Athletes Who POOPED Their Pants During Competition

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top 10 people in sports who soiled themselves
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Hamim Saad
this vidieo is F**k 😡....
Baileygirl Smith
Why don't they just wear adult diapers rather then taking this risk? Disgusting!
Sexy Piglet
Just Poop.
Anna Bunny
YoungGunZz Huntski
Dog with tie & sunglasses at the end... Nothing odd going on here; just being dog xD
Julia Rangel
The last guy actually threw up on his pants/legs. That's why it looks kind of orange.
Sonofadigger 1
can u believe this shit?
Loch Phearom
shitty shit shit all over the place
Puffy Tutu
John cena pooped his pants!
VastMusicluvr Sing!
1:00 did anyone else hear "oh no"
Justice Cook
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Corey Higdon
On a list of favorite videos this is #2
My master is gonna beat the shit out of me if he finds out I'm watching this.
Wysteria Draws
Omg I'm related to someone in this video lollllll
death 680
Did anyone else see the doge at 5:24
Florence Majekodunmi
Yoruba gospel music
Harem Moalong
what!!!!! woooohh...
Does kirstie alley narrate?
Poo, not poop
Dave Krska
I saw doge next to makell ekvall
Didn't the last guy really puke over himself?
Fake News
this is too funny... thank you for posting this. much love
Mister Mouse
5:00 IS THAT AND FBI DOGE?!?!?!?!
Rogem Tabares
damn the last one haha
Tamara Brownell
Jiji Frog 2
driving in a chevy when his pants was gettin hevy
Lamiya Lamiya
Declan Craven
Michelle Wright
Rachel Russell
lol i loved number 1
Falguni Mukherjee
the pic in 5:02 is really gross
gaming with jayleen
aww man thats freakin gross usally one time i also pooped my pants (so embarrassing)
tori shinelly
Jackie Bohannon
the last one was nasty
cheyenne shoemaker
that must. of been so embarrassing. poop💩💩💩💩💩💩
Heather Veatch
I subscribed
Oliver Ooehring
i liked
James Richards
ewwwww Sikh
Shiny Knife
I bet tony Stewart hates this video
Magdalena Panek
Mary had a little lamp and his name was john cena
Super smile 7612
Pause at 4:59 and you will see a dog with sunglasses and a tie
Charlotte LeBlanc
Hey joe Gibbs is my uncle
Abigail Molitor
Gross 😖
asaas sas
Daniel Gomez
haha I didn't think about this til now but I'm watching this video while in the bathroom taking a shit!
Adrian Oldham
What's with the dog in sunglasses and tie @5:00?
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