$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

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"This is closest thing to drugs I've ever experienced."

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Miguel Martinez
Armando De La Torre Jr. 
Bryan Fyler

Alien Filth
If you all spooned; who was the small spoon, who was the middle spoon, and who was the big spoon?
Adrian Cortez
1 dollar slave vs 200 dollar slave
Charmaander Gaming
Idek why but i feel bad for adam. Anyone else?
y'all see adam in the back falling asleep lol
Pedro C
"we already did that" ... lol
E'Lyasha Dailey
When I grow up I want to join buzzfeed try guys
Ani- Madness
This is probally the best thing to come from buzzfeed which is saying alot
Thepapi Ever
My favorite tacos are the last one
Hi There
Am I the only one who is bothered by the expensive to unexpensive I'm always used to cheap too expensive but it's the other way around so I'm really bothered if you agree leave a like 😂
Adam is kind of an emo
elvira olivia
make a video about Adam reacting to comments about feeding Adam. I'd watch that
I'm not trying to be racist or something but Hispanic people are amazing at making tacos!
Start at 3:36 i died
Kgosi Mothokoa
Adam is high on these episodes I swear
has nobody else realised Adam ALWAYS takes a bite before Steven? its just me? ok.
The Little Namikaze Guild
Your camera man be listening to 13RW 😨😂😂
Eve Parsnip Regan
I think you should combine the last few pranks give Elliot sleeping tablets and laxatives and while asleep lock him in a room with Georgina #bae #brofo #facebookfan #ipadminispacegrey #done #wire #2134score instagram is : its_everegan
Christin K
I tried Leo's Tacos. It was real life heaven.
imA shinigami
white and asians dont get to determine what a taco is
Francisco Leon Quihui
I'm Mexican and I want to be clear that the caviar one is not a taco
I'm Mexican so why in their rightful mind would they put caviar on a potato chip since is a 'taco shell'. btw,us Mexicans say thaco instead of taco
Erik Bonilla
$47 dollars it not even a taco
Kaley Dalton
Adam is so pretty all the time. I'm dying.
Jaime Soto
as a Mexican the caviar thing was not a taco
thenotorious ong
Those $1 al pastor tacos are the best! 😋😋😋😋😋
LOL every Worth It video makes me feel so bad for Adam. Like I know he gets food and everything but it's like... the way he creeps into the shot after Steven and Andrew makes me feel like he's a starving, little homeless child picking at scraps.
Slaying Morin
The funny thing is the expensive tacos weren't even authentic while the cheaper ones were xD honestly the expensive one made me want to throw up but hey people like different things 🇲🇽❤️
$ bbq vs $$$ bbq. come to texas :D
Austin Angel Garrido
They should have gone to jack in the box, that would have been funny XD
Flaming Unicorn Girl
"I've wanted to be married since I was born"
Carolyn 16
r they dating they should i ship it
Atomic Apple
It's so sad how Adam eats...
Jazmine Thomas
I love the camera guy 😂
Black Goku347
White people turn mexican tacos in a whole new level as if they invented it.
so basically:
Season 1: truffle
Season 2: Gold and caviar
Bryan Chris
Awww Why Adam Always Be A Lonely Man I Hope In Next Video Adam Eat With Andrew And Steven
yaboi nick
why don't these mother fuckers wear gloves when making the food.
jigisha jindal
Do Indian food
Ilayda lucky
That was a 47dollar potato chip.
And it didn't even look like any city!
Edwin Brandonraj
i hate this series not because i hate buzzfeed in general but the fact that i can't eat this luxurious food. Urgh it makes me so sad and hungry
Loan Pham
Adam should talk a lot more. More time for him to shine.
Mia Montano
Orchta is the best drink in the world i think because it is what my grandma would make and she would give us a little a time i love it
Anyone else hates caviar?😂
Courtney Michelle
Adam always looks so sad😂Don't give him the left overs like a peasant. He's a King.
MinHope is Better Than Camren
Let's get a compilation of Adam silently judgin- enjoying the leftovers
MinHope is Better Than Camren
I'll take a $1 Taco any day
Ah yes! A rare sturgeon...I must obtain its eggs and sell it at an extremely elevated price! Good human.
The Kobster
I don't think I'll ever knock or complain about these videos, because if it weren't for these videos, we probably wouldn't get to see Andrew anymore.
Kiana Marie
Lmao the guy that eats last just eats and gives you a look of satisfaction. Nothing more. Nothing less. That's all that's to it
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