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Cough Syrup Rigamarole
Christ this song sounds like 8 songs being played on top of each other
Cmte. Drougas
where this place is?
Adolf Shitler
Man I wish I was u
chris anon
One of the most awesome videos ever!
Bo glin
This place must be heaven like the t-shirt at the end
Work Panos
Just come to Greece
Matas 311
The pool is so clean and clear
Cristobal Tejeda Bonetti
I am from Dominican Republic
Alma Maria
Was born in that country!
CJs Bakedgoods
This was the first video of his I️ ever watched cuzz I️ remember I️ was watching traveling vids and one was about a secret pool and this was one of the videos in the like suggestion area below the videos like when you’re watching them where there’s a couple more videos and yeah I’m so glad that I️ did cuzz I️ love every inch of this channel it’s absolutely amazing
omar_ mmm
Does casey is a grandfather
why are you looking away from the camera? look at me, not the wall (joke joke)
Valerie Aufdenberg
Your awesome!! All of you! I love your video’s and of course, I subscribed. I love your travels and adventures keep em comin’!!✌️✌️✌️😁😁😁❤️😎😎😎
Valerie Aufdenberg
Go to Santorini or Mykonos dude!✌️✌️✌️😁😁😁😻😻😻
logan birkenseer
Let me get uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
spam josh
Ready player ooooooooonnnnneeeeeee
This is my second time watching Casey and he's a really great person and his videos are calming
"Let me get uh get uh get uh"
Ultra Magnus
Asking Casey to not use a camera is like asking somebody not to breathe.
Sivert Wågsås
I love how we Can See The efford you have put Into this thru The vlog
Regis Junior
ItsAllen Yt
Is that philippines?😲
Since when can water be that clear in a lagoon
Bad piggy 101
You got a new sub
Matheus Torres
Hey, which camera have you been using?
Amayri Tejada
My country!!!!
xihao wang
where is this place?
Nathan Nuk3
Swimming with sunglasses on the wirdest thing i have seen for along time
Rico •
Where is this? I love these vlogs so much iv been watching them for like a week now and im completely hooked😁
Nick pelé
go to Bonito Brazil
just love that you always reach out and make a point of interacting with your fans... part of the reason why you are so on the level of most normal people.
Chivosqui Is the 1
Im from santo domingo
I love punta Cana 💖
Ben Bowers
Why is the music so spooky?
I've been to punta Cana twice its so nice and cool
Mat Inc.
I have been there!!!
Soubhik Das
Please do a tutorial on shooting underwater.
Soubhik Das
Please meet Mumbiker Nikhil.
Ummm...I need that shirt. So dope. 😎
Jenzeflenz Congo
You really make me feel bad about myself.
DJ CandyZmonsteR
I think, in that lagoon is only one minus. You can’t pee in it
Abdul Munim Asphalt 8 and more
In one video u said that u can’t run again and ur were running
ava 124
Wow awesome pool wish I were there lol
Savage & Jokester
he even swims with his glasses on, jesus christ
Sean Lavin
Clorox Bleach
i went to punta cana
sonic skull 223
and I went on jet blue to
sonic skull 223
I was in punta Cana and I have a braclet to prove
Shrey Sachdeva
How many countries have you been to?
I actually loved yr trips love you attitude thanks
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