Big Stank
tell em Spicy!
Volsmet Tacos
"You literally could not have helped me"
Volsmet Tacos
In real life it's called a fence
Nunya Business
so we're building this wall only to later tear it down and build a new one?
Niklas Gestlöf
The part that really puts the sherry on top of the stupidwall is that once the wall is longer than 40 miles, aka a distance where it becomes an actual inconvenience to just drive around the wall. People are just gonna break the new wall. and when they do it's gonna cost a hell of a lot more than "Almost a thousand bucks!" Quite ironically by a factor of almost a thousand...
I just wish we could electrify it, putting sings of course so the libs won't freak.
What an ass this guy. To answer his idiotic question. YES we are satisfied no illegal will be able to cross it.
DC Professional
Look at Sean's eyes! He clearly is not a happy camper and can have a good night's sleep. I feel sorry for his wife sleeping next to a guy tossing and turning all night long. All I can say is, be careful what you ask for. He probably thought originally this would look good on his CV but not now.
Tomas Viane
I'm sure Trump said that Mexico was going to pay for "The Wall".
I don't recall them paying for a fence.
what a bunch of bulls**t...first of all they had the slides and his speech already prepared for someone to ask that was already planned these briefings are a joke...he was reading off a script the whole time....what a joke
rick mcmillan
Only spicy can put up a picture of a fence An call it a wall hahaha . Awesome 👏 .
Erol Bafto
Not sure if I'm watching SNL or the real thing...
Christopher Oehrli
That "wall" is a wall like my ass is the moon
Raven E
I love Spicy
are they actually arguing over the semantics of the name of the wall? these reporters are retarded
Audrey Madison
why not instead of stopping people from getting into the US, the US spends money on making the people of Mexico want to stay? Idk just a thought.
Banana Phone
How deep underground does it go? Don't see a problem in digging a tunnel under it
Douglas Brinker
what is the whole point of building a wall if the can dig tunnels under it
We Chinese did it thousands of years ago, its called the Great Wall of China and it didn't work.
Abigail Elizabeth
these idiots really think that a wall is going to stop drugs and human trafficking??
Khallela Barracks
I loved that caption. "SPICED"
External power
What a joke.
Louis Kévin
Man you shouldn't see our borders in Europe you would have a heart attack, it would be more freedom than you could bear :/
Let me just say something...if someone is taking that much of a measure to move from their country to ours...I doubt they are doing it to get off with a little kid or sell drugs. The only other time I can think of someone digging under a damn shield and cutting through the other end is out of a desperate escape. That's all.
Andrew Tomazos
He was proud he put together a PowerPoint
Zaki De Luca
Sean Spicer please do not answer to this stupid report.This reporter hate this Country they do only FAKE NEWS
what doesnt this dude get?....
The stupidity of the left is mind-numbing and infuriating.
Russell Thayer
People are getting way too technical about this. Clearly, President Trump couldn't predict exactly what technology would be suggested and affordable to employ along the border. If it were any other politician, the Nation would see nary a hole patched until at least his second term. And even then, maybe.
CROW Rivera
Tax Payers Money Down The Drain...... McFlys At Its Best...
John Who.knows.his.stuff
Build that wall!!!
seadooman o
trump is correct to protect us from terrorism and illegals its the law period
Additional proof that conservatism is a mental disorder.
Bad Santa
THE WALL WILL BE BUILT. It is not optional. Listen to these tools clammer away. It is happening. Do these people understand how government procurement even works?
burningbombay alias burning
another brick in the wall
Sooooo fuckin funny when he snaps
I prefer Melissa...
I thought we weren't paying for it??
Iblis Azazel
He's gay an wants dick, here look mountian
Did any of those retards go to school? Facepalm
Brandon Alan
No wonder Spicer is always so worked up. These reporters are idiots lol
Kenny S
"that is called a leve wall on the left and that is called a Ballard wall"
"so thats not a wall thats a leve wall"
It's not "rio grand valley" it's "The Rio Grande Valley" and they can shove that stupid fence up their ass, we been goin under and over and straight through there "border walls" for years and years. Making it a little taller is just gonna waste taxpayer money.
wow, Spicer flat out embarassed that guy. Watch how his question slightly changes each time he gets owned bc he knows he is on the loosing side haha
LOL at the reporter for not understanding wtf a Wall is... his preconceptions of such are sterotypical, and abysmal... have u seen how difficult the steel pillars are to traverse over? they are effectively walls
Hey Canada
...Another one of Trump's gang full of Baloney... who doesn't have the
slightest respect for Truth.......

..... Millions of Americans, World Leaders, and the Whole World are
watching the White House these days ...speechless!!!!!...from the
beginning they have been watching that Gross and Highly Disrespectful
President using women insults like "Pussy Grabbing" ( caught saying on a
live video ..)....."Menstrual Blood" ( referring to Megyn Kelly
)....Racial and Discriminatory insults to Judges, Minorities, Military
Staff, Reporters and even to Members of his Administration....., Domestic
and Foreign Set-backs, ... Frictions with World Leaders,
....Contradictions within the Administration Staff and the President,
...Inaccuracy and Mistakes while dealing with Important Domestic and
Foreign Issues, ......Serious Allegations That Have Been Proven Wrong,
..... Legal and Criminal Investigations going on against the President
and his Staff, .........etc...etc...etc...

If Hillary Clinton was a liar and Obama a bad far the
Trump Administration is a real "Disaster" !!!!!!!!!!... ( to use one of
Trump's favorite words..... ). Donald Trump has lost the Moral Right to
criticize the Obama Administration....his Administration hasn't proven
to be wiser, more accurate, more effective, and much better than Obama
to be able to criticize him...., on the contrary......!

..." Men have died from time to time and worms have eaten them, but not for love "...( W. Shakespeare ).
Shirlee Kent
they fencing you all in
Edgot Harbas
hot blond chick, right corner!!
sadly.. spicy seems more educated than the reporters in this video...
Jon Doe
Not a wall or a fence.. hmmmmmm sounds like false promises.
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