Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs iPhone 7 Plus!

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera gets put to the test with the iPhone 7 Plus! Which phone do you think has the best camera? :)
Jon's Video! The Ultimate iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 Plus Comparison -
Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs iPhone 7 -

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is BEAUTIFUL! -

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nono caca
I prefer the galaxy S8
Sebtunseb ツ La humana con traje
Mi espik espanish :v
Roxana Datcu
iPhone 7 plus likes
b j
i love Samsung Galaxy S8
fuck off iphone 7
I had a Samsung but I switched to iPhone because my phone had water in it and never worked but its chill because I'm getting a new Samsung phone.
Quenie Alcime
Lg bruh
yihui ying
SmallBoy's Studios
😂😂S8 still without portrait and a dual lens to maintain the sharpness at double the zoom level! Even OnePlus has it! ,😂😂 7 plus is the king and also has natural colors! Portrait is an exclusive feature which can be really useful in daily life and the telephoto lens does amazing job in zooming whereas if u zoom in S8 it already starts to noise a lot!
nThor Espiritu
I just bought Samsung Galaxy S8. You did it again.
Ayee DonOnTv
Suppose to be switch to the iPhone 7 but people keep saying the iPhone 8 coming out.. true or no?
Alexis Ling
Her voice reminds me of Mila kunis 💓
XxDiamond QueenxX 10
Galaxy S8 won for me. I am more of a Samsung person
pls fuck me
Pierce Thompson
What aspect ratio do youll use for the Galaxy S8 camera
Gazmend Qukovci
Samy simply king...
I am no fanboy, but after trying other brands and failing me in MANY ways the samsung never lett me down, especially the S4. That thing was a tank.
Fanboy iPhone
Cristian Mosquera
minion kick
i don't have a smartphone :( , i don't know what am i doing here ?!!
Girl you're amazing. Thanks for the review and God bless you because you are smart and beautiful 😘
Daniele Mandato
Does s8 camera make you looks slimmer face and body or just my impressions?
i'm sorry but the skin tone is horrific on the galaxy. and that's all people's pictures are, faces. the image quality sucks over all on the gal and you idiots are taken by a freakin' cheap gimmick treatment. it's like the pepsi taste challenge. the product is intentionally selling out for how people choose what they like. not what makes good pictures. take a second look. cover one then the other. which one looks like a nice photograph. which one looks like a cheap disposable camera developed at walgreens on glossy paper?
Andrea Hernandez
I'm confused I have the s8 plus and my camera is crappy wth
Nílah Herrera
damn that's hard i might get the S8 or 7 idk. I want the S8 because more screen space meaning you don't really need to get the plus. Idk this is a hard one. S8 camera is everything though.
عزو FM
i watch the video just to see you
Mitch Bush
I like the 7plus camera because it makes it look more natural
siar nabizadah
Samsung galaxy s8+ is the best everybody knows that!
I love the iphone 7+ it's really the best to me.
You are beautiful
Josh F.
Super Gorgeous! Much better than iJustine!! That smile is to die for!!
Erwin Delarmente
I just discovered your videos.... Great job!! Love the little rasp in your voice...
Pengendara Liar
im always trust Samsung s series.
Michael Frilund
Hello. I am a new subscribier. Good video.
منتظر الشمري
S8 😘
alok kumar
OMG !!! such a great senses you show during the analysis. one of the best review I see till date.
Karmela Moshe
s8 very nice
Ben Frost
S8 crushed this..
maya maya
wtf samsung u did good til the stabilization
Samsung👍🏻💰💵💵🤑 money beatch
Fereshte Ejrai
samsung is better
but i like iphone 7
damn krystal never uploads
wlshal shal
s8 afcorce
wlshal shal
so afcorse
baisil john
i subscribed
Ricards Marhelis
and samsung copy from iphone
Ricards Marhelis
well iphone 8 is better than samsung 8
Amymoore Amywhere
the S8 is beter than the fucking iphone
My Name Mcpe
Too Mach Samsung loosers in the comment, Apple is actually a brand not Samsung that only makes phone and is ANDROID were they to lazy to make there own company.. Or are they poor
Scribbled Riddles
She sounds like Rhian Ramos.
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