Clorox Bleach OG
Aren’t they mutants? As in X-Men mutants? How’d they get to the MCU?
Clorox Bleach OG
Aren’t they mutants? As in X-Men mutants? How’d they get to the MCU
What the hell is a Freeform?
Oscarito Preciado
I hope Cloak and Dagger does better than Inhumans
Colm Schultz
this looks amazing
Christha Jean
Weren’t they in Spider-Man on Disney XD
Audra Davison
It would have been cool if this was on the CW or just on Netflix
Nils Elbl
1.Turns you into stone - tommee Profitt
2. Easier -Mansionair
Nishay Hira
Sorry I just want to whether these two are mutants or magic
Red Dragon
I'd rather see them on the big screen with the Avengers
Atli Þór Valdimarsson
It would be cool if the bad guy was mr negative
Keren Acosta
Who else just comes for the music?
Jacob Wahhab
this music is amazing
Automat Kalashnikova
Blacked, PG-13.
Jemmy Madison
Was the girl's dad a police officer who shot the guy's friend?
Marvel Dc
Just wondering who are the villains but characters look great
Shah Kabir
Came back 6 months later to say I’m still hyped.
Learthur Towler
I can’t wait to watch this 😫😁
Inbound storm
Looks fan made
panic! at the christmas disco
This is sooo being forced... did anyone ask for this? It's not like only 5% of people know who Cloak & Dagger is, no... totally, everyone knows them. I mean I'm sure it's not gonna be bad... it's just that this feels so forced
Denis Sokhom
Can't wait cuz of Olivia holt!!!!!
I gotta see this
Lifetime presents Marvel
Doodle dee Gaming
How did this fly under my radar?!?!
Gordon Gecko
Roxxon corp
Daredevil season 2!!!
Why so many dislikes??
Bricks To Marble
Since Todd Mcfarlane continues to sleep on Spawn I'll take this instead.
Jonathan Warrdddedcxddeececldron
One of my all time favorite marvel duos getting a tv show? Hell yeah
Bryon Greene
The Background story of Cloak and Dagger sort of reminds of that movie Hancock with Will Smith.
Damn marvel doing everything now
Arella Camryn
Well, this is really a blast. New addition to MCU
Qasim 1478
Blanket man and crystal lady
Balls Mahoney
This and runaways got me hyped, I like how marvel cares about making good material and not showering it with avengers material
Anyone know the first song of the trailer? I know the second song "Easier", but what's the one that starts at the beginning & when they each remember the night of the car crash?
Chris Scharaswak
I killed my voice screaming "FINALLY!" at the top of my lungs for five straight hours...
Also, what is Freeform and how much money do i need to throw at it?
José Vasco Branco Francisco
I want Taskmaster in the TV show, please...
Sasuke Uchiha
What song? Please anyone gimme a answer. This trailer looks so awesome.
Sasuke Uchiha
Thanks marvel for ruined my life.
Nils Elbl
First song 0:00- 0:11 ?
Cloaca and digger
Vaughn Baskin
I Sense that Cloak and Dagger will team up with either The Defenders, The Runaways or Doctor Strange someday.
jfc what's with all the anti-semitism in the comics??
Silent Patriot
Is this part of the MCU
Good actors
How do I find this freeform thing? Is there an app?
Holy shit
I'm just sayin...sometimes you just need to call on Tyrone.
Nathaniel Underwood
It seems like they changed the origin story..
Alpesh Abhijt Chowdhury
Please make a Spiderman Tie-in
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