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cave spider bros
Darth plagus is a muun not a human wich snoke look likes
Dominic Taylor
so convincing
"jar jar binks is a sith lord" face palm, face palm, face palm
Frank Swift
Boba Fett is a clone and snoke has no resemblance of a clone
The Gibby
Mace windu is snoke
Is Rey was a solo wouldn't she have recognized the millennium falcon?
Falling Potato
Vader was never 100%evil
Its Dallas Lowe
The movie is Moana
Alex Matthews
Jacob McGregor
iSmokehPlays - YT
Rey might be the next generation of jedi
Fabian Sanchez
Kylo and Rey might be related and maybe when the knights of Ren attacked Luke’s Jedi academy. Kylo didn’t wanna see his sister or cousin killed so he left her on Jakku. During Rey’s force vision she sees Kylo save her and when they mention a girl maybe Kylo knew about it and was trying to keep it a secret from snoke and Rey’s parents
logan petersen
If rey is obi wans daughter than obi wan probably had sex with duchess satine
Никита Загвоздкин
Stop bragging for comments every 30 seconds. It is really annoying.
Alexander Georgiev
Rly? Rey is not a Solo. She is a duo with Fin.
Justin Boyle
Rey is actually the dauter of iden versio witch is in star Wars battlefront 2
lazyunicorn 52
That's not Mustafar it's sullust
couldn‘t snoke be mace windu ?
Jackson Capps
Rey is a Grievous,
Snoke is Padme Amidala,
Boba Fett is Mace Windu.
Braden Teague
Beta Twster
But... What if Darth Vader is Reis father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate?
If you watch Game Theory then MatPat (a game theorist) proved that Rey is Kylo Ren’s sibling
Dat Angry dullfin
moana ?
Lego Brick Man
Yep it's not like Boba Fett is 8ft tall like Snoke.
Tanya Malthouse
The emojis mean the movie moana
What about the theory that Iden and Del are Rey's parents?
Bobby Myers
Moana that's the movie
10:31 I disliked
Jar Jar is Snoke
Lisa Putnam
I think snoke may be mace windu
Jaja Finks
Palpatine died before Ray was born
TheLegoBrothers Burgess
Rey is Iden's daughter from a untold star wars story in star wars battlfront 2
Nicolas Chang
Smoke can't be Darth palegeius. The emperor implied that he murdered Palegeius towards the (I think) end of the third movie. Also, if Palegeius was alive the entire time, it meant that palpatine broke the rule of 2 (not that he hasn't before)
craig finlayson
so cool
Lauren cat
Am I the only one that's like Rey is not related to any of these guys
The Heck
Once or if they say who Rey’s dad is, there will probably be people trying to disprove the theory.

P.S. Does anyone realize the actor who played Luke is older than Anakin
Collin dose Gaming
David Gilles
The solo, palpatine, and Kenobi theory about Rey is impossible!
game expirience
Well in the star wars rebels one old clone who worked with the rebels got in one of the prison ships where Ezra was kept (Ezra is the main carecter in the rebels) wearing a stormtrooper suit. Then he was discovered and he started shooting other stormtroopers and missed every shot. After that Ezra made a joke about his aiming. The clones answer was: "I can't see. This helmet is blocking my vision.
I️ have a feeling this guy knows nothing about Star Wars. Also his voice is annoying
Veronica Stalzer
radom thiory i have is kylo ren and rey will fall in love
Benjamin Culp
I like “Rey Solo.”
Christopher Longsworth
Mace windu is snoke
SCP 012-7-1
The empower is wrinkly and gross because Mace Windu deflected his lightning back at him in episode three, turning him into THAT. It's not genetic.
Gorilla Dude
Oh my gosh Rey is a Solo!
The emojis mean MOANA
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