Baby Reindeer Loves Hugs!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, tis the season…to HUG A REINDEER!

You read that right, Coyote met an orphaned baby reindeer in Alaska and it ended up being one of the friendliest animals we’re ever featured on Breaking Trail. We think it goes without saying that little Blitzen would make an excellent addition to Santa’s team one day!

Get ready to witness the most adorable holiday video of the season…oh and LOTS of Reindeer hugs! 

Happy Holiday’s Coyote Pack! 

HUGE THANKS to Steve Kroschel and his amazing team for hosting the Brave Wilderness crew and making this video possible. If you’d like to make plans to hug this reindeer yourself please visit his website for information on booking a visit today! -

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Strife Wyoming Minecraft Gaming
Riendeer are my favorite animal
Meraj K
awww cute
Ian Hartzell
he's taking coyotes milk faster than Ryan did with brendon
Mia Hendrika Betsy Orser
so cute so cute so cute I love him he's like a tiny little raindeer
Princess Luna
Do you know Who is moosecraft
Shadow GraceWolf
I heard a howl and I *instantly started to howl and my parents thought I was crazy
*my spirit animal is a wolf
Mutt Hug
"that might be a wolf" or its a dog being abused or a Chinese restaurant
William Jackson
it cute baby Deer
Toriana Gauldin
Toriana Gauldin
Luke Martin Abiera
what the heck bro you eat gras
Kyle Rei
Coyote: Ok...m about to enter the sting zone with the bullet ant, 321!!
Coyote:ok finished now to play with a reindeer
I'm Coyote Peterson and I wear black t-shirts

In summer
Anthony Yomama
y'all know this dudes getting mad tail..
Deaven Shank
my grandma got ran over by one of those lol
Mathew Arroyo
I'm 8 and you are awesome
That one Commenter
Who else wants a pet reindeer now?
sahana ambathi
This is adorable
Donghua Xiao
I'm in the Caribou Math Contest!
XquiSite (XxZenithEaglexX)
Blitzen probably miss Coyote
you have one beard too many
i think you need to shave
JackPlayz Games
Haha he was really sucking that bottle
My name is coyote Peterson and I'm just about to

hug a wild bear

Let's see how it goes
Lutz Markus
Ting Chek Ching
so cute
I love your videos! Thank you to the team that helped produce these! 💚
im coyote peterson and im gonna eat a strawberry

WITH THE LEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think they mean carabao
Don Cooke
You are The one of the fourth favorite YouTube or's that I've seen and that I am loved
Big dog go with antlers
Blitzen got the Succ.
Jonas Jablonskis
Unknown Gamer
The thumbnail looks like an album cover😂
Dolma Dejikhangsar
Coyote getting stung by a tarantula hawk : brugh it's cool

Me with a ant crawling on me :ahahahahahahahahahahahah (Dies of being scared )
Connor Loeks
He is like a combination of a geek and a explorer
Darryl rockstar 68 Crews
how many videos have you guys made
Luma Hamrawy
4:44 Blitzen, calm down!

Luma Hamrawy
Who else hoped for the wolf to come out?
burped right in my face ahahha
Enzo Negroni
that's why santa is so warn hehe JK
Enzo Negroni
cute and cool
Crypto 502
He needs some milk
Evce Trevce
cute little reindeer
Mohammed Alhor
Us arabs also call it old mans beard just in our way ( لحية الشايب )
I just got got shocked by a reindeer, it hurts :(.
Phoebe G
that was so cute
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