SNOOP DOGG - BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender (Nightfall Remix)

snoopdoggnight call

BADBADNOTGOOD - Lavender ft. Kaytranada & Snoop Dogg (Nightfall Remix)
Out on Innovative Leisure 
Directed by: Jesse Wellens and James DeFina 
Director Of Photography: James DeFina 

Executive Producer: Snoop Dogg
Executive Producer: Jesse Wellens for Rose Ave. LLC

Producer: Lee Levin 
Producer: Daniel Reizes
Producer: Drew Kramer

Himself: Snoop Dogg
Mr. Clown: Michael Rapaport

Special Thanks:
Doggy Style Records Staff
(Frank Vasquez, Ron Alvarez, Keith Moore)
Innovative Leisure
(Scotty Coats)

Oh my god. People are so triggered. This is a short about clowns. Its a whole other universe. If you pay attention when you watch it you might understand. Here is a hint 'Context" Tell me what you think the message is?
Cape Town Guy
Michael Rapaport, thought I recognized you.
______ galore
Filtered comments lol
Leconte Traveion
i want that system of a clown poster!
Cayleigh Rook
LOL these comments though - people need to chill, eat some snoop loops.
Jüsticë Öbëy
Savage cuhz 💙
Why ur name is not PrankVSPrank or PRANKvsPRANK?
Dylan Manuel
SUPERIOR TEAM art studio
The clown guy wakes up at 4:20
Benj Baj
The song is good but it doesn't feel like a snoop dogg song anyone else got this feeling
CoreyZek Corey
It's probably just because I'm drinking an OE 40oz but Near the end, i couldn't breathe, i got so choked up i almost went blind in my own tears!!!
Freaking whities..bahah, wait no i am one :D
Anyway, not drunkly speaking, Snoops image NEEDS to live on forever, if it doesn't, i could care less if this earth gets sucked into a black hole, and forever remains a non-existent pile of smoldering ash.
CoreyZek Corey
Man this song gets to me every time. always 100 man :/
Sonia Hernandez
Kato D.B.
Wow, I can't believe people are raging over this video....
It's amazing when people say..."why are you so triggered"? so it's ok for this nigger to kill a white person even if he is the President. Let's assume the roles were reversed and it's Red Neck making a video holding a gun to Obama. How would you feel about that? CNN would be reporting and asking to remove the video every fucking day.... bunch of hypocrites.
Bernie Madoff
The message I get from this song, is that Trump is a clown and that America is full of clowns for having elected him. Trump once said he could shoot someone in the middle of a street and no one would care... So he is in no position with the video portraying a gun shooting him in the middle of the street. The video did not go far enough, in my opinion, because Trump is alive at the end. A better ending would be to see him laying on the ground with glitter blood pouring onto the street. And to the people who voted for him, and feel triggered over this video... good. You are the enemy. I hope you get shot.
Alan Cas
this shit is fucking trash
It's the final call guys so one do somethings
GBtha G
Doggy Dogg tha Doggfather!
Ruben Cruz
Sybillie Jean the true LOVE Revolution
Really really great work Snoop!!! Make America great again :) <3 #blacklivesmatter
Sybillie Jean the true LOVE Revolution
L O V E it!!! :)
T-Flex TM
I Love snoop dog
Forgot snoop dog was even Alive
Aberran Fox
This country turned its back on the clowns first but Trump was not even a thing yet.
hater sincero
oloko esse é o Trump kkkkk i love you american
Jose Acosta
it's freedom of speech, I don't know why is Donald Trump bent out of shape, everyone mad fun of Barack & Machel Obama so what's the Big Deal!!
davis boy03
snoop ate his words when he said he was going to move to Canada if Donald trump was president lol
Thales Alexander
president evil essa parte é a mais foda pra mim
CR Beats hip hop Oficial
This is trash, unsubscribed!
Tyler Carlson
Who had the vision for this? It's super dope and deep
Kevin Domingue
temamaste con esevideo
Fallout Fox
Garth Nader
All on camera & they still get paid vacation for murder.
Esmeralda Nieto
El título parece ajjduwIioxwjai
Cynthia Xiro
loved it.
whoop whoop snoop I saw the jackel brothers poster
lobo solitario fantazma
fucking donald fuck jaja kiss my ass older crash
I love this video! So proud of BBNG getting the attention they deserve
Syrus Truesdale
Sensitive Trump Supporters were the ones who told everyone "need a safe space?" "Words are just words" "it's just a video, they don't mean it" are now the snowflakes being all triggered about this video.
Oisin Fennelly
The amount of butthurt trump supporters in this comment section is ridiculous. In America we have free speech so jesse is allowed to do this and its not illegal.
John Torres
This video is horrible and I love Snoop
I hope all racist apes can unite on this video
Aurelio Mattucci
A dead artist's publicity stunt. It worked for a while, now half the country thinks you're a moron, a quarter could care less, and the rest are a bunch of wannabe thugs. Trump is my President.
Miss Catsson
The dislikes are Trump and haters lol
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