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Aim small, miss small.
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Alex Giles
this is my first video
The Balloon one was fake
Is it just me, or does Tyler look like Rejack from Black Ops 3?
lol did you get put in rainbow as blackbeard for doing this xD
John Francis Orteza
They can eleminate an army without getting shoted
Damion Franklin
Mr. S
freakin' americans
you guys knew that trick shot is only cool when you make it first try and very fast? not just cut everything out
HowlingWolf 436
Watched this while getting on rainbow six
FlameFrost Gaming
can I used those guns to kil DU30
Θανάσης Παπαθανασίου
very good video
Well.. you never snipe sitting.. tyler won mostly because he was laying and his legs were in the right possition..
Andrew Parnell
Ar those real guns
You have AK47!!!
Joel Aleman
Po prostu Antek
Polacy kurde !
Dark Pleyer
Any Guys Please Tell Me What Song In Clip
Harley Broadhurst
how did the selfie shot not have any recoil?
These guys make me so mad. Turn your hacks off and then we'll see how "perfect" you really are
Gannon Dellinger
Welcome to the U.S.A.
Yo Daddy
Theres a tricks shot in your Raimbow Six publicity...
Jon Prosje
ty I wonder if you were in the army
Matthew Chen
how to call of duty
Golldfiskk Type
Nick The Beast
I wouldn't want to get them mad during this video lol
The King
Rainbow six siege is the best game ever
Kinkz Hits
Ty looks like the guy on the cover of GR: Wildlands.
DAMN, Someone has really high type of gun's licenses 0-o Silenced Vector NOICE
Sridhar C.
Perfect twats.
Aaryan Gupta
Why is garret not making shots
Matt Lees
Did they get the ak at the black market
Kalvin Koolaid19
Try pellet gun or BB gun
Christian Kollstedt
anmol lubhana
Awsome man
Captain Ereo
Gosh I love the look of the vectors, wish DP could have used some fully auto vectors though
Helen Fraser
fidget spinner!
Must.. Not.. Comment.. About.. Weapon.. Safety...
RobnAmb Gray
Lance Lazaro
cool guns
slade moseley
Jackson Gieck
i play rainbow6 siege Opreration velvet shell
where did you get this heavy weapons?
TheDemoSpy 91
when these guys have more skill than anyone on Siege ever (Counting Diamonds in Ranked)
Matt Sink
i like dude perfect but some of the shots are fake. It doesnt take away from the fact of how awesome the video is though. A lot of the shots were sick .
Ethan Fields
Dude, I want your shooting skills :')
The 011
the vektor is just an amazing gun both in r6d and irl
Umm take 235
Rufo Rufitilio
Tyler = Blackbeard
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