Our way to say goodbye - Thank you, Audi.

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Do you remember how Audi Sport bid us welcome to the FIA WEC and the 24h of Le Mans three years ago? This is how we would like to say goodbye. Thanks for all the tough fights.

that's respect between 2 brands! wow, really nice videoclip, i really hope audi will come back too, to give porsche some competition
Jack Ravera
Soooo sad Audi is my favorite brand 😥😭
Jack Coe
0:57 A man with a mission
Gabriel González Fernández
Well shit... now i want to cry
Porsche, I have never really like ur cars BUT I love you racing team and how hard you try to win and I must give u credit. But I give you even more credit with how u handle Audi leaving the stage! And I hope u find a new challanger too
istanbul 1453
just compete with benz if you think youre strong
Audi was porches only real challenge
The Downshift
Fuck baby cats. This is so much better
Slava Bobrov
не понятно что за смысл
Elijah Orozco
I don't understand, whats this
Steven Lee
I cried alittle...
Funny how people think that this shows respect to each other, like they are real rivals.
No, they really aren't.
To clarify, Porsche SE(the holding) has the majority of stocks of Volkswagen AG(not the brand), which then owns the subsidiary brands like Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche etc.
So they are not a real competition to each other, because the belong to the same holding.
The decision must have been made because of cost reduction and because Audi is focusing on the DTM, where they are very successful.
Orion meteor
which music did you use? its a amazing choice
ExeKuTioN Cro
lol my grandfather has this truck in the video !
what do yo mean.
What is the name of this tractor?
nenad ilievski
Porche hates audi or what?
Ghosthunt 5
F*ck these Emission scandals. thats how Americans rule their country which is full of guns and pathetic politicians. They drive their huge pick ups which throws out more patrol than the whole saudi Arabia can produce at one day. but HELL NO these diesel emissions are to damn high. F*ck you America I hope Donald trump's also going to dump this goddamn country aswell.
Dinesh Devathasan
Tears...so much tears...
Zee 246
What's the song in the beginning??
Craziest Indian
after that SJW Superbowl commercial Audi put up, I'm buying Porsche
Hediel Feitosa
sd titanic
what happened to audi? anyone care to explain please
R Michael 46
And then you suddenly remember that Audi and Porsche are basically the same company and that this is all pure marketing!
Jakub Wójcik
So emotional 😭 why Audi why
Damnit Volkswagen! Why?! WHY?!?!?!
semblp SembIp
the soundtrack title ??
Come back audi!!!! 😢😢😢
Luc Mulder
respect, nice goodbye video for audi!
yoloster swagster
awwww, how cute :D
Colby Hunter
This was the best porsche video ever!! Come back Audi!!!! Please!!!!
Калкаман Ягудин
Volkswagen's brand asks another Volkswagen's brand to come back. still cute though.
Jeff Llames
song pls?
Luis Malaquias
There is 485 people with a stone instead of a heart. Well done Porsche.
vladulienka tridsattri
well, it is easy, if you are the same concern
Angel Figro
100% respect for Porsche. This is so lit.
Abood W
wow first car video that touches my heart 😂 never expected that to happen
Dominik Šenkeřík
Niklas Funk
schönes video. ich als audifan bin zu tiefst entsetzte, dass Audi wegen den dum*en americanern aufhören muss.
hoffe, dass Porsche jetzt die rennen gewinnt. viel glück
sigmand pereira
Galagoogoo6 GD
Анар Рафигович
Music please
The sexual tension between Porsche and Audi is real now.
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