SNOOP DOGG - BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender (Nightfall Remix)

snoopdoggnight call

BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix)
Out on Innovative Leisure 
Directed by: Jesse Wellens and James DeFina 
Director Of Photography: James DeFina 

Executive Producer: Snoop Dogg
Executive Producer: Jesse Wellens for Rose Ave. LLC

Producer: Lee Levin 
Producer: Daniel Reizes
Producer: Drew Kramer

Himself: Snoop Dogg
Mr. Clown: Michael Rapaport

Special Thanks:
Doggy Style Records Staff
(Frank Vasquez, Ron Alvarez, Keith Moore)
Innovative Leisure
(Scotty Coats)

Oh my god. People are so triggered. This is a short about clowns. Its a whole other universe. If you pay attention when you watch it you might understand. Here is a hint 'Context" Tell me what you think the message is?
This song is not that's good not trying to be mean
The secret ingredient: BADBADNOTGOOD

hope to hear more from Snoop and BBNG!
Enrique Rosas
It's the final call
Mohamed Adam
all I know is love but you need to chance me my family
Mohamed Adam
snoop you won't find some body like me i just wanna kicked
They Ain't Clowning around
Lone Wolf
42K Triggered Trump supporters 😂
bonnie hanson
Snoop's the p u s s y.
Sean Hill
You work with a POS you get treated like a POS. Help yourself jess get away from him. It's not just you video it him. He is a racist asshole.
Dawna Silvey
love the song don't like the cop and trump thing
I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy..
I kinda wish my boi Snoop would also diss ICP in this song.
Cool Kids69
fuck trump
Joey Nelson
fu*k this propaganda to destroy other people
Juan Hernandez
Hahaha Donald trump got dicked to the face
alexis Maruchan
Joseph Huipe
its funny how everyone is smoking weed in this video😂
Non-Stop Action
What is this song
Katro Storm
HILARIOUS I really enjoyed that & I hope there is a part 2 or a remix
Katro Storm
I'm looking forward to the remix
Eliza Britton
There is a lot of content here. Of course the cop shooting the guy in his car stood out and Trump being shot did also. But mainly overload of clowness.. We live in a world of clowns running the show. I really liked Snoops rap. But that instrument in the background I didn't like to much. I think next time Jessee you need more simplicity for a music video. There was a little too much content here. But it was very well directed.
Comrade Cenk
Dog poop.
Ekenobi 75
No the video is just crap! If that was Obama you all have a fit to. Hypocrites!!!
Mariela Alvarado
Que bueno al tropuro que es racista
Stefanie B
my.nigga.snoop.did.THAT!!! pap
Belza. Baby
Ok to be honest
I rally like snoop dogg
I like this song
But I'm not too much for Donald
But this video needs to be deleted before an assassin assassinates trump
And the news needs to stop talking about it because they aren't helping
They are spreading it and helping others get the idea to assassinate trump
This is my opinion
Please do not start judging
Thank u! 💗❣️
Jay Dunn
Dislike Ratio

90% - Triggered Trump Supporters
5% - People who don't like clowns
3% - People who don't like Snoop
2% - Trolls

Created by: JaloThegamer

now give me my credit 👀😂
MDLchicken vlogs
this is dope
Francine Williams
I fux with this 😂🙏🏾
Joseph Huipe
this song is lit👌
neo geo con
damn I bumped this before snoop picked up
Non-Stop Action
looks like someone got high
Michael Conner
the black guy taping the shooting most be Barack Obama because that all he did doing his time in office. watch people get shoot watch two cities burn and went on more vacations than any other president
Ethan McIsaac
Im not being snowflake im giving criticizing Snoop Dogg. Snoop is a hypocrite he appeared in an anti gun PSA and made the song no guns allowed now back to the gun running gang banging drug using sleeping with hookers brothels pimping strip clubs and so which is it huh Snoop.
Coolest_man 4evernotnever
if I could get a quarter for every time he smokes
Meggy Meg#P
Love you Snoop ❤️🔥👌🏽
James Harrison
black life matter thank you snoop for speaking up
James Harrison
I love snoop he did the right thing in spokeup black lifr matters for real
Little kingfisher :p
The song is so fucking good!! Pretty sure the song is about Donald trump and people be racist and they are all clowns for doing that?
Mr. McSwagggerrz
lol these trump supporters so triggered
Cunt Nugget
Me: gets mentally triggered and spam the comments with random words then having a mental breakdown then throw a massive temper tantrum like an autistic kid over one video because it's 2017 who gives a fuck anyways
Terrordiddle k
Trump is a Clown.
David Huerta
jackson west shut up and eat some snoop looks
If trump wasnt president then nobody would give a shit if he was in a "attempt assaination".

Think about that people Trump just making excuses
Michael Conner
that's just showing how much of a nigger snoop dogg is. first there is a double standard against trump. if anyone did that to obama they would be in jail which obama did. an fin the cops of the world hav3 a right to defend themself and they had cause to shoot the people. go cry some where else
Slinky Dad Shoutcasting
this production is icy
Mark Chiarini
Snoop what happen to gun, gang peace violence
Lynton Collins
Took 49 seconds for a joint to appear, thought I was getting old, for about 39 seconds.
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