Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Kendall Jenner

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James and Kendall Jenner take turns asking each other very personal questions, like ranking the names of North, Saint and Dream, her nieces and nephew, or eating disgusting foods.

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NME productions
who the hell thought of this?
Penn Cale
Come on Kendall, don't act like that's the worst thing ever went to your mouth.
Panhanita Yem
James Cordon a real 1 for the mom and dad question tho
ଘangel_cake ニキ
I love Kendall but she didn't drink anything
juuzou Korosu
Where do you even get this stuff??!
Michaela Avellanosa
The bird saliva is a delicacy. It's a soup made from a bird's nest that is made out of their saliva.
TJM Matthews29
wow lol crazy funny video wow gross lol
Natalie Cao
How did they get the bird saliva tho? Did tey just hold a bird's mouth open and let it drool?
Zaid Khan
bitch said dream last
Eli Pendley
he has some major balls
Honestly they all look good. 😂
I'd fill her guts
dolan mendes
I hate how everyone finds a dumb reason to call her a "hoe" "bitch" "slut" "selfish". She's amazing so please stop hating on her for no reason
Liala Brasacchio
they laughing in the background Is all in sync
Thankfully the Mother or Father question wasn't given to Kendall.
Blake McWilliams
Kendall kind sounds and looks like Alisa violet
Sheren Britneys Alexander
do this with gordon ramsay
Arpan Goswami
really respect u james cordon
"North" is not necessarily a bad name. It's different, but not that odd. But "North West" is just stupid.
Karena Bermudez
I swear they hate their bro so much.
Emerly Chong
Actually, birds saliva is good for you though, that's what Asians say and I am and Asian but it is not that bad
Azhiyah Kendall
my last name is Kendall
Vanity White
does anyone know why Kylie didn't show up?
E v
I thought they would be pussy questions but they were actually really good
Well i like birds saliva and fish eye its nice
Ruby Megan
His laugh tho 😂😂
Wreckatron YT
He should have asked are u jealous of kylie
liz cheetah
all these things would or have been on the good mythical morning show
camdyn spilling
I love my dad
Devin Sumer
I'm really trying not to puke KSKSKSKSJSJ
Abigail Moul
When Kendall asked him who he wouldn't have back on the show I would've said Kendall because she is asking me these questions ik that's cheating but
Andra Popiti
how is it "fill your guts" when they just spit the whole thing out right after
Theodelous swank
Corden had a mouth full of jizz HAHAHHAH
Cellina Kwon
"I could never, and will never choose them" awwww
everyone is talking about how he didn't choose between his parents . But he chose not to fire anyone either 😍
Elena K.
is this really the food it says it is?
kate jones
my best friend loves fish 👀
Do this with Danielle Broglie
Karine L'écuyer
P Swizzy
Chef ramsey please
Galoushi *-*
it should've been pretty obvious that you shouldn't be eating while watching this but oh well, me .
Necati Şaşmaz
Do this with Margot Robbie
Zeynep Doğan
This game is so fun and Kendall is so natural. I've watced this one for 3 times and i can't stop laughing. Please just make another one 😂
Sangram Bhuyan
James Corden u ate those for ur parents...HATS OFF BRO U ROCK!
Marina Shammami
Kylie is a fucking lier
Ashley Nicole
i threw up watching him eat the sperm
birds saliva is really good for u LOL
Ebony Way
today on necrobestiality with James Cordon
Alexandrite Carter
I don't have a problem eating some of these.... these are delicacies in China. Bird spit, grasshoppers, fish eyes, cod sperm...almost all of the things on the table are Chinese delicacies.
Caitlyn Oliver
You notice how kendall and james have two completely different moms
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