Spectacular Train Collision With Snow Following Winter Storm Stella

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This train is going too fast when it reaches the train station's platform. With all the snow around, from the storm Stella, the result is this...

Location: Amtrak station in Rhinecliff, NY

About Stella:

The late winter storm, dubbed Stella, slammed the eastern seaboard and brought life to a standstill. 

The National Weather Service called it a “rapidly intensifying” storm that affected approximately 50 million people from Virginia to Maine. 

Stella comes on the heels of record-high temperatures for a short period in February in the region. 

Winter Storm Stella ‘could cost lives’ as wind and snow batters US

In Washington, DC federal government employees were told to work from home if possible or arrive three hours late. 

Parts of northern Pennsylvania reported nearly 16 inches of snow before 9 am, with the mountains there and in upstate New York recording over two feet. 

Amtrak, a popular option for travel along the Atlantic seaboard, halted all service. 

The US Postal Service also cancelled mail delivery for the day. 

In New York above-ground commuter trains and parts of subway lines ended service mid-day due to ice on the tracks and increasing thunder and rain. 

Video Credits to Nick Colvin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1P9O-kzNBZBKXHkcBxqm9g

Barrett Benton
I can imagine the person at the throttle yelling "Watch this..."
Tyler Blackwell
imagine if that was a freight train
Andrej Jančok
lol people put your mobile phones in your pocket maybe it saves your life clear message from this video
ALLEZ les fr :D
richard courchene
that's SNOW picnic (I snow what you mean)
Où vous êtes les français?
Vatigu NaViLou
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