We Dieted Like Chris Pratt For 30 Days

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Three men take on the challenge of working with nutritionist Kevin Libby (PH2 Nutrition) to go from Andy Dwyer to Star-Lord in one month.

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/12687

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Tavis Doucette
PH2 Nutrition
Kevin Libby

Buffalo OTTF
These are some weird looking fish, Speedy
Gidge Pratten
steve thooooo
Grand Pegasi Equestrian
Chris Pratt is a smol bean of purity
Linus Gisslandi
You dont need to fully into a diet to get results👍
Just do 2-3 times of any exercise week after week and you can eat normaly. Its not rocket sciense just do your training and just eat to keep kinda in shape
Yeah, just go out there and 'talk to the people who do know what your body can do'. You know, if you've got a couple of thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket or you work for a company that will send you there for free...
Luiza borges
Joanne Clarke
"ITs only day 9 and he already wants to cheat" what drugs is this chick on im cheatin on day 1 usually
Alberts stuff
Thumb nail = not tensing vs tensing 👎
Enzo b
how do we find out the right diet for us?
0:31 12.45% body fat? And fucking 8% at 8:53? Kill yourselves.
Nick Steven
Tavis is super hot
Kevin Thompson
the bald guy is a cuck lmao
Martin Rom
i love how americans dont even think about their food, but are bothered if they are gettign fat... just dont ever eat fast food in ur life and its very likley u wont get fat or overweight...
That awkward moment when your eating bad foods while watching this.. 😂☺️
The White Portugeuse is not a man
These dudes are such fucking cucks...
And my lovely dog who looks depressed as hell <--- THATS SO ME IF I WAS A DOG 😂😂😂
Mary Jane
3:48 that hi tho😍 so cute
slim shady
Working out for 30 days gave you a tan and better posture?
Travis Takamori
I "had to go" to the bar lol
Daileen Vera
He said he ate 3 slices of pizza and I normally eat 4-5 slices
i love this crisp rat theme
Omg... eat right and lose weight, i had no idea! /rollseyes
Adrian D
Hey Hawai'i shirt man, just so you know, you are already so incredibly sexy. Just saying. You literally don't need to do anything to look better, although eating healthier is always better and is a great idea for everyone and it's nice to feel good about yourself. Cheers
Jaquin Holden
Thats my normal diet lol
"Former athlete that wants to gain booby muscles"
Gabe Villa
Tavis is the type of guy you see In the weight loss commercial or the commercials that promote their machines. He already had muscle only thing stoping him from showing it was his fat.
I wish they use kg or at least put in brackets.
Dead Parasite
I just pounded 3 slices of pizza
Ridwan Ali
Six packs are not genetic.
Miguel Rossington
He just popped a fucking six pack on 30 days? AIT
Lindsey Dawn
I get the sentiment, but I wish y'all would have found chubbier guys and not "in already ok shape" guys.
Nari J.
When his daughter said "hi"😭
Kathy Chen
shan chambers
Adam is so cute I actually wanna give him a hug
Travis M.
2 minutes in and little guy is already making excuses as to why he can't exercise as hard or as much as the other men. Little pansy.
go cats
12.45% body fat, LMAO. Not even close. If that was true dude would have visible well defined abs.
You have no idea how many bags of rice I had that are much bigger than that…
Sandy Candy
is that nutritionist so fat though??
"Hawaii Island" ????

Burn that shirt.
I can't afford salmon and steak every night, kinda wish someone would make a video on foods that are less expenisive but deliver the same result.
I just ordered pizza.
Gary Esajas
watching this at the gym the suffering is real ! good job guys !
wtf pecs arent genetic. get your bench press to like 225 ( only takes 8 months max) and youll have an alright chest
Terrarian Blaster
I read the title as We dieted Chris Pratt for 30 years
Inspiration _
I like the bald dude for some reason :^D
John Lionetti
Drax the Personal Trainer
I laugh at people who diet. Just live a healthy lifestyle. Make healthy choices and stop making it a punishment.
that dog sure looks depressed af :D
i need a nutritionist
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