Nikola Ralev
Добре ли си? Как си? Имаш ли проблеми с галвоболието.... Имаш ли нужда от разговор? Имаш ли нужда да погожориш с някого? Разговаря ли ти се по принцип? Ами сега? Да пиша ли, че няма време или да чакам да се успокоиш докато аз имам нужда от същите неща. Цялата истина трябва да излезе на яве, няма друга възможност, няма друга опция.... Това е реалността - щеш или не щеш
Nikola Ralev
If I write it in Bulgarian - would you feel better.... or this sounds like a rethorical question
Nikola Ralev
Do you feel Ok lately... headaaches.... loss of conscies, conscious loss of balance, dropfalls .... circulating pain in head because of the movement of circulation not just the reason which is the huge pain and the cause for the headche
Nikola Ralev
Are you crazy? Are you OK? Are you expecting Russian Tanks from Mexico, or Brazilia is going to move to the North
Nikola Ralev
God those arms on the suit get this guy a tailor lol
Eddie Romero
We should let RACIST MEXICANS Drug cartels, Muslims Terrorists coming and Lazy FRAUDULENT CUBANS TAKE OVER THE UNITED STATES.
Per Omnia
#BuildTheWall my president DONALD J TRUMP
This LIAR is OUT! Scaramucci is doing the house cleaning... Go Scaramucci! F*ck those Repubs. There is God!
Catalina Williams
whatever is 20ft divide both countries it won't be a ppl stopper but is better than what we have right now in terms of looks. Prez Trump just wants to have a legacy with this wall businesses. Because it will certainly not stop ppl from coming in iilegaly.
Brother Joseph
This is such bull, this is not what Trump said when we hired him! Put a ding China wall up with some gun Towers 200 ft back from the fences that's all you got to do. See folks this is what happens when we hire a president, they always go back on their word.
Karin slumanap
what about the tunnels!
Kimberly Gabriel
Karen Sternberg stalking scuz 🐷
Tupacstole Mybike
"hes using the best technology" 4:55

lol I can buy that fence at home depot. what is this guy sayinggg!!??!
Lol Spicer is like the first day substitute teacher being bullied by professional trolls, this is comedy gold
Robert Richardson
Its over now Spicey. Take your slides and go home. We hardly knew you. Who's next: Sessions?
Dale Toney
Was it just me or was that reporter asking retarded questions. It is a wall. A levee wall. It is called a levee wall. "But is that a wall or a fence?" ....
Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
Hadrian's wall!!
Joel P
Lol, who cares if it's a "wall or a fence" if it gets the job done.
Angel Kixks
American is really stupid asf 😂😂💀
maan this guy was an idiot..thank God he's gone
No this is Patrick
I am about as liberal as you can get. And i am pro immigration, i think immigrants make America really strong.

But people should not be able to drive a truck over our current wall/fence. that needs to change. (not saying we need a 20 foot wall tho)
Vance Mutimer
Make america great again!
Jason heerebout
There media are as bad as the politicians....which are like children
Just push them back with the podium Mr. Spicer, throw that thing if you have to, they just don't get it.
Jman 2081
Eat a dick fake news!
Ares Díaz
I hope they build a wall
Harvie Childers
What damn difference does it make. A fence or a wall as long as it keeps them out!
Gita Avrilandy
why building a wall? isn't the south american ilegals imigrant built the tunnel under the ground... so it just useless wall...
Josh Matthews
There are 2 HOT girls in the audience in the beginning (red: left / blue: right)
Johnny Wad
I think Trump is an idiot but the reporter arguing over whether something is called a fence or a wall...come on.
Heated? That wasn't heated lol
Big Stank
tell em Spicy!
Volsmet Tacos
"You literally could not have helped me"
Volsmet Tacos
In real life it's called a fence
Nunya Business
so we're building this wall only to later tear it down and build a new one?
Niklas Gestlöf
The part that really puts the sherry on top of the stupidwall is that once the wall is longer than 40 miles, aka a distance where it becomes an actual inconvenience to just drive around the wall. People are just gonna break the new wall. and when they do it's gonna cost a hell of a lot more than "Almost a thousand bucks!" Quite ironically by a factor of almost a thousand...
I just wish we could electrify it, putting sings of course so the libs won't freak.
What an ass this guy. To answer his idiotic question. YES we are satisfied no illegal will be able to cross it.
DC Professional
Look at Sean's eyes! He clearly is not a happy camper and can have a good night's sleep. I feel sorry for his wife sleeping next to a guy tossing and turning all night long. All I can say is, be careful what you ask for. He probably thought originally this would look good on his CV but not now.
Tomas Viane
I'm sure Trump said that Mexico was going to pay for "The Wall".
I don't recall them paying for a fence.
what a bunch of bulls**t...first of all they had the slides and his speech already prepared for someone to ask that was already planned these briefings are a joke...he was reading off a script the whole time....what a joke
rick mcmillan
Only spicy can put up a picture of a fence An call it a wall hahaha . Awesome 👏 .
Erol Bafto
Not sure if I'm watching SNL or the real thing...
Christopher Oehrli
That "wall" is a wall like my ass is the moon
Raven E
I love Spicy
are they actually arguing over the semantics of the name of the wall? these reporters are retarded
Audrey Madison
why not instead of stopping people from getting into the US, the US spends money on making the people of Mexico want to stay? Idk just a thought.
Banana Phone
How deep underground does it go? Don't see a problem in digging a tunnel under it
Douglas Brinker
what is the whole point of building a wall if the can dig tunnels under it
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