Damsel x
Marbles is such a cute old man
its sooo mean
Anni Tuulia
This just makes me happy😆
Jenna Moody
every single one of their tails are down 😂😂 they're probably like "really ma, we have to keep doing this shit to make us money and support our bday parties? you cant just get a real job and leave us the fuck alone?"
Holly B. Nails
Is peach bigger than caermeht?
But stuck on you is a great movie
oh my i used to think julia roberts and sandra bullock were the same person when i was little lol!
Cloths deos nut halp Cerment graow.
xXAwkward AmayaXx
you know.......I used to think Kevin Heart was Kanye so.......I dont think that any more...just yea
Oli Lee
jesus you're wearing crocs jenna why
Trit ian
your dogs are the best part about your channel by far. i so badly want an italian greyhound and absolutely the next dog I get will be one. I have a ShihTzu and a westy right now =D
where'd u get ur sweatshirttttttttttttt
SilverStar Roblox
not my real name
Peach isn't playing your fucking games jenna.
Alina Maryanov
2:55 your welcome
Зоя Артахинова
Сахалар баргыт дуо ?)
Jenna hey :3 you pretty girl 🍩
4:11-4:16 juliens laugh makes it 10 times funnier😂😂
Susannah Dances
You could have bought 4 dog sweaters, one that fits each dog... and sew the sweaters together... - ha, just as I typed this you said you bought them sweatshirts you'd hot glue together! so you got it!
Mallory Redmon
OMG Kermit's face at Gildie!
Mo Vlogs
what breed is the one dog that's not normally in the videos?
Taylor Rushing
When you thought you've seen it all...😂😂
Zoe Long
Omg when peach and Kermit were just walking , I'm dying
Jane Ww
3:48 cermet: dat thing jast has no manners!
Pierce the Marisa
Jessie Nasr
are we not going to talk about her choice footwear
Lena's Life
Wow, You're 29 years older than me :)
alexis wallace
My dogs go crazy when Jennas' intro comes on😂
Maureen Sweeney
Rock those Crocs Jenna 2:55
Johanne holt
You can tell you mum that celebration in Norwegian is "selskap" or "feiring" 😂🇳🇴
I love your canel
Burrito Rice
They would have been fluffy with out your moms dog!😂
Burlyslacker 33
Iz marbles dead
Lois Boot
those crocs tho
Ida Kristine
Feiring is celebration on norwegian😂
Glacy Mint
hi. I'm an adult. I'm not telling my age

I'm just an adult

I just made slime

and it's the best thing that I've ever made.

I have no purpose for it

but it's fun
Momo No Soda
The other guy looks like Jason Momoa and Johnny Depp had a baby
Lisa Lynn
This is my all time favorite Jenna video. I have watched it over and over when I need a laugh.
Ingrid F Sundby
Celebrating in Norwegian is Feire😂😂
Autumn The Wreck
Why has no one mentioned that Jenna is wearing HECKING CROCKS????
The Secret Life of Dogs
ur mom's dog looks like a small Airedale terrier
Magnet T
It's like American horror stories
Prem Desai
I don't like this new dog.
wait i thought debbie was allergic to pets...?
Autumn Reicherts
I dont know how... but I missed this video until now and its like I got a SUPER SECRET BONUS VIDEO THIS WEEK- WOOOOO!
Fernanda ortiz salazar
Quality content
Candy Fairy
jennas mums dog is hilarious! so active (the opposite of marbles )
Jake Wheeler
Legit thought the picture frame was my volume bar for a hot minute
Causal Claudz
i mean 7%
Causal Claudz
now it's on 10%
Causal Claudz
Guys,i can't buy a charger for my phone bc my mom is to "poor" and i need a charger bc both of my chargers are broke and my phone is on 11%
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