Nerf War: Payback Time 15

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In this episode of Twin Toys, twin kids, Eli and Liam fall for another Daddy prank in order to teach the kids the importance of family and brotherhood. While they are in the hunt for Daddy, Mommy has a big surprise for the twins to celebrate one year of giving payback to Daddy and what better way to celebrate then get equipped with new upgraded Nerf guns that are modified to penetrate any enemy that stands in their way, like Daddy. After trying to execute their Payback Time Nerf strategies, Daddy counters all of their moves and before he finishes off Daddy he has to face against his once trustworthy teammate, Baby Camden. Will Baby Camden save the day from Daddy's crazy plans and get their revenge from Daddy's evil life lesson pranks?

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Omar Playz
Do a animal attack
brandy scholer
I love your videos
Your mother is coll
Florencia Rojas
Eli liam DIEGO
Brian Wang
I like the music you put in❤️🎵🎶
Mariah Melquist
I'm not saying daddy sucks , it's just it looks bad
Mariah Melquist
Daddy's serious face is the worst
Nasongrg 1
Fuck you dad just kidding
RealXbombStudio RealXbombStudio
Geometry dash
Sara Settlemire
Cheyenne Folden
David May
Do another payback time please
Cheapshot faze.1234
Love you guys, Your video are Awesome!!!😎😎. Plus I rang the bell
Steven Tibbetts
What are those gold and black nerf guns called
Rob And Valerie Stead
Go cam cam go! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
enzo knol
Karina Diaz De Leon
Bunny Nation333
19 Darkman vn
19 Darkman vn
wazeera mohaamed azhar hajiar
Quan Diu
lol? 5:38
S.C.P 049
I honestly dislike the fact that this video is painting the father as the bad although he is actually teaching a good lesson otherwise good vid
stop cancer
My name tells the story
stop cancer
Lucas Schwalbach
I love your video so much
Baby Lian
Master of Gaming
Why dad so mean
Nadia Felicien
Umbrella Corp
you should do []NERF HIDE & SEEK IN THE DARK[]
Σακης yugioh Ραλλιος
αυτή ειναι πλουσιοι εεεεεε.Εχουν παραπολα NERF δηλαδη 123.123.456
ryan Browning
I knew cam cam would do it
Go cam cam
John Maven Rodriguez
i will deliver 10000000 dolars becase i am rich
Johnny Deppps
Yes baby camed you RULE!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Brett Foreso
Veronica Monnot
you guys are awsome
Christian Flinn
What was the dad playing in the beggning. It looked like fun and I want to try it :3
Joan Marcos
Make more
Edvaldo Segundo
GG khan kham
Quinell Bohannon
Deborah Cheatham
The Elite Pokemon
don’t worry the calvarys here
Saige Weaver
Aussam videos
Liam Skinker
Can I have a nerfgun
Liam Skinker
Camden is my favorite I am going to call him little pro
محمد جحفلي
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