Panda Kings
I hate conor i thinks he says mean stuff about other people because hes scared and he knows he^ll lose
Fabian Hernandez
Connor was a fucking T. rex in a past life or some type of gladiator
Scott Young
Get the fook outa ear!
na u guessed it
fuckin pikey
Bassist_on_Edge 7
I don't watch much MMA but from an outside view this guy seems like the pinnacle of Irish trash
Kian Cadden
he gordon ramsey of mma
Does anyone think white looks like Steve from jerry springer?
Does anyone think white looks like Steve from jerry springer?
Lil SplashGod
He's a fuckin asshole dude
Ca a quand meme l'aire d'un sacré connard qui ne sait plus se tenir ^^
he is like a wwe personality lmao
Bruno Maia
esse otario foi fodido quando criança?!?!
Mamady Traore
Christopher Ramsdell
the angrier a person gets, the more his insecurities show
It was a good call to push him knowing people would split you up. Shit thats what i'd do.
C Dubs 068
Jacob Peters
"$29 you spend on them?"
Don't you guys think that "Cholo gangsta from the hood" was racist? Honestly!
Patrik Blazevic
That fooking clickbait FightFocus fook u lil brazilian
Tonto 22
Fuck Connor I hope tf you get yo ass kicked so we can show the world that your all talk little bitch
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Jayden Kraus
Derive experience area prevent prove beach.
Nelson Idr
u dil nun
J-M Ahokas
Too much testosterone, hah, litlle fuck
Kelly Delay
Wwe at its best
Trevor Phillips IRL!

Conor, it's MMA, not Wrestling! :D
Blacki Ghoul
Haha I'm dead.
Conor: “Pick all those one dollar bills up!“Floyd: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.“
Ken Goodwin
The only shit that's holding him together is his ugly looking tats.
Ken Goodwin
He's a loud mouth brain damaged wolly.
nowadays fighters have no class, imagine Muhammad Ali behave in such an uncivilized manner back in the day...
Ken Goodwin
McGregor is a wanker
Yaohushua Immanuel
That was Money in London.. He Small but can fight
Arda Kahraman
Conor isn't loses control
Control loses Conor
Stelios Ilia
Conor will lose
Franky Inferno
Try watching this with captions and see how real the struggle is for the program to keep up with Conor :)
Chef Ramesy of UFC.
Rock Kk
crazy bastered
"This is not a therapy session".
Chef Jeff
Oooooh the drama😂
Predator 30005
"$29 dollars you spent on that"
Hey!..Hey!...Hey!....Conner...don't you throw those....Conner!...don't you!..... Lmao!!!!!... Sounds like a father scolding his little boys ass!!!! Lol
Sir Smile
More staged than Wrestling
Zamoua Hang
stupid guy
Patrick Moctezuma Sanchez
At minute 5:41 you can here a little BRUH 😂😂
Kevin Becker
That guy is a pussy. I'd love to have a shot at him. He's a lot of bark. there's a lot of guys on the street that could kick his ass real quick.
Geraldine bastidas Arjona
papy wow
hola mi jito lo ve
Benjamin Futch
How embarrassing, acting like 12 year old and talks like he's gotta dick is his mouth
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