Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kendall Jenner

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James and Kendall Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions, like ranking the names of North, Saint and Dream, her nieces and nephew, or eating disgusting foods.

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Aldous Rodriguez
Wassup girls there is a helpful makeup giveaway at sites.google.com/site/54b53b95b7
Athena SwAgS
they should've put pepsi on there
Zahra Syed
Kendall didn't even hesitate when he asked the Taylor Swift question.
she picked up the bird saliva while he was still asking the question.
Tahira Hasan
His dad is so cute
Kendall didn't even answer the heated questions. What was the point lol
Puppie Tube
Bird saliva are known to be a delicacy, and are very expensive.
Luna E
arriba los culos xd
Aeira Heaven Salibad
In Philippines we eat fish eyes and it's not bad but the texture is kinda weird
Emily Flores
Food is fake !!
kendall was thinking "ugh i'm gonna need to wash down this shit with some Pepsi™"
4:23 Oh my COD! ba dum tsss
My names Jerome Or whatever.
She should have pulled out the Pepsi
** read my profile description please
If anyone got turned on by Cordon with a mouth full of sperm.. U kinky bastards.
Monali Mohandule
I clicked the video hoping they would ask her something about harry styles
Rizky Tukuboya
She had something worse in her mouth for sure..
omgg literally best show everr
omg im literally laughinh thisshow is funn
Kaitlin TDC
I wish they would do it with Gordon ramsey
Peter Lyu
hum, why are they acting like that? both are delicacies
: Dominic
Do this with Bear Grylls
Paolina Francheska Gaddi
Her answer is PROBABLY Gigi Hadid XD
lexie belle
She's quite lovely
Mystical Penguin
That looks gross. She should have had a Pepsi to wash it down
Mia Walker
Tbh I'd eat the grasshoppers, hot sauce
Kylie is such a bitch😂
Tristan Heng
The bird saliva isn't that bad it's actually considered as a delicacy
Magic Sarah 05
Ethan Townsend P
See, she seems that she is somewhat the most intelligent of the Kardashian/Jenner family
Do this with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart 😂
Lucas Quam
He put a D*CK in his mouth...
Anthony Sosa
They should redo this and put Pepsi as an option.
Neko-Oria Gaming
Kendall looks like she went to a strip club
Vivian Tang
Kendall got all the liquids and James got all the solids😂
Eihab Ibrahim
the Kyle Jenner paparazzi question tho 😂😂😂
Samantha Flores
Kylie exposed
Latifa AB
Wondering about the Kendall moment with the clam juice and her mom ? Its on 7:05 😅
JellyBeans 4ever
I'm literally about to throw up from the cod sperm..... i WILL have nightmares replaying the brainlike thing in James mouth....BLEH
Lea Futterschneider
As Kendall said "Shut Up" i died xdddd
Terence Gilna Sabile
James: "What did it taste like?"
Kendall: "I don't want to tell you."

I think I know why she wouldn't tell what it taste like!
Julia P
love James parents
Holly Cow
James's mom: choose your dad i don't want you eating cod sperm
Kendall's mom: DRINK THE CLAM JUICE!!!
I'd love to fill her guts
Angela Wang
If she answered the Taylor Swift one she would be soooo dead
Rounak Gupta
geez, I can't see the entire video in one go
Elsa Padrón Serrano
"You love your dad, that's fine"
Audrey Hill
go to 4:07 Kendall's reaction is priceless
Sahil Paul
Kimmel did this the best rest all suck.
Andrea Ng
Lol James Mother Was Like Dont Eat Sperm Just Pick Your Dad, Kendall's Mum, Drink The Clam Juice!!
Jeff Zaun
You know it's possible to eat those things. If you put out of your mind that it's cod sperm or bird saliva it's probably just salty juice or mush. Do you think Ms. Jenner's would have come off differently in the Pepsi fiasco if she'd showed she was game in this bit?
Sallie Sahara
Kendall always feels bad whenever James eats😂. She's always like "No!"
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