Harley Quinn takes out the creepy scary killer clown and saves Christmas. (New skit)

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Hey guys, so its skit day and I have been planning this one for awhile now. Well that stupid killer clown is back and this time he tries to steal my Christmas presents. I got lucky that he dropped a magic choker that turned me into Harley Quinn. After a quick conversation with my bat I decided to take him out once and for all. I kicked his butt and I was able to get back all the things he had stolen. Daddy even got his truck back! Thank you guys so much for watching and please remember to Like, share and subscribe.

Princess Ella's World
Hey guys I just finished uploading a new Harley Quin video. You can check it out by clicking the link. Love you guys Ella xoxo
Matheus Souza Santos
Gbps li York inf 7ogjn jgd u8ph
Dipper Pines
I love when you beat up the Clown
boss king
You kicking his butt
Ana Pacheco
You look so cute with that horly Quinn I wish I was you
Janine Herbert
Owwwww he steeling
jenzer Vazquez
My favorite part was when you beat the clowns blah
JaydenBoss Playz
I. want to be her
Joshua Cox
When you turned into Harley Quinn
Vicki Hollingsworth
favorite part of the video you kicking the Clown's butt
charlie37 YT
Biraz deli ve salaksın seni anlamıyorum neden 1 insa videolarında hava atarki
breaths in boi get the clown already!!!!
Belissa Arteaga
i like the part when you kick his but ☺☺
isabella para meninas e meninos
Senait Abraha
I like the Harley queen
Igor Puchalski
The girl is beauteflue
Landon Bartelson
I ment ceck
Landon Bartelson
Deck out my YouTube channel #landonbartelson
Landon Bartelson
The clown when you beat up the Clown
Crafts & Gaming Girl
Is this real plz tell me if this is real I am geting really scared
You kick his but
Brian Estrada
i was hoping the clown got away with all the 🎁
aquela menina e muito si achona
Mundo da Mariah Gonçalves Oliveira
Scott Woodley
The way she ate was NASTY
Joanne Powell
Joanne Powell
love you
Joanne Powell
Joanne Powell
Kristen Thompson
You are cool
Zacharria Williams
Brianna Fowler
You being Harly qwine
Jennifer Reynolds
I like for you switched over to Harley Quinn and I love your videos and I hope y’all make another one about Harley Quinn and do you want about slime to but I love your video so so much and airy scribd and I put on the thing
Caillouandbros gamer
Oh and fifth of all you funny
elaine sousa
Quem ai e do brasil?
andrestrax guarez
maria Eduarda
sugger pop
i love your harlie quin your perfect to be in a new movie of harlie quin
MlgDiamondGamin XD
Suicide squad 2 now features pennywise the dancing clown
Jake Larkin
Are you from Texas??
Tatiana Maria Freitas Sousa
Não é tão assustado✌
hate you😆
John Mendoza
Ur so!... Cute....😘
Harley Quinn
Ilove you 😘😘😘
Kaltrina Beqiri
7th w
Panda_ Lovecraft
Hi princess i love a Harley kina
kally Welch
Roseilaine Louis
That's probably his DAD!
Roseilaine Louis
Why did't the dog do nothing!
los de la cuadra quitero
es tu pida
reforço da Brunna
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