Wade is saying what Bron stans are ignoring. TROUBLE IN THE LOCKER ROOM!!!! Lebron called this team, it's not working and Wade is caliing Bron out on it. Wade knows it takes a system to win, not Lebron's system which is ball hog and kick to open men when he gets double and triple teamed.
Listen all this no need to panic is out the window, The east has gotten better and ALLOT Better the Cavs will mess around and be out in the semi's. The WEST is on BEASTMODE, let alone when you look at the Cavs they have NO Identity. They Look OLD, dare I say it. Man Cavs can barley hold a lead let alone crush teams, they have a roster, no excuses!
Suretha Robinson
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Who's getting a hand job at 1:02?
Henry Saxual
Lebron is playing selfish ball
Le Var Grace
People need to hold their Pompoms on Kyrie for a sec. Of course you will miss a Kyrie Irving duh. Boston got him for games 83 and beyond so it's early. I know people enjoying LBJ troubles but the bottom line is Uncle Drew is still unproven in the playoffs as Da Man!
jay Loo
Kobe, jordan hell even melo have that "I get the last shot mentality" Lebron to frye? What was he thinking?
I love your channel. Keep it up. You be on it my brother #respect @rbthebreakthrough
laurence blee
See you bf labron did u two break up
Can someone explain to me how LeBron's IQ so high?
Here come Dat Boy o shitz waddup!!!
Dude keep it up ur gonna be the next big thing with how consistent you are.
Aj shakoor
Wade got that "i told u so attitude
Mr. Airball
Not hating but are you gonna change up the music at all? It's just getting a little repetitive. Live your vids though
BossPlayer MFS
I said it before and I'll say it again the Cavs problem is that their "offense" is run through LeBron, he determines who going to get the ball, and you see the same old plays being ran by LeBron and know you have even the bad teams in the east beating the Cavs cause they know that their "offense" LeBron, and as long as this being the case the Cavs are going to continue to get the brakes beat off their asses, i wonder if this is what Kyrie was talking about? Anyway, nice video RB.
I swear ppl don't watch/ PAY ATTENTION to these videos this man puts out #RBgang. So many biased and ridiculous comments towards Ty Lues job. A coach can only do but so much. "You can lead a horse to water, but u can't make it drink". Lue can coach these guys but so much. He can't get on the floor and play for them. Yall are so damn blind to what that man has done since he's been the head coach. One bad start to a season that's not even 20games in, and ppl have the audacity to call for this man's job. The Cavs as a WHOLE TEAM are playing bad basketball. INCLUDING LEBRON JAMES
austin Duer
Y do these youtube dudes never include u bro? In the bball stuff ? 1v1 some one get some views u deserve it my guy
Y EVERYONE has to change the way they play when they play with LeBron. Then gets all the blame.
They just have to play hard stop trying to save your body for the playoffs
Anthony Juarez
I'm not a fan but do love watching the game! With that said, if this continues till the all Star Break then I'm convinced Bron is moving to LA!! And people saying wait till IT come back, but Rose is doing well! They need another defensive player and to put JR back on the bench!!!
D wade sounds like an natural leader.
Slickat 503
D Wade just go back to Miami
julius henry
The best leader on the team isn't even the best player on the team. D. Wade is a better leader than "The King."
Krypto Kugo
Cavs are getting exposed 😭
Calvin Hancock
It’s not boredom that’s hurting them it’s the fact that Lebron and Kyrie shielded the lame players that they had on this team, Love was playing out of position, now he acts like he don’t know how to play in the post anymore really he don’t like the contact he’s getting now and wants to play outside they need 2 post players to do the dirty work inside and with a midrange game Tristan is trash season long and not a rimdefender they are older now and not good at out side defense, haven’t had a two guard since Lebron played there or a point, or a small forward. LeBrons been covering up the Cavs weaknesses all his career and yes they miss Kyrie, who shot JR? whose been missing since he got a ring and needs to be traded. I’d trade him and Tristan for Jahlil Oakafor like yesterday move Love back and not give up a draft pick. We ain’t getting Cousins they will sign him to long contract they two players short we the team full of players willing to ride the LeBron train to the playoffs these guys lazy as hell all except green,Thomas whose injured rose,Wade and Kolver, Love is up and down because lue don’t have a clue put that on a sign and take it to a Cavs game please someone said Mark Jackson I say hell yeah lue making my miss Brown I hear you laughing but he had them playing winning defense he should have bought in an offensive coach. What the Cavs need to improve is get Bledsoe from Phoenix and Oakafor from Philly keep jerseys pick and give up our own useing Tristan, JR, shumpert as trade bait. Bledsoe will be easy his owner wants him gone give them Tristan + one of the two, for Oakafor our pick and shumpert. Now if NOLA gets sick in the head and wants to trade Cousins we still have jerseys pick to get him and Oakafor if he decides to leave next year. If not we use the pick to add a offensive player at mid season or hope jersey stinks and will have a pick in the one to five range. Starters Thomas, Bledsoe, Lebron, Love, Oakafor. Bench Rose, Wade, Green, Crowder, Frye-Zizic.
WhoAm I
RB what have I been saying. I said this last year about how Cavs style of play doesn't get others in rhythm, everyone is not a catch and shoot guy even if they can shoot. J.R needs to dribble the ball to get into a rhythm, same with Kevin. It's clear players are not happy with the style of play and that's coach Lue fault, the players won't play defense if their not happy
gaming with dj
i think he throwing shots at Love and Jr
Hewllet RBLX
lil herb
Kobe is the goat he would take the last shot unlike lebron who always passes to somebody else how are u the best player who won't shoot the last shot
Louis Velez
The way I see it there is obviously no need to panic it's just 10 games into the season. The Cavs will be fine so no need to panic but there is a ton of concern on their Achilles heel defense. Their problem ain't scoring it's the lack of defensive effort. This team is too talented, deep and overpaid on most of these players to show this lack of effort. They have already lost to 5 non playoff teams. Wade is right on the money, when you allow teams to hit 10+ 3s and you're not even contesting with allowing 30 pt quarters you're not gonna win. The Hawks had 7 guys in double figures with only having 9 available to suit up. People keep saying when IT comes back it'll all be good but he adds to your offense and chemistry wise it's gonna take time plus he doesn't solve your defensive woes. He can score no question about it but he's small and can't defend. Kyrie is no better at defense but so far in Brad Stevens system he's doing a great job with that young Celtics team and is making the extra pass and showing good leadership around really good young talent and they're #1 in defensive efficiency and have won 9 straight after starting 0-2 give Kyrie his props. Ty Lue has no clue what he is doing and has no system in place no ball movement, player movement it's a Lebron-Centric players he picked offense. The Warriors predicate ball movement player movement free flow structured offense where plays are run. The best team is the team that can do it at both ends of the floor and the Cavs are great because their offensively superior but they're not beating the Warriors if they can't defend that's their problem along with slow starts and not in shape with some injuries.
Kidskin 21
D Wade and Westbrook both talking they shit. This is why they're my favorite players.
Ibnziyad Tariq
now people know why Kyrie left.
Lakiesha Williams
Why they only interview D-Wade all the time when they lose???
Jing Zheng
Lebron is the four mortgage plan. When you rent condo at the beach!!!😂😂😂
great video bro #RBgang
Melvin's Channel
The Cavs will hit their stride just before or after the All-Star break.
D wade seeing all the bullshit kyrie saw. Wade ready to get out of there.
Andrew Surnson
The cavs are just jaded from being in the finals so many yrs in a row. Reg season is boring to them, yet everybody wants to beat them and is putting in serious effort
Big M
You can tell wade worried and really want that chip
Wave S
jr smith is gonna get trade.
Wave S
cry baby jr smith on the starting line up is fuckin shit up.
Ryuk The Shinigami
He's right but the biggest issue is Ty Lue a real coach wouldn't allow this he would spur effort from his team somehow and even disregarding that he's just a bad coach he looks clueless has no great offense to run nor defense he needs to be fired #BringBackBlatt
Baby G
Dwayne wade needs to win his fourth ring
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