Effing great!!!!
Jerrene Westover
This was fun to catch. At first I thought it was an old clip, so fun. Jimmy does such good impressions. Miley's voice eeks, like hearing nails on a chalkboard, scary to look at but kind of funny anyway.
John Breen
That was beautiful.
Debbie Stonum
Jimmy kept wanting to sing “and we can ride it together” each time. I love how Miley at the end was trying to get his attention to correct him to sing “and we rely on each other”.
Tasmyn Le Salle
That girl has talent
Tasmyn Le Salle
Best song ever heard
Terry Digby
She's actually wearing Dolly's original dress.
Fredrik Kulblik
This is magical!!!
Lori House
That was awesome.
norma peno
they look so good together
Mia Pasag
Perfect rendition
J.P. Craven
Holey Fucking Shite!!!!!! Their voices work perfectly together! I thought Kenny and Dolly were a match made in Heaven with their combined talents, but that Cyrus-girl tackled Dolly's lines fricking amazingly. Absolutely nailed it. Love that version almost as much as I loved the original. Miley's really got some talent in that scrawny body of hers.
Jamie Roberts
This is a nice cover of the greatest duet of all time Dolly&Kenny!
Nutei Sailung
oh Miley I love you so much more than before.
BF g
2 Fucking Asshole communists.
Andre G
Now you can just notice how powerful Dolly was and how easy she makes it look singing this song.
Matt W
jimmy fallon got issues
One of my fav songs, Great version by Miley and Jimmy!!!
lisa koola
loving this
Paul 保罗
Wow Miley really committed to this performance - it looked hard for her to sing but she nailed it!
Was this song not written by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees fame?
Joshua Peterson
I dont care about the crap Miley gets this has redeemed her to me and this to me is far better than the original. Wish she would do more of this
Omg ! so amazing
Sabrina Sumner
Omg I love this!! They did an awesome job!! Jimmy Fallon does an outstanding Kenny Rogers impersonation. Also, Miley Cyrus sings the hell out of that song!
Joshua Camacho
Yooo if I haven’t read the title I wouldn’t know that it’s not the real them wtf lol
Niva Tavita
If i could like this a million times I would
Ean Albe
Amitabh Bachan
I saw recently that Dolly Parton is Miley's godmother. She really nailed it here.
This is awesome!
Tara Welch
Miley fucked it up
William Henderson
Miley does a passable Dolly but Fallon's Kenny is pathetic. The clothes and makeup are good though.
William Henderson
Miley does a passable Dolly but Fallon's Kenny is pathetic. The clothes and makeup are good though.
Haidee Bonnelly
Andrea g
She sucks. She could never come close to Dolly Parton in voice OR looks. She sounds like she's been smoking 3 packs a day since birth.
Sue Diaz Hayes
Thanks for the memories ! Wow good job Jimmy and Miley ....Love it
Elayne Akin
Kenny Rogers ..... all I can see is the plastic Santa from the tim Allen movie
Shanti O
I know he is in a black and white suit but all I see is Red and a Santa bag 😂😂
Dianne Davis
Not that it's a contest, but it's Jimmy for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious!
Scott Cook
Jimmy Fallon is a liberal dem ass hole...Cant stand him...
Andrea Miller
Great job on every level, impersonations and just general talent
Jimmy looks good
Ben Oltmanns
Was the original from an awards show?? What a great job!!
Jayna Kelly
CuteCat 21
What a nice treat to hear Miley singing country. This is where she belongs.
Beau Morehouse
Clementine Arnaud
invest surprise toward community material privilege transportation another species.
Horst Veit
awesome -my oh my
David MacInroy
Fun as it it is, it highlights just how good Dolly and Kenny were together.
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