Edward West-Summers a.k.a. Sparkwing26
Weren't Cloak and Dagger 20 somethings in the comics? I argee with what other people have been saying, if it weren't for the shiny crystal coming out of Dagger's hand this looks like any other freeform show. And a good majority of freeform shows get cancelled. Guess that's why they had to put Cloak and Dagger on the freeform network. cause barely anything else was working. I really wanted to see this but if it's just going to be teen drama bs I don't know if I'll get through the first episode.
Ethan Alexander
How do you go from guardians of the Galaxy to this. Oh well it's time marvel finally did teenage dramas.......wait did we for ask for that?
Jay jay's World
I'm excited for cloak and dagger this show is gonna be better than the inhumans
tipto axb
serie or movie?
i just found out in the suggestions that Olivia Holt is playing Dagger...AWESOME!
This looks cool
Jedi Master Productions
It is interesting to see cloak as a teenager around the same age as dagger
Tristan Flores
About time we got more teens in the mcu
I've seen this a bunch of times and I just get more excited. Marvel GIVE IT TO ME
@DeadStick Rhodes Freeform is a TV channel on cable and satellite.
Larsen Springer
someone tell me who is the village in cloak and dagger.
Tom White
this is happening before Moon knight wtf
Jame M
Roxon corp? Aren't they bankrupt...or rightfully shut down.
Killer Bee
Shit this looks like this might go hard I just might watch it
Callan Flanagan
I think they should add Wolverines son Jimmy Hudson in the TV show The Gifted. It would be great to see the legacy of the wolverine carried on by his son. Jimmy's the good son, Dakens the evil one who wanted Logan dead.
DeadStick Rhodes

What the hell is Freeform?
Landon Palmer
I'm pretty sure this show is going to have a lot of feels so prepare your blankets,ice cream and tissues because it's going to be a bumpy ride
Leonardo Ramos Rodriguez
I bet this series it's gonna be way better than Inhumans!!!
Silent Patriot
Is this part of the MCU
Someone explain!?!?
Well, this bullshit gonnna be too popular.
damn this looks good and i love the music and editing!
Peter Parker™ (Sᴘɪᴅᴇʀ-Mᴀɴ)
I don't know.. this just doesn't seem Marvel to me
Slade Wilson
I was looking forward to it (especially since I played a small part in it), but reading all these comments talking about how it's great because it "empowers black people and women" just really pisses me off. Can't we just watch something without bringing all that bullcrap in it? Enough BLM, enough feminism, enough politics, just watch the dang show and shut up!
And his name was

WiseWaasif !
not superheroey enough:)
Justin Kelly
I like Marvel, but I love DC.
Marvel is more 'down to earth,' but DC will give you the cool factor right from the start.
You get like, 5-10 seconds of powers in this 1.47 trailer.
Marvel fans like to see the characters' lives - I want to see superpowers.
Guess that's why I like DC better.
Umm i feel like Marvel television are loosing their step. But it does look like this had potential, but Inhumans is gonna suck i think
It's The Baddest
Mm good shit that's some gOOD SHIT I CANT WAIT
Farrah Cute
Harry Shum Jr.?
D-Brothers Entertainment
This is how not to do a trailer. I like these characters and yet I'm more excited for Black Lightning. Why? ADVERTISING!
Incredibly into it.
Sham Adams
Cloak and Dagger intrigues me, ever since watching the trailer and reading a bit of comic background on the characters, i get a sense of nothingness and being lost, a stranger or outsider and just drifting in the wind. i feel like this show will be very unique compare to other marvel shows.
mystic Cleg
anyone else wanna see a mew trailer lol 😂 seen this many times
Tanequa Woodson
I love it
tfw the trailer makes the series look like shit but then Roxxon sign appears and boom I'm hyped
gio x
ma non si sa più niente su sta figata di serie?
David Filoni
U know I have NOT seen or heard much about Olivia Holt since Kickin It ended. Never really looked her up until now. And now she's doing Marvel?! Good for her, hope she does well.
Noah Z TV
Is any one else CRAZY EXCITED FOR THIS!?!
I honestly forgot they where making this....
Apollo plays
What’s freeform
Jazzy Elizabeth
I thought this would never happen... A cloak and dagger show.. I'm tearing up!!! This is gonna be freaking dope if marvel doesn't screw things up!!!
What is the music ? Please
I like cloak and dagger, but I honestly don't think this trailer works as a "superhero trailer". Even though we see glimpses of their powers, we get more "teen drama" than "teen heroes". Though, I'm pretty sure the show itself will be much better than a single trailer
Magnolia by Young and Sick, would be the perfect intro song for this show
_TheJugTrotter _
Kill it!!! Kill it with fire!!!!
D. E. White, MAM
Looks good so far. Man I hope it's good... on the other hand, why doesn't Marvel Studios go all in with the whole outcast thing and bring The Morlocks to T.V. too?🤔 Would be cool.
Kutay Buğdaycı
This is Gonna be perfect
Ram Z
Is it part of the MCU?
DayLight Era
Needs to be another trailer!
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