowel stew.
Liam McLean
George and Harold from Captain Underpants would LOVE this video
Way too much talking , who cares what you have to say
Peaches Boone
Did anyone else see the dog with the glasses at 4:58
Tony Herrera
wow what is s*** video
Not Real
aline2704 lol
Mariela Alexa Narag
5:00 Anyone else notice the doge?
Ball Is life
Oh why am I watching this?
high 69
shit happens
BlackscreenGaming Gaming
Scott Pollock
NASCAR drivers wear diapers... they are meant too
Cory Vanderbaan
Vomit incoming! anal soil inbound! GAGS GALORE!
anyone else watch this vid while eating?
Anthony Solomon
Way Project
Long bullshit talking. Shite.
Aydensunnyshine 45
Ok the last one got me.
Jordansavageking Garcia
Julianas Slimes
The last one I think was the worst
Epo and Epa FOREVA
Say sorry to John Cena he's the best now shut up
Barlinton Lokeijak
Brooklyn Cooper
this is funny
Andrew Townley
Ha, Sylvia got the shit beat out of him. :)
Drawing With Meows
2:14 that poor girl!
Venus Johnson
This video suck 😛
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