I'm a Psychopath | Hannah Stocking

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Hannah Stocking
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Does anyone like to drink orange juice after brushing their teeth?
newrule .05
the ending is deep tbh
Tenshi Chan
Her neck tho
Daniella Daxey
Hahhahahaha ilysm
Alysis Muniz
Can I fuck you up
Alysis Muniz
I feel in love
Summer Dancy
Nice video
bruce Wayne
I'm a sociopath
Kelsey The Unicorn
Hannah in crazy mode is literately me all the time😂
Skylar Noonan
ME OOOO ME ME ME! (Tastes good sigh :D)
X Wolfie MSP
Am i the only one that watches vid then watches outro 10 times? Okay ik
Diax Jon
I Soviet Garlic Gamer الثوم الوفيتي جيمر
Really orange juice?
Antoonio Martinez
I love you ❤️❤️❤️
Joseph Castricone
2:11 xD I lost it♥♥😂😂😂😖
Victoria Corby
For everyone saying this was copied from a TED talk she said at the start it was based off a true story. The true story she is talking about is the true story about Tony's life which the TED talk recounted not created so she does not have to give credit to the TED talk, only the fact it is based off of a true story and not made by her. Like this so everyone can see it.
charlotte fink
Awesome video👌
Nikola Jancewicz
Lol soooooo funny
Somthing Ha
hana mohamed
what is her outro song please
Avery Lothamer
I drink orange juice after I brush my teeth! -Hannah stocking 2017
Butterfly Girl
Yeah I like to
crysta Roblox and more
what story is this??
Zombiekiller 9
ewwww ive brushed my teeth and drank orange juice
Sharae Burris
flashback at 3:30 did anyome notice how he closed his laptop and it immediately came open
Yahir Borges
Lmao she fell down in the seat when she sit
gg palmes
So after six years In the prisonforpyschopaths her hair and face and everything still looks stunning
trevyna barnes
What a player
Serena Perez
I like how this is a rip-off of the tedtalk “strange answers to a psychopath test”. It’s slightly changed but you should give credit to the person who story your making money off of
Julia Tabb
Mental health is not a joke you have to be kidding me I'm seriously not trying to hate but you can't take this stuff lightly take it from someone who knows
linda linda Queiroz
Nvetta White
Hannah you are beautiful
fan logan paul
Noura 2002
Lol 3:30-3:31 what the hell he just closed his laptop.
Evelyn Kim
He goes to my school omg
Camryn VB
Men always find reasons to hate on everything that viners make don’t they? They’re always making excuses for their irrational behavior
Ruth Neighbor
5:15 "Unbelivable" 😂🤣
Cred Regala
Love ya Hannah!!
John Huffy
Just came across this girl and I like her style. Also her crazy act really turns me on. Subscribed!
Polly Xander
Are you Jew?
Perla Macias
100 Subscriber challenge
Why is she so good at acting crazy
Sinem Serçe
3.29 he closes the laptop and it's opening at 3.31 wtf 😄
I love it Hernandez207
Asho Hiir
not me I hate orange jucie
Katie Heckelsberg
Hannah you are my favorite YouTuber
Shaya Iles Acott
Hi Hannah BNA 😘
Hey I'm Paula
when will people stop using "Psychopath" as a joke smh
ҜΞИSΞI_ Gameplay
Outro song pls?
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