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David Feuer
People calling her bitch makes me sad. She ain't a bitch. She a lovely princess.
Kasey Square
i have to learn British accent before coming to this video again
Anna VT
Taylor swift talking about Taylor Swift
Farah Queen
ohmygod lea michelle killed me i laughed so hard 😂😂😂👏
Aya Cardona
Uh it was a tad hard to understand little mix, didnt know they had that much of an accent
Cinthya Rose
Lea is hilarious :D
Kendyl Lant
Lea it’s Back To December and it has nothing to do with a hat 😂😂😂
Kellye H.
Swift has been a liar since 'she's a cheerleader and I'm in the bleachers' Dude, no... she was an abercrombie model in high school, and her parents, who are wealthy, financed & produced her music in the beginning. She tries way too hard to make her songs relatable. Also the Kanye thing, which was recorded by Kim (hello, PROOF) yet she denies she giving permission to be in his song. Furthermore, does nobody realize how unlikable she is during her interviews? She's not funny at all, she's literally a sorority girl who is looking for attention and bashing other females and/or ex boyfriends. I can say this bc I was in a sorority... Just go watch her 73 questions. It's as fake as she claims everyone else to be. If she's so kind, and accepting, and pro-feminism, why does she always have beef with somebody? In my opinion, she's manipulative af. Waiting for this comment to be deleted.
Lauren stachowski
aww. When Niall said Taylor is a sweetheart
cute sylveon
Dove Cameron YES !!!!!!!!!😆
Is that dude that won award for sexiest man joking? Every clip I've seen of him he seems obscenely full of himself.
Baby Blue
Idk about her... She looks sweet but... She looks like she could be a BITCH too.....
Park Min Rin
I’m sorry the old taylor is dead
Caristalalala Tan
If you see , the people who know her , who are her true friends , totally adores her. While those people who talk shit about her? They don't even know her in person and they are nowhere close to her.
Where's Katy Perry?
Suzane 12
Love you #taylorswift 😘😘
Cumeela Cabaeyo
Lmao. This wouldn't be a complete vid if Camila wasn't included so I kinda expected her. I mean, this girl fcking loves taylor.
Lucia Sanz
If Horan says Swift, then Swift it is. My golden hearted Irish baby.
Ana Caroline Souza
taylor swift is a angel
Leticia Grecco Verdias
Teryn Nogles
really confused where lea got the hat from?? is she confusing back to december and all too well (at least there was a scarf!?) lolol
music lover
Swîftîé førévèr😍❤
Loom Geek
Now i dont know about you, but i think it's unlikely for a dozen people to ALL be lying. So maybe it's time you give the girl a chance
nrl afw
she will always be my queen ❤ #Swifties
Michelle Won
I didn't recognize most of them except Taylor Lautner, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, I guess I'm old lol
Gauri D
Taylor Siwft's amazing and I feel like Camila's last comment is soooo true.
I didn't understand the first part of what Jade said. Oh, her accent is perf! 😂
Swaggy Swag
selena’s voice is so cool
Lea is the best 😂😂💕
Shinta Astari
i'm crying. literally. amazing video :')
shooting star
they all hate her even selena sad but that's what she did
It’s refreshing to watch this after all spam and trash people keep dumping on her for no other reasons than trying to get attention on themselves 🐒
Wildest Dreams
I love her 4ever
Jacqueline Ulissey
Your hat in december
But why are about half of the people's body language telling you the opposite?
Emily Yeoman
All these people with amazing things to say and yet all you see is the bad things people have to say.
Daniella de Kok
lmao she made jam for Cher Loyd, that's so sweet
Lillian Barnes
I love the fact that Taylor Lautner knows the song that she wrote about him 😂 that he can just identify it like he knows what went down 😂❤️
Ryan Ardiansyah
People who were bullied in the past really is gonna big in their future and still down to earth as ever. Don’t let anyone bring you down guys!!!
Im sorry ‘she made me jam’ 😂😂
my idol
Göktug Mercan
But the question is. Was the jam and the cookies good?
they are all terrified
New Resurrected Taylor Swift
And Tay's a snake HOW?!?!
Andrew Bird
Katy is better
Taylor Lautner talking about Back to December 😍
Bárbara Fonseca
lol taylor has a tight leash on all these peoplee
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