Our way to say goodbye - Thank you, Audi.

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Do you remember how Audi Sport bid us welcome to the FIA WEC and the 24h of Le Mans three years ago? This is how we would like to say goodbye. Thanks for all the tough fights.

Dominik Šenkeřík
Niklas Funk
schönes video. ich als audifan bin zu tiefst entsetzte, dass Audi wegen den dum*en americanern aufhören muss.
hoffe, dass Porsche jetzt die rennen gewinnt. viel glück
sigmand pereira
Galagoogoo6 GD
Анар Рафигович
Music please
The sexual tension between Porsche and Audi is real now.
Marcos Roberto
Lol haha challenge launched !!!
cristopher jean perez villagran
almost cry, I love when these brands send messages to each other by thanking and asking them to keep giving good fights
Jennifer Choi
This made me tear up 😢❣️
uno de los mejores carros
McLaren Automotive
That's the awesome spirit of the WEC. Watch and learn, F1.
puteri ariffah huda
919 lm
McLaren Automotive
You will mever see something like that in Formula One. And thats just sad 😢😢

Great job Porsche!
Unkown known
What happen to audi???
Florian Heckmann
Andrin Sauter
The two besten Brands in the world
Attila Gero
Fantastic!!! Max Respect! 👍
Ido Davidor
Tech OH
I'm crying😱😢😢😢
black dog
They want Audi to burn all of their cash, which will make them down their shutters forever... LOL... Audi doesn't have money... let them recuperate.
abodyhassan 555
I didn't understand 😔
alexandru vaduva
This is pure respect! Congrats,Porsche!
Tommy Eungjin Kim
What a awesome clip from Porsche!
I respect their gentle thinking.
The add has lost some specialness for me. They are the same company. Not as bitter rivals as you would think. Audi drivers in Porsches now...
is that tractor available with PDK and sport chrono package?
Shao Yung Yeh
Thank you, VW TDI.
What exactly is going on with Audi???
I can just imagine some senior manager not having any heart and not wanting to do this.

I think it's a lovely gesture, and it shows there's at least some feeling still in big corporations.
joe cocker... great singer and performer
Its very nice from porsche tho i respect them for doing this even if it is made just to be seen or not
hallo, who knows the name of the background music???
Nicolai Nielsen
Who's cutting onions in here? sniff
Sid Sundown
after reading through the comments.... if Porsche owns VW and VW owns Audi..... then basically Porsche owns Audi. So why make a comeback vid if they can just command Audi to comeback?? Really confused.
Carlos R
Challenger Deep
"We hope one day you will come back to challenge us again." Those are honorable weird words from the best manufacturer. 17 P1 Victories.
damned onions...
Louis Bu
what's the back ground song to the end
Waving Flag
true sportsmanship
Michael Wang
can anybody tell me what Porsche tractor model is it?
wow amazing well done Porsche
Colin Xy
das war sehr berührend
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