Overcoming Dyslexia - An Award Winning Short Documentary

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An award winning short documentary about one family's struggle with the public school system to provide their dyslexic son the necessary tools needed for him to learn. 

As seen on Rocky Mountain PBS, The Denver International Film Festival, Los Angeles Cinefest, The Online Film Festival, The Emerging Filmmakers Project, EFPalooza, and the University of Colorado Denver Cinefest.

Special Thanks To:
The University of Colorado Denver
The Driver Youth Trust
Learning Inside-Out
Austin Learning Solutions

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I is still the same in 2017 :-( :-( :'( :'( :-(
I am 13 years old & I get bullyed for have it by all the kids but that me.
this very true in many ways I have suffered from dyslexia my whole life and I am so lucky that I had good people the could recognize it and help me early on in my life and good peers that didn't single me out for it so many kids have to go through social anxiety depression ect because they don't know what is going on or they just feel incredibly stupid and don't have understanding kind people in there life I wish they could all get goo help like I did
kulot XD
i can read english very good but spelling for me is sucks
english is not my mother touhng ( part of the face use for taste lol i'm comfuse to spell it i can't correct)
from philippines
am i dyslecix? im just not good in spelling but can read
Reuben Cain
I have dyslexia to is really annoying
Himanshu Gupta
I wish I had a therapist like Aaron had. My life would've been different.
Arwa Yaqoub
My best friend has the symptoms of dyslexia I've noticed it and I'm 100% sure. I don't know what to do should I tell her or will it make it worse I really need your advice on this thanks.
Ken Widel
Is there any direct link to Ms Jen? My son was diagnosed and has been struggling. We have a private tutor, but would like to know more about the techniques she uses. Thanks
Ayman Khan
Great man.i can feel their pain. i have a dyslexia too.But i didnt got any solution or training for this!
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