10 Athletes Who Pooped Their Pants During Competition

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Ashton Honner
The last one was vomit
youtube kid is not popular
Ew gotta go just go but in a wave bruh 😒
Did anybody see doge in the background
That doggeh in a the in the background of 5:04 hahahaha
Micki Gowdy
Mr.derpie_ Mr.derpie_
What that cool doggy doing there 5:01
L3gendaryGekkouga 1
4:57 that dog tho
Glitter glam
Did anyone else hear O No at 0:58
4:57 there is a dog wearing sunglasses and a tie
1:00 "oh no" uh oh
PopularMods 1
When I heard “From runners to wrestlers” I knew John Cena would be on here..
Devin Arroyos
4:58 dog with glasses
Lindsay Boak
Dear the richest you should do the hardest hits for football it would be awsome
cool brosss
Stewart Sanders
This video is.SHIT.
sorry that's a CRAP joke .
Ryan Paine
At the end that was the SHITTEST pun ever
Nate Gaming
5:02 why is there a doge?!?
PhoenixHex GD
5:00 the doge is is always watching even if this happens
Destiny Martin
That is so gross I mean that is because I it is so nasty I just want to look in the toilet and barf
Bill win
this vidio is to shity lol
margot dominguez
Sam Robinson
At 5:02 did anyone else notice the dog in the tie and sunglasses
I hate when I have wet clothes on...
Poppy Corser
Why am I watching this? Oh I remember because I'm weird!
Fweet Flower
Connor O'Neil
Why am I watching this???
Chris Hansen
period blood and poop combo is the winner.
Sakura Senpai
That could be dirt ok dirtttt
you do know that in the last one the guy had actually vomited and continued running rather than pooping his pants...
Carolyn York
I hate your videos your mean
toma dumitrascu
Jack Moff
I'll watch for videos marked with "R"so I know not to watch them.Every video has a clickbate pic.In real life I call that being full of shi×
Jayla Mullen
Jayla Mullen
Frank N Beans
Oh john cena? Why
Bryan Perez-Juarez
Who saw a dog in 4:58 with classes and a tie.lol.
Chance Wyatt
Oh no anyone but Tony Stewart!
The challenge Girl volg
Omg I feel so bad for these people! I would be so embarrassed and I would never leave my home!!
Who's watching this on the toilet cuss I am and I also have a very bad stomach ache
angel murphy
Oops I shited... again
jordan mabe
Taking one during this
MC Bob
Do we really need an introduction/debriefing for a video called "10 Athletes Who Pooped Their Pants During Competition"? Isn't the title pretty self explanatory? Thumbs down.
Lala Risager
john cena felt thankfull that he was not embarrassed, not until this stuped cunt said that he has shitted his pants, poor john cena
Don Alfonzo
when nature calls unexpectedly.....
Dj Enchanted
When it said tony stewerds pants went heavy maybe it was just me but every time i rewinded back to that it went NAWW?
Jay Kahu
this had nothing to do with the cover photo.
Yet ANOTHER clear-cut example of Youtube Contributors who become convinced that "THEY" are the real focus of entertainment; and the video is merely a vehicle to put them in front of a FUCKING MICROPHONE..!!
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