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krishan gopal nama
ईशान नामा
HTw0nB0y yy
im brown skinburned so yeah
Inayatullah Khan
Isha Hivanshita
What is hydrogen peroxide???
Where to get it in Mauritius?
Esther Nelly Krumah
deora priyanka
what can I use instead of shea butter
Saba Inatat
Kia daily 30 days tak use krna ha. .Plz inform me
ayesha sweety
Excèllent stuff and its works Thanks
Areesha Amira
can we use vinegar instead of lemon?
Is this work in face?
Umir Hanif
Hi there thanks for helping ppl
But just wanna know how to keep clean joints of fingers &a hand plz reply thanks
love heart
Can 12 years old girl use this tip
Niyu Shah
Which company shea butter we Hv to use
Prankster Gangster
So many Indians
NeonFlame 76
leyla pierre
do lime work somebody please help me???????
Eda Tasdemir
what langauge was this
honey makes ur facial hair white, is it true???
Saleha Khan
Mam,can we use simple butter?
Android mobile special feature
Mam where should i buy the hydrogen peroxoid
Ali ahmed
00966550388678 my what'sup number I want girl friend😍
we can apply this on face or not ...or this is only for arm n legs
Anas Ali Mohammad
Lekin abhi orange ka season nhi Hai phir kia Karen ? Orange k replace per kuch ho to ?
karthika k s
can v use it on our face......
Please reply me..
Nelson Elzein
hola! did someone tried this solution?
Morium Rahman
Ur 1hand is whiter than others
Gina Cook
When I was little I looked white and now look medium tan can someone please give me a way to get rid of the long term tan I already use likas papaya soap but the effects of the soap do not last very long I have fairly sensitive skin so I cannot try anything too extreme for example rubbing raw lemon on to my skin as it results in dryness please help and fast!!!
scrub for 25 mins ?????
maham kashish
can we use something else instead of shea butter ??
Saicharan maguluri
Zalima Khan
nice Acha meri eyes pr darkness bhot use remove krne ki tips bataye plz
Tanu Dhusia
is there any other alternative for orange.??
But..I want to do my whole body . That's gonna be hard.
Shivani Sharma
hlo mam plzzz skin whitening tea bnao koi ek h jo aapki safed jeera vali h vo market m available nahi h yha soo plzz mam koi or tea bnao
Sabina Yasmin
Can i use this in my face???
Ajit Kumar
hi if this thing's is not available in market so what we do
Ruhina Shaikh
duniya Kahan se Kahan pahonch gayi par aaj bhi log gore hone ke nuske dhoond rahe hain.Actually ur skin colour must not make u different from others. hit like if you agree with me....
Mani Saki
Mani Saki
Dolly Kedia
mam ...apne jis butter ke bare me bataya h ...agr vo butter mere pass aviable ni h so wht should i do....
Saira Ali
the first one can be used on face 😕
Jenny Begum
Where can I get hydrogen per oxide. I couldn't find it anywhere
football sports Official
hey! i'm fan of yours, i would like to use your videos for my websites it will help my websites to grow and you will get more views and traffic to your channel please allow me to use your videos please thank oyu very much:-).
leah G
Does it work
Smart Menas
and what is Shea butter
Dank Memes
This works.. but I wouldn't recommend putting it on your face if you have sensitive skin
Smart Menas
where can I find the hydrogen peroxide ?
Kaipi Kappa
The accent tho indian proof
m kla
racism is a form of violence
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