Mike Miller
It's Garage. NOT GARRAGE
$900,000 on the Daytona dumbfuck
My first garage find is a lawn mower..........………
PopularMMOs Fan
I will name all the cars I know

Dodge Charger, Ford Deluxe 1932, Ford Coupe, Lamborghini, Dodge Challenger and Jeep Hellcat
Anthony Valdez
#1 looks like Plymouth Superbird
Daniel Khattar
are u the owner of viral vehicles
Rodney Miles
Cool video...by the way that is a Thunderbird @ 2:50 and the vette was a straight inline 6.
Larry Allard
When the narrator intros the Corvette, the video shows a Ford Thunderbird, and the original engine was not a V6, it was an inline 6, Blue Flame special.
Why do you Auction it? Like that Ferrari Daytona its not theirs.
Why do they just Auction it?
Yukita Kimahara ゆきた きまはら
why are they always at barns?
The Hunter
We found a 1969 charger on our farm we just bought.
Jebediah Gentry
Great, but at the intro to the vette barn find, the car you see drive up is a thunderbird, not a vette
Chris Freely
I wonder how much would my 1999 Camry be worth in 100 years!
Chris R
You showed a Ford Thunderbird not a Corvette
viral vehicles? :v
Nice video and a thumbs up for you.
Elina Zvirgzdina
Make the ninja magazine
Daniel Sanchez
Poor Daytona
cole taylor
well i found my nuts in yall old ladies guts in my barn
cole taylor
well i found my nuts in yall old ladies guts in my barn
cole taylor
well i found my nuts in yall old ladies guts in my barn
The Venom Hoon
So many mistakes.

The most offensive one is that you called a Ford Thunderbird a Chevrolet Corvette
Dude, the corvette had an inline six, not a V6. Know your cars or just don't talk about them.
The C1 Corvette never had a V6, it had a Blue Flame I6. V6s should belong only in Camrys.
Adrian Martin
I found a ferrarri f40 in a abandond house and made it into a BEAST
Lazar Kaganovič
Am I the only one who thinks the prices that these cars have fethced are really low?
Doug Willard
restore on that Daytona would be 50k plus...I know where one is in illinois
Sloth Demon
i found a 1998 opel sintra in my garage when i first moved to my new house
Lester Mayer
Spring retain paint late content sense afraid question cross.
So whats the rule on if you find a car where the original owner has passed and no relatives at all to claim the vehicle do I have to get a salvage title im asking cause I literally found an original cobra car and its not a kit car its original 100% and if I can get this car legally for free wouldn't you. So I am asking a real question on how I go about getting this amazing car and bringing it back to its glory.
Why do they sell it in auction?? Its not their car.
My grandpa had an Austin 7 but his friend crashed it
The California Garage
Anyone else cringe when he said Chevrolet Corvette and shows a ford thunderbird
Jared Sundstrom
That Corvette did not have a v6. It has an inline 6, very, very big difference between the two. I don't know how so many people can mess that up.
this aint forza horizon 3
Jeri Atrix
The Austin Healey "frog eye" would be an AH Sprite, not a full size AH.
Selma Hidayat
The old Austin Seven is not Mr. Bean's car because he owned an old Mini Cooper. I almost thought it was until I noticed that the old Seven has a shorter hood.
Rebeca Castro
The Austin seven is a Mini Cooper
205mph em ....
Red Bull gaming
The Chevrolet Camaro and the Pontiac firebird was realeased in 1966
To put number 1 in perspective... the dodge Daytona costed about $4,000 dollars new
Lol my best find was not even a car :/ but I found a iphone 2 G in my basement and it was with the box
Auto Auction Classics
gsäz gsäz
that slimey little punk
richard rawlings is everywhere.
i hate those tv show hosts...
Joseph Guillen
I found a 1967 lamborghini miura south of the horizon festival does that count
The first shot of the Daytona was the Wisconsin car the had been outside for years. Not in a barn in Alabama. and at 2:52 That's a Thunderbird... :/ And as other have pointed out, it was not a v-6

If you're going to make videos like this, at least get it right...
samatron hi
what about that 30 million bugatti from the 30s no fine
Toro Italiano
3:04 Corvettes never had a V6!
V6 Corvette....... Really?
Dano Tha5th
0:24 is just a british taxi
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