"Marvel's Cloak & Dagger" Official Trailer

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It's here! Watch the official trailer for "Marvel's Cloak & Dagger," coming to Freeform in 2018.

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Iruna Zane
What's the song at the beginning?
Luqman Hanrel
wow this could be awesome to see marvel characters light & dark are join together to defeat villain so let me tell something between them first the real name present black male is Tyrone Johnson aka Cloak with power as Cloak's body is a portal to the "Darkforce Dimension," a world of strange ebony energy. Cloak is linked to a pocket realm of that dimension dominated by the Predator, which compels Cloak to absorb the life forces of other beings; but Dagger's light can temporarily satisfy this craving. Cloak can channel Darkforce to create a field of darkness in his general vicinity, usually using his cloak as a focal point to manipulate this darkness, though it can spread well beyond the confines of his cloak. People enveloped by Cloak's darkness feel numbing cold and crippling fear, sometimes seeing disturbing visions. Overlong exposure to the darkness can drive people insane. Dagger's light renders her largely immune to Cloak's darkness, and she can extend her light to protect others within Cloak's darkness if need be. Unprotected victims trapped in Cloak's dark realm are gradually drained of their life force, and presumably die unless Cloak releases them. Cloak can "teleport" by entering the Darkforce dimension, moving a short distance within it and emerging back on Earth a great distance from his point of origin. A span of miles on Earth can be traversed in only a few steps via shortcuts through the Darkforce. Cloak can "teleport" other persons or objects along with himself in this fashion, too, a feat usually reserved for Dagger since most beings cannot safely traverse the Darkforce. As Cloak, Tyrone is usually intangible, though he can solidify through an act of will, or by absorbing enough "light" to saturate his form temporarily. On the rare occasions when he resumes human form, he usually reverts to his old stutter, which vanishes when he becomes Cloak. Tyrone also seems to be physically stronger as Cloak. Tyrone's link to the Darkforce has been severed on several occasions, but he seems drawn to the darkness and vice versa, and he always regains his Cloak form eventually & presenting white female is Tandy Bowen aka Dagger who also can generate and throw "light daggers" which stun targets by forcing them to confront the darkness in their own souls. Her light can also cure drug addictions in some people, as a side affect of that painfully enlightening experience. Additionally, her light can alleviate Cloak's thirst for light and warmth followed with Dagger is an experienced dancer. She was also blind for a time, so she knows how to move unhindered without being able to see. I hope Marvel company should consider pairing both of them get along together with David Gill aka Legion in The Avengers next year
What's the song at the beginning?
Besides the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Quake, Slingshot, the Inhumans, and most of Shield (except Mockingbird) everyone in the MCU, even these guys, are an Avenger
Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider please
He's so cuuute
The one is made for the other
tang roro
I wonder who's gonna be the villain? I hope it's Tombstone
Michael Quiroz
Wtf is in the air at the end of the trailer? something flying anybody else catch that??
Man the Jews are really going in full force with this one
the ending gave me shivers
Of course his name is Tyrone.
Finlay Orrell
so what tv station will this be on for the great old land of Brexit?
Sam Henri
Am I the only one getting CW teen melodrama vibes from this?
Zax Zaxx
Can anyone tell me what music is being used in this? Especially the track that starts at 0.20? Sorry, I'm very old and don't always recognise some of the fab combos enjoyed by young people on their tape machines.
This looks so good!! I can't wait!
Looks pretty good, they're a little on the young side, but still I'll give it a watch. Kinda hoping dc will do some duo series now, like hawk and dove, that'd be cool.
Mr Frost
Ghost rider or blade next please marvel
I mean, the characters are cool, but the acting looks pretty God awful
Manuel Núñez
stop steal name of old arcades
artic fox
Make a Shadowcat (KittyPryde) movie already!!!!!!!!
Abraham Choi
I only know of Cloak and Dagger from playing Maximum Carnage on the Super Nintendo back in the day!
Beau J.
Ime sorry but Cloak and Dagger deserves a movie... and the story in the movie should be the same as the story in the comics!
Marc Angelo Mallari
after this, we really frickin need moon knight
Logan Cox
I didn't read Cloak & Dagger, but this looks pretty good.
Michael Ferro
May not last long, but being that its on Freeform and not ABC, that might benefit it a little bit.
I'd love to see squirrel girl beats up the marvel universe!
Reeya Heart
okay. I love Cloak and Dagger and nobody seems to understand how excited I am for this.

oh well, this will be good.
Vincent Rhodes Jr.
from kim fom kickin it to cloak and dagger
Can not wait for this
D.W. Uhuru
Cloak & Dagger are some of my favorite characters in the marvel universe, so I'm gonna reserve judgement until the show airs but this looks like some tween bullshit.
Is this in the MCU
Huh. Don't know much about classic Cloak & Dagger, but I read the origin of Ultimate Cloak & Dagger. This looks considerably more dramatic.
That shot at the end with Cloak was really nice
This just seems like a good story without the supernatural element at all.
Web Assassin
When will we get some shit for good characters like moon knight or maybe a different spider character
Lion Man
He gets superpowers and a white girl...my brotha😂
Lucas Zarella
If you read the neon sign at the end it stands for: Roxxon Corp, from Daredevil season 2 who creates drugs I believe, and they maybe a potential antagonist in the series.
I'm Peter Quill and I'm the FASTEST man alive
they should be in infinity war
mimzy mo
Just hope the budgets sizeable and there's more to this than constant roamance drama A character like mister zip appearing could keep the younger audiences engaged
Jack Stryder
No offense to any fans of the comics, but from someone like me who just found out about these two today, this looks like it belongs on MTV. Nothing about this screams superheroes. It looks more like West Side Story.
Kerem Sert
wtf is this shit
It looks like one of those teen-angsty CW bullshit. I really hope it's just a bad trailer and the show's not gonna be focused on some retarded shipping instead of action.
Mariam Niyimuhoza
I love you
Negative Thinking
idk about this
Ian Gagel
Finally! Now people wont ask me "who?" when i tell them my favorite Marvel characters.
Looks like Marvel the cw version
Ošklivý Dejv
blAck girl are most ugly for this role. so why dont play woman role black teen? Because are ugly and and people dont go to the cinema...or watching on thi shit.
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