Cami Ferrell
Kit Harrington is justπŸ˜»πŸ‘…
Noah Karmann
I have a crush on Kit Harrington
Ma. Luisa CaamaΓ±o
He really is very cute
His accent is everything 😍
Linda Baada
She's not the only one to have a crush on him ...
Rachel wagner
Don't most females have a crush on kit harrington
Epic Girl
At first when i read the title, I thought that Kit Harrington had a three year old daughter. Silly me for not reading the title lol.
GRE D1ngy
1:44 your raising her well jimmy ... THAT SOUNDED LIKE NED STARK
Jimmy Kimmel's daughter has good taste in men.
Doc Octavia
That was just to adorable 😊
Maria Alejandra Rincon
That kid's got taste
Gâkçe Zeynep
Don't we all Jane ? Don't we all ?
The Artisan Tarot
Aww she is adorable!!! I agree with her Kit Harrington is cute!
S. Y.
I like how Jimmy is so fun and always keeps it real and relaxed. He's one of my most favorite tv hosts :) <3
tfw you relate to a three year old
bailey mcmahel
Her reaction was mine exactly so
he IS cute
Thiago Mestres
Who doesn't tho
Eta L
Lol. He us cute!
Tam Nelson
His daughter has great taste!
saxndy boo
What a " hunk " he is smother than a baby's bottom " damn he is so hot !!
The Hound's Chicken
-_- eehhhh....
KK Vampire
Who else think Kit looks like more good looking version of Marco pier white
Bianca Bars
Jane has good taste
Omg he iiiiiissss cute
SarahJae LuvesCupcakes
She sounds just like the little girl I babysit
kits gonna need his mates go pro for a trip to jimmys
Josephine Mbungani
Jane is so precious
Senna Taylor
Anyone else slightly relieved that his daughter became a Kit Harington fan through the magazine cover and not because she glimpsed Game of Thrones? I got really worried for a second, like, I wouldn't recommend GOT for most people under 12
Snoopy 101
What would have made this interview better is if Jane came out on stage to give Kit a hug!
Yoda Ydyxz
He's got the ugliest baby I've ever seen so far
Yoda Ydyxz
He's got the ugliest baby I've ever seen so far
Yoda Ydyxz
He looks younger and thinner on the magazine
Oh waaaaw even a three years old baby girl makes him blush
Yopi Chanthalangsy
He IS cute!
August Heart
Was I the only one that searched "Paw Patrol" after watching this video ?
What if you were about to have intercourse with Kit and you just go:
"Oh, the King of the North Rises..."
Little Jane one of us
Straight Outta Markarth
jimmy kimmel lets his 3 Old year girl watch game of thrones?
celeste Sparks
she's cute😍😍😍
Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton
His hairline is so uneven it bothers me.
Tanita Franco
😍 Kit have the cutest smile 😍
Greta M.
He looks like a college philosophy professor in those glasses. The cute one all of the students have a crush on.
O Fletcher
lol wow even a 3yo recognized all that gorgeousness
Mindy Foster
Me too.
Zabdy Mena
He looks too old with those glasses take them off , and choose ones that make you look hansdome as always please β™₯
Joy Choe
Same, little girl, same here.
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