The Flash Season 3 "Sizzle Reel" HD Trailer

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The Flash Season 3 "Sizzle Reel" Trailer (HD)

Barry (Grant Gustin) takes drastic measures to stop Savitar. Meanwhile, H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) continues to push Tracy Brand (guest star Anne Dudek) to design the trap for Savitar and Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) returns with an interesting proposal. David McWhirter directed the episode written by Judalina Neira & Lauren Certo. Original airdate 5/9/2017.

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Fahimus Alimus
Where was Julian in second to last episode?
Eric Mantica
Anyone notice that the Barry and Joe scene never happened?
Mariah Wilson
I hope iris doesn't die I love her and barry soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YoofyKhiem 28491
This is the nicеeеist moviеe i evеr seeee!!! I advisе eeverybody tооoo waaatch it :)
Jose pekeno Henrique
คเ єย ค๓๏ єรรє รéгเє 💖
La que se avecina TV
00:22 reverse flash WTF explain me this pls
Sing Ria
savitar is a time remnant created by future-barry, right? so can't present-barry go into the future and stop his future self from creating the time remnant; thus never creating savitar and also preventing iris's death?
Gabe Grimes
Iris dies just saw the episode
Joyshines_ Tube91
Airis i hope so not death. will show us the next episode.but i believe so not death and death other.,i bellieve so however sure ninety nine persent after here scene.
Sam Witwicky
I swear to God if iris talk him out of killing here I'm gonna drop this predictable show.
Adriel P.
Greek Dreamer
Abrar Faiyaz
What if it was the Human Target from Arrow that was stabbed by Savitar? They had a plan which was unknown to Berry right?
bacho urushadze
omg D;
İsmail Kotan
Kazuto Kirigaya Kirito
I hope Bart Allen would be in the flash episode after the savitar arc is done
Tj Thespriter
Shawn Haliburton
Wait Tracy is crying around 0:56. I'm thinking maybe H.R uses that body switch thing to take Iris's place, maybe? possibly? lol
Melanie Bonser-craig
I like the flash
David Kakai
wait do you see that on 10 sec, do everyone see that iris is touching evil barry aka savitars face
Natsu Dragnel
Remeber when Cisco Vibed Wally he saw something I thing and now he told Barry that's what iam asumimg
Kalvin Douglas
I like this trailer
jazz plays
5 four three two one five four three two one :(
Colleen Okeefe
there is no way that iris is dead. But my guess is that it won't be found out until next season.
jazz plays
but that scene was sad
G Raps
Remember they had a plan. Barry didnt know. when they showed up it was like he knew it all. Maybe there was a secret part of it.
cat love
This looks awesome!!!
Homa Hashime
the scene where iris touched savitar wasn't in the episode
- Y.Khalifa.Gamer -
Remember we don't know the full plan as Barry left the room
- Y.Khalifa.Gamer -
she never touched SAVITAR
Kelvin Womack
So the thumbnail was in this original trailer. Must have been edited out because it's not in the trailer and wasn't shown in tonight's episode. So obviously the still have to show the scene when iris is touching savitar's face. I'm betting it's not really her that he killed. Some kind of copy.
Emma M
I think that HR used the device thingy to turn into Iris because he felt so bad that Savatar knew where Iris was, because remember a couple episodes ago HR was supposed to be on the roof but he wasn't and he told Cisco, bye. UGH! I don't which one I would miss more HR is the glue of team flash, but hopefully Earth 2 dr.Wells comes back.
looking back at this trailer, we still haven't seen iris touch future barry's messed up face. so maybe she's still alive. and that scene happens in the finale
SilverTrunks SpirtSword
0:58 Proof HR dies she doesn't know iris well enough to have this expression on her face.
Laura Wilson
we need lisa back!!!
Amit Barabi
before I start this argument let me say that I don't care if Iris will die or not.

but I think the only way to save her is if the team will go behind Barry's back as some plan b.
Mod9kgamer leysh
i have got a app iris survives and hr dieds
Reverse Savitar
"Now the moment is upon us!"
Yasmin Torres
Panchito Suarez
puede ser Barry de presente
jazz plays
fuck you bitch
jazz plays
well I think you're the dumbfuck cause I didn't say he wasn't the flash I just said she dies
creativemind 347 AM
so it means that iris does die in this episode then barry travel s back again to bring iris back which is why in that leaked vidio barry saying goodbye is because hes going in the speedforce for punishment by messing with the timeline
creativemind 347 AM
but we saw her on the last ep in that leaked vid
creativemind 347 AM
the last episode is called the finish line and the synopsis says with barry nothing to lose he fight savitar this means that it saying that barry has nothing to lose.means iris is dead
Sarah Nour
I hope Killer Frost doesn't destroy Cisco's hands. When she turns back into Caitlin she's going to feel terrible.
Charles So
let the fucking nigga die
But when savitar came out , i got confused
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