Princess Ella's World
Hey guys I just finished uploading a new Harley Quin video. You can check it out by clicking the link. Love you guys Ella xoxo
Deelana Thurston
I. Love. You
Lyla Delaney
You have tornd into hurliy qwin
Keyly's Face
Can u do a house tour?
Ncamsile Dlamini
Who's under killer clowns mask
Eugene Barnes
cuz got a point
Patricia Castellano García
mi parte favorita es cuando acaba :v
Sandy Austin
I liked the part when u whacked the clown
Carmella NY
I love to watch you your awesome. Love this!
Santy Puentes
Santy Puentes
Jxhzhmsmjbxmn vmNhmNbj
Susan Reeder
when you put the chojer on and it magically harliegh quinn was you lol my fav video
Whitestone mountain lion brigades
and subbed👍👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂😂
Whitestone mountain lion brigades
awesome Job done👌👍💪😸
Stephanie Rivera
when you hit the clown that was my fraive part
Antonio Saunders
Alexis Roderick
If that happened 2 me I would have been going black cat on the creepy clown
Lonnell Fountain
Sara's Channel
Kicked him in the face.
Sara's Channel
I killed a killer clown once.
ahsoka tano
I love how she just hits the clown I want Harley to hit joker like that
ahsoka tano
The dog is so funny he is like "hey hey hey! What are you doing?" A real dog would be barking
Zanyah Goods
when you bet the clown up
Norma Herrera
Norma Herrera
Amy Jones
My favourite part was you turning into Harley quin✌💖😍😘😎
Harley Quinn outfit
i look like it 2
When she smacked the gum in her mouth was hot if you closed your eyes sounded like she sucked cock deep
Aranxa Huencho
Ella Citrano
When she was chewing the gum omg
Patricia Castellano García
madre mía la niña se cree demasiado :v
Patricia Castellano García
I like Harley Quinn but not the new one :/
Simon Cowell
What is this cancer
Who licked me
Poop 💩🍒🌶🌶🌶 in your pants 👖
Ricky Anglea
The collar turned her into Harley Quinn
Ricky Anglea
Emelyn Fragoso
not evan close to act Harley quinn
i am she,s crazy and so am i your not crazy anyways i,m popular that why dummy
Liz and Sofias Littlest pet shops Rivas
Miss sassy pants not a hater lol I love this vid tho
Valentin Fuentes
Niña.mimada. :v
Valentin Fuentes
No metan. A. Suisis. Quat. En esto. Lo. Escribi mal
Gradison Welcher
I hope I can have these outfit
Jenny Mccubbin
I love ur channel
Jim heartbreak ridge
I love you
Jim heartbreak ridge
Your pretty
Lilia Baron
corinna mull
You beat up the killer clown
John-Nycya Stevenson
my little girl's favorite part of the video was when you kick the clowns but
Stanley McCoy
when you kicked the clowns but
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