12 Boys Emma Watson Dated

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12 Boys Emma Watson Dated

1. Roberto Aguire
Roberto Aguire and Emma Watson had a relationship.
2. Tom Felton
Tom Felton and Emma Watson were rumored to be dating from 2003 to 2005.
3. Tom Ducker
Tom Ducker and Emma Watson dated from September, 2006 to October, 2007.
4. Angus Willoughby
Angus Willoughby and Emma Watson dated from 2007 to 2008.
5. Francis Boulle
Francis Boulle and Emma Watson dated in 2008.
6. Jay Barrymore 
Jay Barrymore and Emma Watson dated from August, 2008 to March, 2009.
7. Rafael Cebrián
Rafael Cebrián and Emma Watson dated from July, 2009 to May, 2010.
8. George Craig
George Craig and Emma Watson dated from June to September, 2010.
9. Johnny Simmons
Johnny Simmons and Emma Watson dated from June to November, 2011.
10. Will Adamowicz
Will Adamowicz and Emma Watson dated from October, 2011 to August, 2013.
11. Matthew Janney
Matthew Janney and Emma Watson dated from January to November, 2014.
12. William Knight
William Knight and Emma Watson have been dating since Oct 2015.

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Amelie Hermine Ravenclaw
Tom Felton was THW cutest one 😍😍😍
Blahblah Blah
Almost all of her exes actually have a slight resemblance to Tom Felton lol wonder why... ;)
Sebastian Ramos
1:32 WTF
Amy Corcoran
i think emma and tom felton make a really good pair and i thought they should stay together.
CL goh
Clara Oliveira
Linguinha Corvinal
Qual é o de 2017 shaushauhsua
Megan Gu
sansa stark
b-but, you wrote that she dated johnny simmons from june-november 2011 and she dated will adamowicz from OCTOBER 2011-august 2013. so was she dating TWO guys in october 2011 then? lmao
Peeyush Gupta
Emma is a celebrity she can do that but I can't even date one girl😂😂😂😂
Ricca Seanade Tio
#dramione #feltson ...wish they made it to the end😍
erica summer
so, all her relationships last a year
Tomi Ferrada
Rename the video as: the 12 luckiest men alive
Tom et Emma n'ont pas été ensemble. Just Friend
Infinite_Jaira 20
No deserves Emma Watson!!! 😠 Well except Tom Felton 😍 #Dramione #Feltson #TomandEmma #Perfect #Forever
Manthahime Chan
No one deserves Emma other than Tom.. 😂 #Dramione #Feltson 😍
gwenaël Quintin
C'est cool!!
Qui est d'accord avec moi elle doit quitter William Knight il ne vont pas ensemble elle a 8 ans de moins que lui et étonnement se n'est pas un couple FORCÉ
paul Gagné
those bastards
Blurryface II
2003? Emma was like 13??
lalsu gurok
Tom Felton is that real
Make America Great Again
I knew Tom Felton would be on this list!
So in other words, you're saying.....Hermione is a slut? LOL!!
Hermione Granger
she should have stayed will Tom felton
Samantha Sundays
that francis dude kinda looks like tom
Catherine Rangasamy
what's the background song? I really love it!
Orish Antetokounmpo
lucky men hahaha
MeowmiChan 112
I'm sad about tom Felton and Emma. I don't like drocomionie or whatever the name was, but in all due respect I think tom and Emma would of been a nice couple
0:35 Omg .0. Is that..? :/
_ Yoen _
If your posting this you might as well make her a singer named Taylor swift.
Unicorn101 Vlogs
2003 to 2005???!!! woah woah emma was like 12 or 13
emma watson and om felton!!!!!!
Meh Name Is Bob
She dated 12 guys and she's 27...I'm 30 and I've had none.
Water bottle Maddness
She must have had hard relation ships
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A new guy each year
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