Kassia McGovern
im watching this video while eating a big bowl of mac n cheese
Ashamoo Smith
Don't you mean crisp rat
Wander Bear
why is the trainer so chubby though?
stefanos g
and here iam eating cheetos and rubbing my beer gut
Zoey Buley
The bald dude with the glasses reminds me of a young boy waiting to go to the movies with his dad!😂😂
Wtf tavis got a six pack
Tori Woodward
Watches this on my phone from the couch...
You know how he wants the man boobs? I have a condition called pectus excavatum. Easy win/loss, depends on how you see it.
show someone that is really fat, these guys arent fat at all
Arin Turner
"And my lovely dog that looks depressed as hell" I'm crying lol
that "hi" from his daugther made my day
Cherita Byfield
When that little girl went hi my heart melted lol
Andrea Juliana
That grown man weights 20 pounds less than me and I'm a teenage girl
G Quantum
Is nobody gonna talk about how cute is daughter is ??!!!!
Treasure Island
this is so unfair i diet and exercise for a month and lose like 5 pounds
Dang that's slot of weight he lost
I am 12 and I eat healthier than these people no candy no soda I eat lots of meat and vegetables and some fruits unlike most kids I trade my unhealthy food for carrots and grapes lol
dude, tavis's transformation looks phenomenal. he's a totally different person. really inspiring
5:10 Pratt has an expensive personal trainer that follows him around barking orders and a private physician paid by the studio to chem him up. And because they are a big studio with a lot of money and lawyers the law sort of kind of looks the other way when they dispense growth drugs to their actors for a multi million dollar role.

We all don`t have all of that.
Nexus Knight
Easier for a celebrity? That's purely an excuse! Average Joe should be more driven, more committed, oh, wait, celebrities become celebrities because of discipline. If you want it you'll take it
The speedster
There's no way Travis was 8% FB... Probably 12bf, after the transformation.
Ruddy Pullas
My diet consist in living alone in a foreign country where food is expensive and be at university all day. Sometimes I forget I have to eat at all so yeah I should be freaking skinny but noodles are evil.
Hannah M
Ok Tavis is suuupppeerrr Hot!
Bonnie Y
3:50 that little girl is so cute
Chloe Granger
God I love Eli ❤️
Fifth House
Ang Zhang
Great job, in 30 days lost all those body weight plus the weight of your cloth
Hugo Reyes
travis can hit it anytime
Alonso Fernandez
go vegan dudes, don't need to starve yourselves to death to look good!
It's worth noting that this is a strict diet. It provides the best results in shortest time, but is also very unrealistic for most people, especially for those without a coach or support to keep it up. For the Average Joe without those things, the routine can be followed realistically, but you'd have to change it up more. Portion sizes are still the most important thing about changing an unhealthy diet.

Fish is an absolutely great way to direct your food needs, as was done in the vid. Don't deepfry, but eating certain fish raw or lightly seared would provide not only good results but also allow you to broaden your menu through different ways of prepping. Baked chicken is fine too (steak is okay but really only something you can do once you've set yourself comfortably in the diet). Eat salads (or learn to tolerate them) and fruits for multiple meals a week. If you must snack, eat fresh fruit.

Brown rice, wheat bread, etc are also excellent choices to run with, but don't be afraid to dabble in some tougher breads once in a while (e.g. ciabatta). Even very small servings of white rice is fine in moderation. If you want to throw in less healthy options once a week, such as 1 or 2 strips of bacon, go for it if you must.

The most important thing is that you don't hate your healthier diet. You can dislike it, but as long as it's something you can tolerate and not hate outright, you should be able to realistically keep it up. The better you become about it, the more opportunity you'll have to allow yourself a little give once in a while, as long as you know you won't break the routine regularly. Likewise, the more likely you'll be conscious about your decisions and improve on eating better where you can.

Supplement the diet with exercise that fits your needs/limits multiple times a week. Hit the gym. Go walking/jogging for 30min. Do some yoga. Lift weights. Do whatever you can to get your heartrate going, even if it's just one of those things. Start it off with 3-4 times a week. If you can do more, then even better. After a couple weeks, up the workout time to 5x a week (depending how strenuous your workout routine is).
rinkoo pandita
Nobody mentions what they exactly had, just some random BS how they did it.
Sarah Parvez
Leslie: Search up my symptoms, Andy. Andy: Leslie, it seems that you have 'Network Connectivity Problems'
Cut wheat from diet, not rocket science 🙄
pathetic buzzfeed cucks
the body fat percentage didn't seem right
Adlineb Ofloda
Eli you are already sexy, you don't need that... hehehe
Greyson Wayne
lmao his daughter..hi.. 😂
Andrew Banuelos
that guy is lil dicky with no hair
Gold link crew fan
I like the one wit the glasses he seems nice
Aloha Pineapple
He doesn't like bananas 🙊🍌
I love you Moby
shaun anthony
Who doesn't like bananas
Isaac Karayoff
Salmon and asparagus? That's not that bad. I'm going to try this and see what happens.
If I got to be on a popular youtube video, it could probably motivate me to lose weight.
Blake Ellis
"And my lovely dog, who looks depressed as hell" lmao😂 7:24
The body fat % is completely bullsh*t. Tavis 8% bodyfat at 165 lbs, more like 15%... very little muscle mass as well. Muscle mass has a lot to do with body fat, how you look etc. Gregory Gallagher (Founder of Kinobody) is a great example of what 8% body fat looks like, with also high amount of muscle mass. You can even see the love handles on Tavis at "8%", that's 100% more like 15%, and he started probably at 20%. Many skinny guys have actually 25% bodyfat etc, it's just that they have extremely little muscle mass.
•GBS •
The guy had got a six pack in 30 days 😱
Sung Hyo Park
GOAL: wants to gain boobie muscles
Danae Diggory
"Booby Muscles" I CANT 😂😂😂
This is sexist!! Why does a man get to flaunt his masculinity by not wearing a shirt but if a woman has her boobs flopping around it's "indecent?!!!1"
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