My Opinion
I want to shoot Moz
She's faking it, bloody attention seeker.
Curtis Clan
Victoria Sherlock
She's a first class dickhead
she should be crying that 7 million quid was spent on this pc non- christmas tripe, john lewis could have given one million quid to 7 charities , and filmed their ceo saying " instead of a expensive self promoting ad this year we are giving some money to lonely old people, and g.o.s.h, and cancer research know something in the spirt of christmas not this drivel. john lewis won't get my cash this christmas
Sheltered life
Fake attention seeker! Get Real People 😐
what a joke ... they are getting paid for this .... forced laughter
Owen Sharples
Pathetic bitch the advert is shite get real but makes sense people on TV will back it and say it's the best one
Allan Anderson
Stupid bitch. This is why women should never have been given the vote.
James Field
How pathetic can you get!!!
Anthony Wall
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