Christmas Adverts 2017 - John Lewis, The Fox and the Mouse?

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Christmas Adverts 2017 - John Lewis, The Fox and the Mouse?

Will this leaked video be the real John Lewis advert?


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This is way should be the official advert
Becky Nankivell
Here's the actual source:
Chez Taylor - Saxophone
What is the song? I love this!
Leelee lee
존루이스 백화점광고는 항상보면, 넘치지도 부족하지도않게 감동스럽다..
Spades Slick
Ps... Just linked my FB Friends to this so they can share the Strangly Sad & yet at the same time cute tale. Still everyons blubbery! 😢
We thought were take a look at this... Cute Fox ... Bad idear... now every one's in floods of tears! Just to hard to watch!
My username is extremely fucking Long so fuck you
Thanks for the islam free chritmas ad john lewis
jillian horsley
Total manipulation of the human heart. Dozens of MP's just vote against our wildlife, they say they do not feel pain.This disgusts me, sorry people but i hate the hypocrisy of it all.
Marion Stadler
CuteDraw Kid
this is the saddest thing ever:-( :'(
Romy Judith Spoor
Erm, how did the fox get out of the frozen lake?
Daisyxx Horses
I was really disappointed with last year's ad very I mean it was okay but it was quite pointless and looked like they were in a rush to make it so came up with one in 5 minutes. Then I saw this one and was over the moon coz it was really sweet and probably the best one since the bear and the hare but I'm pissed off now coz its not the official 1 and this is WAY better than the official! so yeah, I'm a bit dissapointed again this year.
Anyone else crying like a baby?
Beena Gupta
Hey a mice knows how to swim
Sebastian Dangerfield
This is so fuckin' stupid.
This is gorgeous. Real or not, it's a super creation.
Justyna Dominiak
I love this beautiful song 🐀🐹Thank you so much for everything (love,help,support and much more) 👼❤👼You are my the best friend. ...😚
jordan egan
Who's singing this, she has an amazing voice
Lance Uppercut
Stuff this advert I hate it so much!!!
It made a grown man cry 😢
Yes me 😉
And it’s so much better than Moz I’m afraid 🎄
Jamie Tait
I cried and I have no shame. Not to mention the use of Take on Me
Carly Mcdermott
I cried at this one, confused by the actual one 😂
Louise Bentham
This is much better than the monster one!
Suzie Blackman
Just seen the 'official' euargggh. This is absolutely what would draw me to go online at JL. What were they thinking? Love Mr Fox and Mr Mouse and the sentiment behind it.
Nusrat Choudhury
aww this is beautiful, whos the singer and what song is it? sounds amazing
Mel Hasan
I thoughly enjoyed this and thought it was really sweet. I think this should be the 2017 advert.
Mel Hasan
Mia sky Mitchell
John Lewis need to see this.....much better than the monster advert. Even kids think so.
Iain Meldrum
*sigh* This isn't a John Lewis ad submission. It's an animated film called "The Short Story Of A Fox And A Mouse" by Camille Chaix, Kevin Roger, Marie Pillier, Hugo Jean and Juliette Jourdan and it was released over 2 years ago by ESMA (Ecole Superieure des Metiers Artistiques). The original can be found uploaded onto Vimeo by one of the co-directors here:
Joanna R
So love this its beautiful animation the the music one of my favourites originally sung by Ha Ah that would have made them so proud. And beautifully sang and put together. Its absolutely lovely well done John Lewis
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Well that was depressing
Leanne Brereton
When the fake JL advert turns out to be 100 times better than the real one.
Jennifer Brown
Agree, I like this better than the one chosen. Best all time was last year's Buster the Boxer.
More Animals that should be In Hibernation In the Winter. Lol.
Lynn Foster
I love this one, so much more meaningful than the official Christmas advert. Makes me cry but has the feel good factor too. Please air this one JL.
lesley james
John Lewis advert for Christmas are the best everyone else's ads are secondary xxx again made me cry 💖💖
Samantha Long
I love this advert - it shows compassion and caring. What people forget about Christmas is that it is not all about consumerism - every day 'family' and 'money' are rammed down peoples throats...............society forgets the people that are alone, people who do not have money or family/friends. The hype over Christmas starts earlier each year and yet no consideration is given to the people who have nobody or nothing. Think about how you would feel if you swapped places with them. Each year my tolerance of Christmas diminishes - I watch people grabbing food from supermarket isles and filling 3 trollies, I hear children demanding expensive toys or electronics, parents putting themselves in debt to meet the demands of children, families who spend no time together during the year feeling they have to spend Christmas day together and hating every minute of it....people have forgotten what Christmas is actually about. I am not a religious person but I thought that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus - perhaps this was wrong and it was all about money, greed, gluttony and adverts!
rafal ciejka
Better than the official adverd !!!!!!!!
Em's Vlogs
Crying . I'm so was to set off.
Henry Nurse
Sorry no
edward cohman
Not real ad
Dawn Wakefield
Much prefer the fox and the mouse one to the chosen one where a few people initially panicked because they were stuck in a cosy house during a snow storm with fuel and a full fridge and freezer. They could have at least invited the rescuers to sit and eat with them! Much more in the Christmas spirit! Cynically I expect the chosen ad allows more product placement.
Chloe Campbell
This totally should be the real advert this year
Lynn Johnstone
Think the overall message to John Lewis is 'the British public love adverts that feature animals'. Real, cartoon, animated, soft toy, doesn't really matter. We're a nation of animal lovers. Just give us soppy animal ads.
Donna Dornian
lovely, bittersweet; much better than the monster
Joy Earls
So much better and Andrea's voice like an Angel !!!!
autumn leaves
So much better than the official advert. Made me cry so much though....But such a lovely message to put across
Tim Lawrence
So much better than the monster advert
Lesley Edmonds
The real Monster one is positively horrid. This much better.
Michael Price
Far far more watchable than that stupid monster
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