$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

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"This is closest thing to drugs I've ever experienced."

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Miguel Martinez
Armando De La Torre Jr. 
Bryan Fyler

You guys are paid to eat expensive stuf gg
Ammar Jenedi
Adam should have a part in this(I think)
Stacey Akins
Some of the comments had me crying laughing.... And I watched pretty much ALL of the Worth It videos please don't split this ten up... Yall 3 balance one another out so well... You got the funny full of life guy, the quiet laid back guy, and the idgaf but still funny guy
José Lopez
The most expensive "taco" is a disgrace. Certainly an "american classic"
Sarah Missi
Pineapple belongs on pizza and tacos.
That taco was so pretentious
Boris Landaverry
Que feo habla el de el último taco. Su español está bien rato y habla con una forma rara.
why adam always wear headphone?
mo 4mo
No meat
Oh Dani
Adam Laughs...😄😀
Tanner Rienbolt
“Go big or go home” serves tiny taco
Anahi Castaneda
When you’re Mexican and don’t need the subtitles
Reyna Casas
Hey, check out my carnitas tacos recipe, its yummy!

Sube Tube
Just because you load a tiny taco shell with caviar, doesn't mean it's worth the price. I hate food like that where it's expensive, but it has no reason to be. If I'm gonna pay like 50 dollars for a taco, I'm gonna want unicorn meat that's been smoked with pineapple tree wood
Clementine Charles
prosecution dignity cross nqekyol behind guideline present achievement dance pump.
What does caviar taste like? I feel like the thought of eating fish eggs alone just alone makes me never want to taste it but then again, a year ago i hated shrimp and now its my favorite thing to eat
go big or go home?? it's tINY
TheGiggling Gliscor
I’Mexican food is so good
Apple Potato
One bite taco for 47 dollars. Heck naw.
Zach DeBerry
Adam broke character at 13:00 lolz
And I'm just watching this while eating a sliced apple
Peri Nyannko
daniel garcia hurtado
That's not a taco
Royal Ciga
Bruh 47 dollar lays chip wit fish efgs on it
Just a Peppermint Tea For Me
the last one will always be the winner. tacos from taco trucks is heaven
NoName Face
shane and ryan will be better at this
NoName Face
shane and ryan will be better at this
Cozy Comic
why are they dicks to the sound guy?
SealTeamRick D99 -
Cammi Fech
Bakersfield is a bar/restaurant that has amazing tacos for $4 a piece and the best lemonade I have ever had.
Brandon Waters
I feel like they have to say nice things because caviar on a taco is nasty
lavende12 youmix
i feel like adam is so akward in every video hahaha
Thats so sad
eddie bangash
What meat is being used in the Al Pastor Taco from the Taco Truck?
Penny's Palace
Does anyone notice that the middle one never wins
Penny's Palace
I love Adam so much he is so shy
Finn :D
Amanda Flores
I'm eating Pringles
"Go big or go home" man that taco was so small he should have packed his bags right then
$47 dollar taco :O is the most expensive one
Hamzah Fawaz
6:55 was so awkward. Also, the fact Andrew liked I like too because I am Lebanese.
Isaias Ibarra
My favorite part is knowing Adam gets fed.
Zena A
Not making Kabobs making Shawarma!! 😩 You were close my dear.
Chloe Marie
Emma Martin
I’d honestly rather have none of these tacos. They all sound disgusting. I hate seafood. I want a hard shell for my tacos. I WANT BEEF. I’m cheap on everything except shoes
Emma Martin
Who wants caviar in a taco? Tacos are my favorite food. I want BEEF
Emma Martin
I didn’t see the last part of the title so I thought the $47 taco was the cheap one and I was like WHAATT
Yucie Hayashi
If I ever meet a filthy rich person, "so what do you usually eat?"
Filthy rich person: Caviar, truffles and edible meal for every meal.
Awaiis Zurii
Do cups of tea next
Unitatos 4lyfe
Why did they start high?
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