"Marvel's Cloak & Dagger" Official Trailer

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It's here! Watch the official trailer for "Marvel's Cloak & Dagger," coming to Freeform in 2018.

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Alex Mindez
Anyone know the name of the last song in the trailer?
isaiah griggs
it triggers me that his name is tyrone
Jeremy Young
You didn't show cloaks power!
Zackaria Benbrahim
no offense but INHUMANS looks better than this
I think everybody thinks its just a kids series, but it'll turn out to be really emotional stuff
Thomas Hernandez
Isn't it sad that as a younger generation I've only seen these people in ultimate spider man
Thomas Hernandez
I didn't see cloak use his powers once!
Thomas Hernandez
I see a lot of drama but no superheroing!
Christina Barr
Freeform? Really?
TR Sniper
Where's his stutter? His stutter is literally what makes Tyrone, it's what makes the story...
Quynh Duong
another cash grab...
Rob Ames
I'm not sure which looks worse, this or the Inhumans trailer.
Captain America, Iron Fist, Spider-Man and now Cloak. One step closer to Maximum Carnage.
Saad Ahmed
i thought this was a rumor
Chase Drummond
It really doesn't feel like cloak and dagger until 1:13
Matt King
its still funny marvel put a black guy and a white girl together.
Nice Easter egg, Roxxcon Corp returns
Zion Cato
this might suck
This looks like a Drama show rather than a superhero tv show Lol
Edwin Tshebuye
this is looking good
Great show. Can't wait to see it.
Tri-Slice Productions
Is this part of the MCU?
mystic Cleg
I'm really looking forward to this. anyone else who is comment on what you hope is in this series
this looks so good!
Taylor Britton
can marvel phase 4 lead into a proper retelling of Civil War? death of steve rogers(if he lives through Infinity War), spiderman as ironman's protege arch etc. with punisher and the inhumans and Cloak & Dagger etc. everything seems to be coming together to do it right (save for xmen & the fantastic 4...) form the Illuminati with Black Bolt, Ironman, Dr. Strange etc.

basically the entirety of phase 5 should be a cross title civil war. every title in the MCU could have their own ": Civil War" stand alone building towards an ensemble Avengers: Civil War P1&2 that are bigger and bloodier than Infinity War
Steven Belknap
Looks better than Inhumans
Marvel has many characters with complex and relatable backstories and situations... and they seem to be planning on making money out of every single one of them in what some call "golden age of comic movies". I don't mind.
Chloe Latour
Omg I want to watch itttt!!!!!!
Tommaso De Filippo
I was like hey i recognise that dagger chic from somewhere

i googled it and o shit it's the girl from i didnt do it lmaaaoooooo
Link The Hero of Hyrule
It's this a movie or a Tv Show? Sorry if my questions sounds dumb
Sebastian Verano
i hope this replace pll
Eric Twele
A beautiful Marvel love story. Tale as old as time. Powers as old as rhyme. Dagger and the Cloak.
I would watch this if it was on Netflix
Suman Sharma
Tais Tai
OMG, I remember reading these comics back in the day! So hyped for this show :)
looks 10 times better than inhumans
Death Tube
Crossover with Spider-Man!!!!
jay sensei
his name is tyrone lol
Greg Pappas
I liked it. (Such an insightful comment, I know. :P)
Ok so still no Sentry
way better than inhumans
Alex Robol
Mr Negative And Spider Man need to guest star in this.
I wish Netflix got a hold of this instead of freeform..... I just dont think its gonna live up to expectations of fans and we're in for a potential let down. Its one of those gut feelings you have or when you know something doesn't feel right type deal. I hope it turns out great but who knows lets wait and see.
P Romich
This looks a billion times better than that Inhumans turd.
kitso mangolele
maybe they should recast for Will Smith and the chick from suicide squad 🤔🤔🤔
Michael Ratt
Still looks better than the Inhumans trailer.
Moon knight please!!!!!
Jah Jones
olivia holt is a great choice of actor
Cheyenne Davis
I want to see this already!!!
Eduardo a.k.a sosmen
What is the name of the first song that sounds?
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