Things Girls With Older Sisters Understand

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It's like you got mom's boobs, and I got dad's boobs.

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Ya... we do boss around the younger ones.
Zamora Margaux
i have to sister.
but my big brother de jk i have none.
oPrincess MSP
Well.. I am the older sister..
Happy Sacky
I actually have bigger boobs than my older sister
hopegirl518 Ashlynn
Now I kinda feel bad for my little sister.But she does support me and I do look out for her.
I'm called Sara
That moment when you no sisters.
Alexa Garcia
I am the younger one this happeneds
Kate & Bullet :D
Never shared clothes with my sister
I dot let her boss me around. She can get up and get her own notebook.
If I judged her like that she would slap me, and the same in return, not really but we would bothe be pissed at each other for saying that.
Not the same taste. Our likes gross each other out
I would give to her fund for singing lessons because dang you know she needs those lessons 😂😂😂
And I don't make a habit of going to bars with my sister.
And yeah she has bigger boobs but why compare ourselves when we are both different. I have Breyer hit anyways 🙋🏼🙋🏼
Not what having a sister is like at all.
We live each other but this video doesn't portray that very well
Mima Flaherty
I have a 12 year old sister who's older than me and she won't support my dreams and she doesn't care or try to show she knows best and she just looks down on me I think that's just plain sad 😥😥😥
Abbey Senpai
Me and my sis fight all the time mostly who will get the last piece of cake
Naomi Shinohara
This is me and my younger sister, except she acts like the older sister and I act like the younger sister. :3
Hiba Amber
i once trew a bowl at my younger sister's head. but she deserved it.😈
Maybe her boobs are just bigger, because she's thick?? The Lil sis is slim
Varese Caballero
I have an older sister and I can confess all of this is true
Amelia The Awesome
I scream and dance wierdly while she chases me with a butterknife. Aaaahhh good times.
I have older brothers and a older sister.And we act perfect around other people but in reality we absolutely DESPISE each other. Like i steal her clothes all the time. She steals my candy all the time. And my brothers are just so annoying to NOT hate.
Always Abigayle
I wish i had a sister😂
Donnie Yaiz
ummmmm ww don't compare ourselves or go bar hopping
Fateema Akter
Ironically is the big sister
Forever Never
I wish i had a sister like that shes embarrassed of me in public
Torpe sirena
my sister has the perfect body while she eats everything and doesn't exercise yet i'm stuck with the "thick" body😭
OhNest OpieNeon
Oh I can so relate to everything, especially the boob thing, I have two Older sisters and the smallest boobs... :'(
Same apart from in this situation I'd be older even tough I'm younger
Miyuki Sama
My older sister has a really weird taste tho (like eating salty things with nutella) and I am always the one who is like "nope you're not wearing that" since her style is also... special. I got the bigger boobs so she is always like "give me your boobs you don't need them" She is really selfish and childish even tho she is almost 20. I always tell her to not do that or don't forget that and I always look out for her even tho I am the younger sister. I am more of an older sister than my older sister herself. #stugglesofayoungersister
Why i am here i have 9 brothers ;-;
Fin Lombardo
this video is completely accurate with my sister and I. luv this video so much
Mohammed Arzan
why did I watch this this made me sad I HAVR NO SISTER WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Vijosa Ahmeti
Look on 00:37 haha its so funny
Awkward and Crazy Emily
Dora Cizmek
lucky girl with "dad's boobs" I wish I was that lucky
Stacey Chan
Lonesome only child squad? Anyone?
Jessica Cotter
That is so me with my sister 😂
This gave me the idea of Oreos with peanut butter
They literally look like me and my sister I'm shook 😂
Paris Mania
I don't have a sister 😭😭😭
Oxygen Oxygen
#OlderSisSquad Ayyyy
Rinie Indira
i wish i had a sister...but i just got brother -.-
Kayla Hurd
why am I here? I'm an only child
Taheerah Hawkins
its the other way for me😑
Zuheil Mohamed
i dont have a big sister..bcoz am the oldest and i have dads boobs for real
unerscore boss
"It's like you've got mom's boobs and I've got dad's boobs" 😂😂😂😂 DEAD
I can relate to most of this except my sister has a 10/11 year difference from me 😂
Holosexual Kitten
I'm the older one we look the same but

1. I have thicker hair
2. She has unibrows while mine are average
EvaKoteika AJ
OMG I'm elder sister and I always ask my SIS to get me stuff from all over the house lol
Candy Heart Otaku
lol I'm the older sister and I do all of this 😆
Effie Okolo
this is kinda true,except it's the other way round for me. I'm the older one(by a year) and I use my sisters stuff(she is very fashionable). I wish I looked like her,felt more comfortable wearing exposed clothes like she does and I wish I didn't look like Kim kardashian standing next to her because she looks like Gigi Hadid. 😭😂😂
Jordan Weljkovic
Haha I'm the oldest out of 4 sisters :D
I don't have a sister but I understand this with my friends
the everything channel
I relate to this much
Thee Summer Brown
My cousin is pretty much my sister and we r at each others every day and go to the same school
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