Francisco Hernandez
Where the hell is king taco at ?
Gordon Ramsay needs to review the $47 taco. I'm sure he'd be as dissapointed as we are
lilgunzz johnson
How have they never tried something they don't like lol
Marco Arturo Gonzalez Peña
I am mexican and i hate the pineapple on tacos al pastor but they taste awesome with a little bit of onion and cilantro and the middle priced tacos are really like what a mexican grandma would bake i am happy that those last meals where actually accurate because it is at least similar to me to what we have in mexico awesome video
The UnFamous
I have watched every single one of their videos and i still don't know their names
Yailiz Duque
Now that $1 taco is a REAL taco (no offense for you fancy people out there)
Yailiz Duque
One bite form $47
Yailiz Duque
That caviar taco isn't really worth it for me, it's literally ONE BITE, ONE BITE
I watch these for Adam
Alberto 9324
y'all nibbas need to go to Bigos Tacos in Mexico City
When the caviar taco tastes $2 more than the glass of champagne
Lily Pad
I knew the pun he was gonna use! 😂
Aristotle Galaventi
Guisados looks so good
Jeffrey Ellis
"We already did that." lol.
Adina Chao
Dudee I've been to the cheapest place in LA. Very fast service and they're so nice ! Watching them cut the meat and pineapple is so interesting! I think I ate around 7 tacos XD
Michael wang
love these 3 guys, so funny and harmony, do love this vedio
Dodi Don't lie
I torture myself watching these. I really want the food 🥘 so muachhhhh
7:37 - you know you wanted to do it, Andrew!
Rebooted Triangle
Camera man
Died if not eating the expensive taco
Lillian Lucio-Rodriguez
you know the tacos are going to be good when the cook only speaks spanish
U spent $4 less than the food on the wine
Adam looks so much like my tennis coach
bu nasıl taco aq bildiğin döner işte
Last one is like a shawarma !
Jorge Manrriquez
the camera guy looks so sad
chase nicholson
The cheapest ones were the best ones
"it tastes like your jokes...corny." LMAO
Lilian West
WHY DONT THE CHEFS WEAR GLOVES?!?! ive watched almost all of these and most chefs dont wear gloves and its bothered me?!
30kinglorn Gonzales
The other one always eats the leftovers haha
Adam is so quiet 😂
Hi stranger It okay u can look at my butt
I see Andrew I click 🙄❤️
Ice Chillin
I'm really happy that I'm Hispanic
Im mexican and the last one was pure mexican tacos
Sebas R
bald wawrinka
Franky Del Quien Sabe Que
Trompo is better than al pastor
Matt Warbs
id be able to enjoy this if they werent all sjws
Hazel Deee
Guisados is bomb
Kenyi Choy
$47 for a potato chip with caviar
Donald J. Trump
i would buy 47 1$ tacos bitches
Andrew De La Torre
I think I just came after seeing the last taco place
he 1$ taco is da best no doubt about it
Who pays $47 for Pringles and fish bubbas when Taco Bell exists?!
Ryoji Martinez
not a taco
its a potato chip
Julia Raiani
is it just me or dose Andrew sound like Ben Wyatt from parks and rec
Stefan Plays
3:36 XD
6uuus uyuu
imma stick to to taco bell
Andrea Sosa
Nooooooo! Guys you should've put salsa in the last one :(
Adam Pearce
i love these guys haha
thor CoolGuy
"we're back in sunny LA!" it's raining outside
Goku Black
Where's Gordon Ramsay
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