Things Girls With Older Sisters Understand

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It's like you got mom's boobs, and I got dad's boobs.

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Juliana DeStefano
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I'm the oldest sister of 4 girls, but they treat me like the younger one.
IvanaCC 1239
OMG this is my sister
It's Katie Watson
My sisters older than me by 11 years older than me
Kozu Tamisaki
I don't have a sister.
juli troll
is it weird that I understand some of these things even though I only have brothers? btw I'm a girl
Leticia Garcia
1:10 had me laughing so hard!!!
Rania Belkheir
i have 4 sisters and i adore them i love them much they're my besties 💖
Galaxy Star
Me I am the older sister lol
Juju Brewer
Lol my name is Juliana or call me juju my nickname and I'm younger and I have and a
Older sister 😂😂
CB Bunny 22165
i have two older sisters
Mena Abdel-Fattah
I can never relate to this because my older sister hates me..
Farida Ayman
this is like the most relatable video I'm the internet
Kylie King
this makes me miss my younger sister. I've always wanted to meet my older sister also.
Jadin Delag
I have a younger sis,but she's to young to understand any of this,but my bestie and me are like exactly the people in this video.Except the fact that we have the same taste
Lorraine Ngimbi
Yhhhh dats everything except the nice things only the bad ones
GracefulGalaxy Gaming
Was the oreos dipped in peanut butter a Parent Trap reference? FANGIRL MODE.
Ally Perr
I have one older brother, an older sister and a yonder sister I have the good amount sized boob 😂
Thangaraja Jeyakumar
I once fell asleep on my art book on the floor and woke up with my sister on top of me... no one judge...
Thangaraja Jeyakumar
I'm 12 my sisters 11 and her fashion sense is errmm... yeah
Thangaraja Jeyakumar
oh my God that is literally me and my sister and I'm the oldest...
Jason Copper
when you're watching this video as an only child son
Yoko Loko
I have already done all of it
midnight gamer girl
I don't have a sister but I do some of this stuff with my younger brother
Gloomy Skull
Nahh. My older sister and I barely even speak a word to each other every day.
Emma Birn
me and my sister is both 13... lol triplets. she acts and looks older shes there looking 15 and im freaking 4'10, bony and look like 11 year old lol
Juliana Hochileitner
we got the same name.. cool
Janice Buenrostro
Where's the part were sisters fight 24/7
Anika Stonnell
I don't do half of those things.....
Baked Potato
it's funny I actually am the older sister to a juliana
Pink Kitten123
Me older sis is 11 me 8
Lindsay Applegate
ew. oreos in peanut butter seems like I'd be awful
pauli mnk
I feel like the person who wrote the script for this only ever saw these family comedies and doesn't actually have any siblings...
Sketch For Life
So true
Funtime Foxy
ahah. I'm the oldest one.
This is nothing compared to what I had to go through being the youngest.
Jade Tamihana
Other way round 😂 I am younger but it feels the other way round
Maya Martinez
im the older sister😂
Schleich Horse Lover 600
I have 2 older brothers....

We still do these things together though :)
Osama Bin Laden
lol no dought that the older sister had dad's boobs
The Gaming Chara
My sisters 10 years older. I have to many thing for her and I can't wear any of her clothes
Spicy Animates
I have an older sister.... but I'm a dude
harry potter girls 2
this is definatly me and my lil sis
Sanya Dave
These girls look indian
Kiyomi Princess
I'm 4 years younger than my sister, and I firmly believe that she does know what's better for me a lot of the time. Although in the boob department, mine are bigger than hers! 😂
Sol Sool
i have a older BROTHER, but i can totally relate to this the same way lol
ashley phillips
I am watching and I am a younger sister😃
I wish I have an older sister...
I have an older brother
Mihaela Sukova
this is so true
Megan Stephens
"It's like you got mum's boobs and I got dad's boobs " 😂
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