20 Cartoon Characters Reimagined In 3D


Amazing pictures of cartoon characters reimagined as 3D creations. Just WOW!
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Artist JAX Pixeloo 

Many of us wished that our favorite cartoon characters would join us in the real world. And you’ll be happy to hear that many talented artists made our dream come true by untooning them. We have to admit that they look really weird. Are you curious to know what they look like? Here are 20 cartoon characters reimagined as 3D animations!
We love the TV show “The Simpsons” just as much as you do. This is why four characters are part of our list! Can you guess who it is? You will be surprised to find out that these yellow humans look really strange in the real world. Unless it is a Halloween special, we wouldn’t like to see them like this on television. They are too scary!
The characters from “Family Guy” are part of another family that makes us laugh every week. Even though we can see that Peter Griffin actually is human, Stewie kept his head shaped like a football. “Futurama” is another TV show that we loved to watch and you will see that humans changed a lot in the future… but not in a good way. 
But don’t worry, some of your favorite cartoon characters would look really good in our universe. Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is more beautiful than ever. And when you see the handsome Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story,” you will have to admit that you wouldn’t mind dating a space ranger hero. 
Stay tuned to see characters from “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Pokemon,” “The Flintstones,” “Mickey Mouse,” and more. Like this video if you see a 3D animation of your favorite character and comment down below if they are missing from our list. Thanks for watching!

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M Shumway
Bart makes me want to explore my sexuality and get a face full of squidward's tentacles
Stefon Springer
Lol Stewie looks like chucky 🤣
Cj Mercado
Game Plays
Awww the smurps are cute and little
Game Plays
Wow they did mickey so cute and fuzzy can i have him hot dog
The thumbnail gave me aids
Marsha Kelley
Popeye looks like freedy kurger
Gull Gaming
Did anybody else notice the hypnotised in his glasses at 6:13
master drummer
Did anyone else notice that frog at 6:02
TheOne&Only Rachel San Dena
stitch looks like a gremlin. I want one. 😊

why do the smurfs look like mice??? 🐭
Adrian Miguelez
Please subscribe to my channel
MattPlayz Roblox
It said 3D not real life
Victoria Peck
The smurf and Mickey Mouse was cute
Wannetta Weinrebe
Wannetta Weinrebe
7:03 Mr. Burns is really Jacob Rothschild. Holy shit the comparison is unreal. https://youtu.be/6sCioKnpHdY
Beverly Fitzgerald
Alexander Wassell
Lol in real life though Homer Simpson could totally be played by Bruce Willis
HM10 TheSavage
Now I understand why squidward thinks spongebob is ugly
Kap'n Bungh-ole
Charlie Brown is a bullied bitch...
Anne Ominous
Things you can't unsee...
Ely Bull
Now imagine Beavus and Butthead in real life then google "Disturbing Imagery" Your not welcome haha #DontGoogleThat
Koby Ashton
I want get from under my bed
Haziel Gonzalez
Lol not that cool I subscribe just kidding die
Happy FunTime
if i saw a smurf in a forest i would go ahead and grab him put him in my pocket andd go back home
mincraft fnaf
Lillie Richinson
it's my first time
gaming 100
Moana or elsa
Malia Fowler
Spongebob is now my worst nightmare
Malia Fowler
I’m dead now
Malia Fowler
So creepy
Carolyn Webb
Can you do a real life of Herbert the Pearce and send it to me
Two Art Dudes
Steven Wright
mickey is cute 😗😗
Twenty one panics at The pilot disco
I feel like the man who made Bart Simpson just took a picture of Jake Paul and said “BART SIMPSON”
So nightmares forever? Yea... Nightmares forever.
Derrius Ricks
That was spongebob .exe
Derrius Ricks
Aaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa o picachu
John Millar
Boii they roasted the fuck out of all of them
Bentley Minott
Darell Oliver
My favorite was Pikacuu he is my favorite cartoon
Tyrina Cooper
you copy cater
Donnavin Zepeda
4:59 it says forrest. FORREST
cheesy cat Carns
I lol at sqidward
Is mine
Who ever was talking is a bum and sounds annoying
Anthony Guillory
Actually, the cast of the Simpsons stated in an interview that reason for the yellow skin was because the animators wanted the audience to think that there TV picture was screwed up & would have to adjust the color. Once the show was over the other shows actors would then look yellow.
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