SNOOP DOGG - BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender (Nightfall Remix)

snoopdoggnight call

BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix)
Out on Innovative Leisure 
Directed by: Jesse Wellens and James DeFina 
Director Of Photography: James DeFina 

Executive Producer: Snoop Dogg
Executive Producer: Jesse Wellens for Rose Ave. LLC

Producer: Lee Levin 
Producer: Daniel Reizes
Producer: Drew Kramer

Himself: Snoop Dogg
Mr. Clown: Michael Rapaport

Special Thanks:
Doggy Style Records Staff
(Frank Vasquez, Ron Alvarez, Keith Moore)
Innovative Leisure
(Scotty Coats)

Oh my god. People are so triggered. This is a short about clowns. Its a whole other universe. If you pay attention when you watch it you might understand. Here is a hint 'Context" Tell me what you think the message is?
Ronald Klump
Fuck Donald Trump
me Lucky hahahhah
Francesco Di Tinco
best rap video ever.
Viktor Panko
i want some of them snoop loops yo
Kevin Mills
It's got that good old school vibe with a modern mix
The Don
Lisa Vejar
I want snoop loops now )):
Pedro Chora
sorry but snoop ruined this song for me. was good as the original lavender by bbng but damn.
Ozgur Aldemir
Fuck all trump lovers. I want to put my car in your asses
Ozgur Aldemir
Uncle snoop made it again! Not like other clown rappers!
K pyshco
Michael Rapaport #1 hip hop video actor!
Jake Man
Dejae Lowkixx
This song is cold and dark
M4 Media
Take this military style sound as a warning all you sleepers.
Gabe Newell
Song sucked huge cock, video was pretty good though.
Swimming Doggo
People are upset about the Trump appearance but in the end Snoop was smoking with him.
Why are people mad lmao
the kinda sounds like one of my old beats but in a whole different style of course.
I haven't got problem with Trump and I'm very big Snoop's fan, but Republicans and T-supporters got really trolled xD
Pls no smoking jesse
Sonja the transsexual
Haha, this is so awesome. Good job Snoop Doggy Dogg and all the rest of ya.

Fuck Trump.
I can see that the rest of you are focusing on something else.... but, DAMN, I want a bowl of Snoop Loops!
Why did the policeman shoot the guy ? ,i understand he had a pistol ,but he didnt commit a crime did he?
Samuel Vasquez
K ks
Mike Johnson
The feelings of many are expressed in this song. How in the f _ _ k did this clown win? Because of his clown followers that think it is circus time. Damn shame.
olaf schiphof
this is fucking racisme
Anderson Silva
Fuck you fat bitch {Donald Trump}
Dennis Krymski
Do one thing every day that scares you
Christopher Montemayor
Insane KKKlown Pussy
kamila s
system of a clown 👏👏😆
Ricardo Herrera
Chito Illa
Fuck trump
Jacob gibbion
he says my dogs don't bark cause I haven't fed them in a week.. I bet they don't ha
Tùng Vương
If Snoop is white, imagine how many acclaim will he get
Luke Wojtecki
Trump (Killed 96 ISIS MEMBERS FIRST 100 DAYS)

Obama (Killed more than 90 citizens)

People don't realize trump is doing a good job in presidency
J Wiz Hiromasa

ドプラカホットー ドプラカホットー ドプラカホットー
at ending Jesse was smoking up
wwe db
you build from the ghetto
JHEEZUS THE D O DOUBLE GG STILL GOT IT THIS IS 🔥 🍁 smoke trees biatch!!!
Dion Geter
I don't get this film but whatever I guess it was good
Some people just don't understand metaphor and nuance. We're all clowns. This is a nation of laws, what goes around comes around.
We're not gonna shoot you, we'll put you in chains. Even the biggest clown can fall.
Love the trumpet. Final call.
Snoop is a motherfuckin legend. A living legend.
Frzmcmaniaque Live
Why the officier kill the clown
h t t p s
- ¡Me encanta!
Angel Santana
fucking love this shit
Balto Hund
Liza Vikor
Om.0x 109
انت ياللي تقرا ايش جابك هنا؟.
Ernesto Cano
aguevo snoop chingon vato mach love home y que chinguen asu puta madre rasistas de mierda.. SHAKUR THUG LIFE 13 s'
Wonthiskylpher Charlie
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