SNOOP DOGG - BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender (Nightfall Remix)

snoopdoggnight call

BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix)
Out on Innovative Leisure 
Directed by: Jesse Wellens and James DeFina 
Director Of Photography: James DeFina 

Executive Producer: Snoop Dogg
Executive Producer: Jesse Wellens for Rose Ave. LLC

Producer: Lee Levin 
Producer: Daniel Reizes
Producer: Drew Kramer

Himself: Snoop Dogg
Mr. Clown: Michael Rapaport

Special Thanks:
Doggy Style Records Staff
(Frank Vasquez, Ron Alvarez, Keith Moore)
Innovative Leisure
(Scotty Coats)

Oh my god. People are so triggered. This is a short about clowns. Its a whole other universe. If you pay attention when you watch it you might understand. Here is a hint 'Context" Tell me what you think the message is?
ILLvsio Beatz
this song is a nice society mirror, knowing trump and snoop are pretty ok with that
Dope video. If you cant handle this shit, maybe grow some balls.
Nicholas DiGaetano
Was that harly Quinn?
Helgen X
44k white people disliked this video.
Tragic_K_town n
Oh well elect a clown expect a circus fuck trump
Don Ubivanto
Снуп как всегда красавчик
tyler hemphill
Lmao fuck trump
Lynched Killer
You can't expect to hate on a rapper who speaks the truth on a presidents negative point-of-view. At least he man up on expressing his hatred to a famous tragic hero. Snoop Dogg forever.
Tiago Spooker
Crítica social foda !
ILLvsio Beatz
part of a balanced breakfast BIATCH
FinnyT 123
At 3:25 the nail bat chick is receiving directions
Emilia Blom-Larsen
Fack Trump
We are already dead Fam
I wish they hadn't done the gun thing. Now this song is Trump and NOTHING else. This is Snoop's best song in decades. It could have been a radio hit, and gotten people to take him seriously again. Like I hate Trump, but shooting him with a Bugs Bunny gun isn't biting social commentary. XD The music is more important.
Brandon Brown
3:50 is that Patty Mayo
Neter Nafu
love it Hit em Snoop
jason fuller
so I guess you're not doing it Trump tight like you used to always rap about, Snoop Dogg? so you're not going to take anymore pictures with Donald Trump and bow down to him like you used to, Snoop Dogg? Snoop Dogg you're from Hollywood give it a break guy! you wouldn't bust a cap if your life depended on it and you know those bones can't fight for shit, so sit down and be quiet! before the Donald pushs them G-Men on your ass, and gives you a spanking in front of your child molester Hollywood Buddy's! Mark buster!!! have some dignity and stop "rapping". you haven't had a good album since doggystyle! maybe that's because Suge Knight had your ass in check then! yeah you remember Suge? the one who used to put- down on your bony ass!
SpeaKOn It
See at end of day truth comes to light, trumps a disaster an I salute snoop for first the dope record second a good video with great imagery Salute to Tha Doggfather
C. Love
Snoop Doggie do it well. Who dat orange trump'n clown ?
lester brown
It looks like there was blame equally shared by all the clowns.
This is outrageous, he said nigga
Memes n Shet
The music's vibe feels so delirious lol
This is a great song
M Harding
Snoop you are a first class wanker.
Squidy 25
Could you imagine if Obama would of got shot. It would of been racist disrespectful a disgrace to this country he would of been murder. Goes to show what peices of shit liberals are
great work jesse!
damn jesse hella creative. video is a masterpiece
This better be in GTA 6
Best snoop dogg song ever
Snoop loops
george acker
Brian you are an idiot. What has Trump got to do with another celeb walking away from a murder charge. Like the bass player for 3 doors down. You just a young fool
0:38 ethan
Степан Чечель
крутая рубашка у снупа хочу такую же. как называется кто знает?
Snoop dogg +music🎤🎵=🔒🔇
this is one of the most brilliant videos ever
Tretrebklue Sevier
Love you snoop
Squirlyfresh sucks
H3H3 killed my parents
Is this a kill whitey song I am sure getting that vibe.
A totally negative song, no reason for it, flush now.
This song is fantastic fuck
Mason Downe
Fuck snoop
Snoop, don't go this way, don't be foolish. Anyway, gooood beat, and the other shit.
here from H3H3
Billy Cheddar
Stop hating the video my fellow white citizens you need to take a joke
That System of a Clown poster
Desiree barshay
To the public,

If you think that if i'm a female and i have no opinion, you're wrong and so is everyone else who don't know the BILL OF RIGHTS on FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Did you see any blood when he ''shot'' him? It was a simple message, to those who still are hypnotized by the public and its celebrities and their trends. People such as JESSE, JEANA, SNOOP DOGG, ICE CUBE, etc. CAN HAVE AN OPINION rather than you fucking ignorant fucks! These are the type of people who don't know what they're talking about and don't know their rights and need to stop judging now if you represent yourself to believe in a GOD then read the bible first amendment is 1. THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE And what has this world come to? Its all to judgmental idiots and self-righteous people who do not care if someone kills, cuts, or simply goes into depression because of judgment on how they look or act. No one should be told what to post and what not to post unless its revealing inappropriate content, etc.

So those who all believe that they're doing the right thing, let me break it down to all of you want-to-be thugs, lawyers, or simply just someone who doesn't know what to do with their life so they spend that time judging others and putting labels on people who can make a label of their own without your fucking help. Now me, I turn 14 on 9/11 of next month, and if a 14 year old maybe not even that. A 13 year-old knows more and is more wiser, more cautious that anyone of you who believe you are doing the right thing just to impress someone, or to do something for fame, then shame on you. I have watched Jesse and Jeana since I was little, they even helped me through the tough times such as my 10th birthday when three of my close family members died. Jesse and/or Jeana can do great things without trying to make some fat fucks or these drama shitters happy. The only thing that matters is positivity.

Also, if you want to start to judge me, think twice because I probably wouldn't care or even consider your opinion of judgment now have a blessed day and I pray that God will show you the right way in life.

And to this person:

The Thought Criminal 4 months ago
+PrankvsPrank. Context? Michael Brown was a thug and a criminal and he got shot going for the police officers is that for context?! You reap what you mother fuck'en wanna be a thug and a criminal and the cops gun you down like the dog you think you fucking deserve it. Everyone of the Black Lives Matter martyrs, were fucking criminals. How's that for context? Until black people can take responsibility for the problems in their communities, things will never get better. Do you honestly think this video helps black people in any way? It fucking encourages violence......and none of this shit is Trumps fault......he actually wants the help black people, unlike Obama who kept telling them that they are victims.

1. There is no official proof that Michael Brown was trying to reach for his guy, if he had more than one cop on him then who would be the dumbest person to be gunned down to only get one shot on the officer?

2. Second of all, I have no idea what ''reap'' in that sentence is. And who said Jesse wanted to be a thug? (*AHEM* JUDGMENT) Also, I don't even know what 'sow'' in your place of sentence means, now Grammar Police where are they?

3. I am a WHITE female who is mixed with Filipino and support the Black Lives Matter group, in fact my parents own a label and created a family-friendly concert to support it here in Florida. I also have a African-american dad who also has 8 children so when did anyone say that the Black Lives Matter group are criminals?I for sure never committed a crime, nor have anyone of my step-brothers or sisters or step-father.

4. Black people shouldn't be put on a stool for the ''crimes'' that they are accused of. African-Americans and Caucasians should be treated equal, but no one can see clearly enough to even see any part of that (*AHEM* Martin Luther King, Also president Kennedy)

5. Encouraging violence, I can disagree and agree on what this video represents, saying that anyone and everyone has FREEDOM OF SPEECH or FREE WILL which says in the bible, and the laws of the U.S. Constitution. So snoop can say anything he would like unless it is actually a VERBAL threat to the president or even an action of pulling a gun on the REAL Donald Trump

6. Donald Trump never wanted to help anyone but his self, his cheater of a wife, and Caucasians. Think of the wall that he built for mexico, think of the bans he was ''thinking'' on making to going back for slavery days when they had to have separate bathrooms and water fountains like they had a disease. We are all the same, people just put labels on races because of individuals and the way they act.

7. Peoples put labels on races because of individuals and the way they act and believe what race they are, means how they should act in this generation, even before this generation. People shouldn't think ''Oh! I'm so lucky because i'm Caucasian!'' Or thinking ''Oh... I'm an African-American, I better do drugs, commit a crime, or even drop out of school because of what society thinks of my race'' This is not what people should think.
Dylan Weaver
My favorite part was clown Trump because its true he is a clown
Hey republicans are you... triggered???
Dom Maiorano
anyone here from h3 podcast?
Angel Bond
here for H3h3 podcast
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