Baby Reindeer Loves Hugs!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, tis the season…to HUG A REINDEER!

You read that right, Coyote met an orphaned baby reindeer in Alaska and it ended up being one of the friendliest animals we’re ever featured on Breaking Trail. We think it goes without saying that little Blitzen would make an excellent addition to Santa’s team one day!

Get ready to witness the most adorable holiday video of the season…oh and LOTS of Reindeer hugs! 

Happy Holiday’s Coyote Pack! 

HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. If you’d like to make plans to hug this reindeer yourself please visit his website for information on booking a visit today! -

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Galaxy Shark
Me: * Walking on hiking trail *

Me: AAAAWWWW A REINDEER!!!!!! * faints *

2 hrs later

Me: * wakes up with face wet * OH IRENE SLOBBER!!! AWESOME REINDERR SLOBBER!
Shayla Tilley
Benji McCall-Me boo
Coyote Petersen kind of reminds me of what it would be if Vsauce Michael had a long lost Cousin!
Casey Cole
So cute!!!!
Shajed GT
Sooooooo cute
Phoenix Blade
I looks like the baby reindeer is walking u
QTsquishies -INDO
coo kyuut
QTsquishies -INDO
baby sven in real life! XD
Savage Man
I'm coyote Peterson and I'm going to eat an oatmeal raisin cookie instead of chocolate chip.
Angie Flower
My lil sis was like they stole santa rain deer
I don't know what that reindeer is eating but he's lycan it.
James Daoust
Where's my 2017 squad?!
Makenzi Dixon
He sure loves milk going fast
Ralfs Rit
if a wolf came running at the baby raindeer Blitson id punch it its too cute 0w0
Emily Jelassi cute!! reindeer cuddles :D <3
forest doggo <3
Trystan Farah
That baby reindeer is so cute!
Jacob Nance
My pet rock died today can i get 10 likes?
Coyote sounds a lot like Mike from Vsauce
Jack Leeper
"Ah, he seems to be getting tired..."
Reindeer jumps up and sprints away
that reindeer gives good succ
Martti Toivonen
is it wrong to eat reindeer while watching this?
GDB Traxx
you're the best man :D
Patricia STE 2A
That was a fantastic video! Thanks Coyote!
JakeYT Mcpe and More!
the day this vid was name it was my birthday can I get 100 likes pls
Cindy mathis
You are so cool
Bob died
But can he fly? ...
Sam Gaming
Neah Nyman
we have raindeers like ants in finland
Bodhi Indra
did anyone know that even female reindeers have antlers??????????????????????????????????????
Makayla H
I kept laughing when the reindeer was chugging the milk so fast😂😂
Petrina Branch
it is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut
Beatriz _Gaurana
why do u need to risk your life just to film a video with animals
Po Tato
Oh deer it looks like its about to rein! Better take that reindeer to bed.
Po Tato
Im in the hole off cutness and i dont wanna get out
Gong Rise
😍😍 so cute!!
It's DeeDee
If the reindeer moved, and poked the dudes eye
Death Harpy
Anyone notice the really loud bells at 1:32
ziggy ashton
If running from a wolf , stick to the path and beware the moon
BlueNova 103
He is the cutest
watches reindeer sucking milk bottle like crazy
Chen Meimei
Awwwww it's so cute bliten
Professor Chaos
That wolf wanted Blitzen burgers
princess warrior2
also we have spiders,Caterpillars and scary looking bugs but my friends are discussed WHY?
princess warrior2
actually I'm a Filipina but I watch this.But why the bugs I see at our house does not bite
Hazel Jace Rhudy
A deer don't have stingers lol
JDanger videos BUTT HEAD
I also have another request for you do an episode of the King baboon tranchula
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