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Aim small, miss small.
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•ibeatz games•
they should also use a sniper with 17 mm bullets
•ibeatz games•
they should use old guns like the mp 40 and the lueger
CheshireCG _
I hate the fact that these guys have talent because they are such GARBAGE people!
Thure Raaskou
Coby didn't get jägered
idox_CR -
Rainbow Six Siege
rijk van der linden
you are looking like chris kyle
Ujanes Ngerenyed
Tyler u
this is AMAZING
Koustav Pal
Tyler kinda looks like Blackbeard from R6S. Is it just a coincidence?
新武 王
pigster 2.0
dude thats perfect
Амандык Узакбаев
Evan Bikovsky
love seige as a game
oğuz yıldız
rainbow six siege cheaters bug game
Lightning Force
They should sell panda costumes
oh miras vector wow
Taco_ Supreme656
That moment when you see you're favorite operators gun in rainbow
Prathmesh Kheadkar
it's awesome
stop hating TY
Fairytale Wizard
Who else fells like there aim sucks compared to ty after watching this?
Akmal Nugraha
that is a real guns?
Stuart Matthews
seems gay
Archer 07
Good shooting, looks like your having fun BUT I would think about switching to decaf.
Shea Carson
I feel like pictures of their faces pop up when you google the word 'douche'
intisar rahman
the one with the big beard looks like black beard from rainbowsix
franco venditti
Ty should be redbeard lol
Sixplacebo Animations
guys... I don't think that was him playing the jazz solo at the end
2:15 The new American sniper is born
Richard Luijsterburg
I have it
Arhama Alshamsi
I think they have aimbot
Kapkan Kapkan
Didn't know blackbeard was on dude perfect.
Caden Farrow
flying drone target my mom can do that
Christopher R
Christopher R
Tomo PL
Raindbow six siege ADD
Ilikepie 413
you guys could easily get in the army
Andy Lam
One of the guys look like the character from tom clancy ghost recon wildland
marzeniem moim
Cool White Guys~~~This Video Is Was Awesome^^ Ur Gun Skill Is Perfect
Lobony Zozo
You guys are badasses
Suzanne Weir
Splinter cell crap
When breaching a door don't shoot the knobs lock out you shoot the deadbolts that have been placed on a door you kick the rest of the door down.
They say the shield theme song
Gerardo Llama Zamorano
do you speack spanish
captain bigballs
VIKTOR er en sej kat Missekat
Rainbo six siege fan Boy
Mikazuki Augu
Did I see a plasma gun!?!? Because the smoke was purple xD
PS4 gamer
50. Cal vs your mom
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